The 5D Era is Calling

So much to be thankful for! First of all, thank you all so much for your support at the Gaia event. It was wonderful, and the good comments are still coming in! I’m very grateful to every one of you who tuned in! Thank you also for telling your friends and family.

Also, earlier this week, I sent out a link to purchase the Sedona Ascension Retreat that I spoke at. I gave an early glimpse of the 8D MerKaBa, that some of our people are saying is “off the charts!” If you want to know more about that it’s in my next book, Living Your Best 5D Life!

Next, let’s talk about the eclipses! Such an exciting time, so many of us have decided that we want to be on the path of the shadow and reap all the rewards possible. I’ll be going to Dallas to be on the path!
My friend, astrologer, Madeline Gerwick, says these are really good eclipses. The full moon eclipse that occurred earlier this week, (March 25th) and the full solar eclipse that is happening mid-day on April 8th! She says, “Their primary meaning is related to having flashes of insight, genius ideas, visionary dreams, or intuitive leaps. It’s just wonderful.”

If you come across some negative type interpretation… don’t buy it!
As I see it, you might have a co-worker or family member whose ire you experience If you are directly influenced by this eclipse (and not everyone is) and if you need to pursue more freedom, to pursue this new magical dream! This is why I like astrology; it allows me to be prepared!

I have always loved April Fools pranks and jokes. But in hindsight, I wonder if they are fun, or just power plays. Think about this! Let me know if you agree or disagree. According to the AARP magazine, the origins of April Fools dates back to when Pope Gregory XIII created the Gregorian Calendar, which we in the West use, starting with January 1, anyone who celebrated the new year on April 1 was then called an April Fool! Times certainly have changed!

One of the concepts I posted with the Gaia event is the question, “When I grow up…” What would you say? Maybe you created some programming that you want to get rid of. Maybe you set something in motion that no longer pleases you. Maybe you could use April 1 to create a “new year” of sorts, where we choose to give ourselves release from old desires, and old programming to make way for the new.
This new, 5D era is certainly calling for it! We all need a reboot and a reset every once in a while. Even I feel like I can still keep working on what’s 5D like. I hope to be tuned in enough to help you through this maze! It’s a daily responsibility that I take very seriously! It’s like a muscle, you will lose it if you don’t keep it up.”
One of the biggest concepts we face is moving from a mind-set to a heart-centered experience. Every decision can go through the weighing process in the mind, but the ultimate action now needs to come from your heart. It’s not letting your emotions run amok but inviting your higher guidance to create an experience of unconditional love for all.

Although life can be scary and difficult at time, it’s best to keep imagining the life you want and release yourself from the bondage of complaining, or suffering over your suffering! This will lead you to a better life, no matter what.
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Entitled? Me too!

Have you ever found yourself contemplating the notion that life should unfold in a certain way, guided by the principles of fair play? I can resonate with that sentiment. In my own journey, I’ve encountered instances where I used to object when someone seemingly disregarded the order – whether it was boarding a plane or navigating the freeway exit. I would question, “After all, I was there first, wasn’t I?”

In one introspective moment, I turned to my Higher Self, seeking insights into any hindrances preventing my transition to the 5th Dimension. Surprisingly, the revelation pointed towards my habitual reaction in traffic situations. Taking a proactive stance, I chose to transform my response. I chose to bestow blessings upon those drivers I once labeled as discourteous. Creating a new narrative, I told myself, “Perhaps they’re in more of a hurry than me” or “Maybe they didn’t see me.” Subsequently, I invoked the assistance of angels and dragons to guide them on their journey.

Now, let’s delve into the concept of entitlement, a subtle force that influences our perception of the world and shapes our reactions to life’s challenges. It’s that underlying belief that we inherently deserve a particular treatment, a reward, or an advantage – earned or not.

Recall the friend who invested years of dedication into a job, only to confront a sudden change when the company altered its course? It’s indeed a challenging scenario. Do you think they’d harbor feelings of being let down, or perhaps, would they reflect with gratitude on the years of fulfilling work and stable employment?

