What Is a Merkaba Awakening?

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Since the beginning of civilization, people have attempted to elevate themselves spiritually. Of course, there are many different paths to what you might call a higher consciousness, mental awareness, bliss or even enlightenment. A type of spiritual awakening through MerKaBa, however, is special.

Why is this so significant? MerKaBa is part of the basic set of construction materials of the Universe. Remembering and activating it changes lives and improves every other spiritual practice you follow. It can be the ‘still small voice’ that connects you to a larger Universe. It can be the Higher Self of today’s modern language. For sure, it is a manifestation field because it is a fifth-dimensional garment that, when remembered and activated, enables you to accomplish that which was not previously possible. With tools such as the ancient 17-breath guided meditation, a MerKaBa awakening can be transformational.

What are MerKaBa awakening symptoms? Perhaps a better way to couch this question is to ask, what are the wonderful signs that you are awakening the MerKaBa? Interestingly, it can be realized through awareness of something that appears to be illogical. This is usually a good indicator that you are actually plugged into your fifth-dimensional self. Through guided meditations and exercises, you can experience an abrupt shift of viewpoint into timelessness. This is a magical experience if you accept it. Timelessness is usually accompanied by a sense of deep peace and a quality of compassion that defies explanation.

MerKaBa awakening meaning is the recognition that the eternal now is all you have. Waking up in fifth dimension is different from your current form of waking up. You will find that your rest will become deeper and deeper as you become more fifth-dimensional. You may realize that you have trouble “waking up” in the morning or awakening from naps. This is because you are going deeper, connecting with other versions of you, and waking up your inner awareness of who you really are! Once you are in fifth dimension, belief systems just are, because there is no polarity, no preference or derogation. Once you’ve changed your concept of what’s possible, you’ve altered your course forever and the course of humanity right along with it. You will learn to practice discernment, not judgment. You will start to see the beauty in everything. You will experience newfound gratitude and you will be full present in each moment. You will also deepen your connection with your Higher Self.

Once there, is this a permanent state of being? The answer is simply, ask your Higher Self. Any other method to determine this answer is inferior. No amount of research or feedback will be able to verify that your MerKaBa is permanent. One way to ensure you are awakening MerKaBa and you are in harmony is to carefully follow the instructions contained in the book, Beyond the Flower of Life by spiritual consultant Maureen St. Germain. It will help you develop your Higher Self connection to 100 percent accuracy. Then whenever you wish to create something, you will ask your Higher Self, Is it in my highest and best good?

It is easy to see, then, that the simple question, what is MerKaBa awakening, is actually not very simple at all. This type of spiritual transformation takes place in the fifth dimension, which is a vibrational frequency of unconditional love with the absence of fear, where compassion rules your emotions. Allow yourself to experience a true MerKaBa awakening. Contact the St. Germain Mystery School today.


Written by Karen Smith