What are Internal entities?

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Internal entities are energies or entities that you have co-created with God. In the classification below, they are labeled personal entities. These were usually created by you when you were younger and closer to God and still remembered how to do this. Sometimes, these entities are created in times of intense emotion where you were not feeling safe. They are your creation and it is up to you to evolve them in order for anything to change. Internal entities cannot be sent home to God, as you ARE God to them since you co-created them with God. In addition, internal entities are beneficent and although immature, are attempting to help you. They were created by you in all types of stressful situations to help you operate safely.

When people (usually during childhood) are faced with a difficult situation, they create a personal entity to form a pattern that ensures safety. For example, let’s say one of your parents was an alcoholic with huge anger issues. You, as a child, are just learning to express emotions. Children don’t come equipped to handle emotions. In a normal family, when a child has an outburst the healthy parent will respond with something like, “Johnny, we will have to go sit in the car if you insist on wailing like this in the store.” And then the parent follows through calmly moving to the car and waiting in the car with the child if necessary.

In a less functional family, when the parent verbally raises his voice, the child yells back. Then the parent escalates, so then the child escalates, and thus the power struggle begins. Next escalation, the adult usually turns to abusive language or behavior. It is at that moment the child moves into the fight or flight response and creates a pattern that works to keep the parent from escalating. This is particularly evident in some children who are raised by dysfunctional caregivers and never learn “normal” responses to difficult situations. As adults, they find they still react in the same child-like ways as their “default” pattern. This is because the pattern is a real entity that they have created when they were a child, hence its immature expression.

Even “normal” adults have them

Even mature, normal adults have these patterns from childhood because the child-mind doesn’t understand the real meaning of a situation. For example, a parent who unintentionally gives the impression that boys get better stuff than girls may cause a female to create a childhood entity that will make sure she gets more of the “good stuff” that she sees the boys in her family get. This is fine except that the programming she creates is probably that of an angry ten-year-old, and at age 30, it interferes with the productive relationships in her life. This is why the process of Quantum Matrix Healing, found in the book Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality and taught by Maureen St. Germain, is so very powerful. The process allows for the maturing of the entities developed in childhood, which then helps people be their best self.