What is the Akashic Field?

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In his song “That Which I Have Lost,” the late musician George Harrison once wrote that he needed someone to “illumine his consciousness.” Wouldn’t we all like to better understand our consciousness and be able to move about in it freely? It can happen if you delve deeper into the amazing energy that surrounds your three-dimensional body. World-renowned mystic and master teacher Maureen St. Germain and her Certified Guides can help you get started.

One of the first steps toward this understanding can be achieved by answering the question, what is the akashic field? This living liquid light exists outside of conventional time and space and works as a geometric reference for our soul’s outer manifestation. If it sounds a bit hard to ‘wrap your head around,’ you’re not alone. But once you understand this global energy, you have complete freedom to move around in consciousness. You will be able to activate the MerKaBa by learning an ancient 17-breath meditation, which will ultimately allow you to travel through this energy space and help you connect with your Higher Self.

Thoughts of energy and space may have you wondering about the connection of science and the akashic field. Be assured that the relationship you are creating in your spiritual journey is sacred and found throughout nature. In fact, each rhythmic breath of the meditation you will learn is linked to nature. It is fascinating, but no coincidence, that the 17th breath activates nine-tenths the speed of light, which is exactly the rate that electrons move around the nucleus of an atom!

Once you become more at ease with meditation, you will be able to travel from our three-dimensional world to the five-dimensional world that exists beyond the electric energy that surrounds us. At this point, you can begin to apply the akashic knowledge that has been opened for you by our Certified Guides who are expertly trained to access your Records—a recording of your soul’s journey (past, present and all possible futures).

Integrating this knowledge is key to the entire process. Our Certified Guides will help initiate you and are available to guide your practice until you are certain that you have absorbed the material and can repeat it for a full understanding. Within the akashic field of energy lies the intel you can use to gain better clarity and wisdom for decision-making, personal relationships, health regimens, professional advancement, leadership aspirations and so much more.

In private sessions, through virtual workshops, with supplemental DVDs, audiobooks, tutorials or through our Ascension Institute’s training program, our Certified Guides can help you use akashic field theory in ways that can transform your daily living. Find out why Maureen St. Germain is known as the practical mystic and start illuminating your consciousness today.