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Where to get GREAT Dragon supplies!

I recently discovered a fabulous place to get Dragon icons and images. What a great way to be reminded that the “Dragons are back!” (read my earlier post on this. ┬áMy office Logistics Manager swears by them, ever since she heard of them, they’ve helped her through the snarl of Calgary traffic, find and expensive glove that had been misplaced and more! Consider this your opportunity to get one last gift – with some of that leftover Christmas money you’ve been hoarding!

It’s call the Dragon’s Collectionary Club

I love love love their products. I’ve never seen such an amazing collection of all things dragons – from fantasy to whimsical. They dragon tea cups, stuffed animals, metal, stone, glass carvings, paintings, jewelry and MORE! I’m not into goth, and I have a contemporary home, but I think this set of vases will look wonderful at our house!

I think we may get these for a special place we’ve been looking for a matched set of vases. Check out the Collectionary!

I had trouble picking one image to share with you – so I hope you will check them out – and consider this and investment in your well being!

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