Shungite Pyramid Benefits

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Three years into a pandemic and worldwide economic instability, most people are trying to cope with a new level of stress and uncertainty in their lives. You are not alone if you are experiencing added worries on top of the typical daily concerns. How you handle these stresses is critical to your well-being. Certainly, there are many spiritual tools to help you. One in particular that has received attention and popularity is the shungite pyramid.

Composed of about 99% carbon, shungite is a natural stone found in a remote area of Russia. Its ancient organic origin has intrigued people for centuries. Scientists estimate these minerals to be about 2 billion years old. What is amazing about this crystal, and why may it be important to you? The answer lies in the anecdotal accounts of people who have labeled it a healing mineral because of its extraordinary properties. Moreover, when used in the form of a pyramid, shungite can become even more powerful.

To understand the shungite pyramid meaning, you need to know that since the beginning of civilization, pyramids have been considered sacred structures—perfect and seamless. Part of sacred geometry, these shapes harness, amplify and focus higher vibrational energy through their apex. The thinking, therefore, is that a shungite stone pyramid can spread its healing qualities across a bigger distance.

You may be wondering, then, how a shungite crystal pyramid can serve as a spiritual tool. It can help you activate the power of assertion, protection and intention. One way is quite simple. Try this powerful stone (or even a chunk of it) in your bath water to release heavy or dark energies. In a nice bath you wlll want to use a chunk of raw shungits (not a formed one made with glue). This will go a long way toward releasing unwanted vibrations! Another way is to display the mineral shape in your home as an accompaniment to your daily meditation.

Other compelling shungite pyramid uses are related to its very unique structure. You’ve likely heard a lot about oxidative stress in the body and the negative effects of free radicals on your cells. Good news: shungite consists of a crystalline version of carbon which is believed to be a powerful antioxidant that can shield our bodies from these adverse effects.

A shungite stone pyramid also is thought to protect against harsh electromagnetic frequency radiation that is everywhere nowadays because of society’s constant use of technological gadgets. Who doesn’t own multiple electronic devices—from laptops to cell phones, tablets and microwaves? The stone can neutralize these frequencies, combat their emissions and jumpstart healing properties of the human body—physically and spiritually. Some studies have shown that shungite can even quell inflammation, purify water and calm emotions to help you achieve a feeling of balance in your life.

Knowing how to use a shungite stone pyramid could be a way for you to find more harmony and spiritual healing in your life. Discover possible pathways and new tools to help you with the help of spiritual facilitator Maureen St. Germain and her professional team at the St. Germain Mystery School.


Written by Karen Smith