I recently engaged in a conversation with a director of sales who navigated a similar situation. Despite catapulting the company’s revenue from $10 million to over $50 million annually, the company’s decision to let her go after 17 years due to a strategic shift did not leave her bitter. In fact, her response was rather unexpected – “They gave me a LOT of money. A lot.” She departed with a sense of earned acknowledgment, holding her head high.

Not everyone experiences such a generous departure package. Let me share a powerful story from Les Brown. He talks about companies offering generous severance packages exceeding $300,000 per person during downsizing. The twist? Only half of those offered “downsize opportunities” took them! Brown’s takeaway is eye-opening – people hesitated to believe in themselves and missed a chance to use the money to create something new.

Let’s rewind the tape of our experiences. Can you recall moments when life seemed unjust? Often, these sentiments trace back to childhood, where the seeds of our beliefs about fairness and treatment are sown. Children possess an innate expectation of fairness, and deviations from this expectation can set the stage for a lifelong dance with entitlement.

As a child nurtured in an environment where fairness is not a mere concept but a consistent practice, as you mature, you may develop an expectation of fair treatment, a perspective that appears inherently healthy. Conversely, if you were exposed to inconsistencies in fairness, you may have this feeling, “When I grow up I will get my way” that may carry forward a heightened sense of entitlement, fueled by a fervent desire to balance the inequity in their childhood experiences. All of it, every bit, takes you through the journey of life adding to the “database” of experiences.

Since there is no more Karma, and you can claim that, you can clear and release many of the wounds from your life. One of the ways to do that is through soul retrieval. The Unify meditation is actually four guided meditations under the Unify title, that will take you through remembering a trauma, and bringing back your cast-off parts of you that helped you survive. This is found in the App, Illuminate. (Android and Apple)

Entitlement can emerge from a fear of change. When individuals feel threatened by changes in their environment or circumstances, they may cling to a sense of entitlement as a way to resist or control the changes, providing a false sense of security.

Entitlement can be a means for individuals to assert control and combat the fear of powerlessness. Feeling entitled gives them a sense of authority and importance, countering any underlying fears of being at the mercy of external circumstances.

Entitlement can emerge from a fear of change. When individuals feel threatened by changes in their environment or circumstances, they may cling to a sense of entitlement as a way to resist or control the changes, providing a false sense of security.

Now let’s talk about ways to proactively seed outcomes that you truly desire. The first of these is gratitude! In times of challenge amidst life’s challenges, direct your focus towards gratitude, initiating a mindful shift that cultivates appreciation for the richness of your experiences. This leads to empathetic perspectives. The infusion of empathy becomes a transformative force, allowing you to step into the shoes of others, thereby softening the rigid contours of entitlement.

Can you find a way into more realistic expectations? How will you do that? While nurturing your expansive dreams, you can accept others to be less than perfect, stepping away from insisting others should behave the way you would, which is a big trigger in the world of entitlement. Instead, choose to anchor yourself in the heart of loving-kindness. In another era, managing entitlement was used to make room for understanding the distinction between legitimate expectations and unrealistic demands. Today, though, no expectation is the ideal.

Meditation can be a guiding light. The practice of self-reflection, often encapsulated in meditation, transcends its conventional associations. It emerges as a potent tool for recognizing and transforming entitled thought patterns. The shift from entitlement to personal responsibility empowers you to steer the course of your actions and outcomes, fostering a profound sense of self-empowerment.

The idea of abundance comes in here. Normally you may not realize how much the universe conforms to your picture of reality. When we see there is not enough time, or I’ve waited my turn (time) you can wait yours… leads to dissatisfaction and disillusionment. If we live in an abundant universe, and we do, there will always be enough, time, money, and love!

In the book, Beyond the Flower of Life, I talk about a “Blow to the Heart” being rocket fuel for mastery. It pushes our hearts to either close down or open even wider. I see a hurt that may hit hard with entitlement energies as a catalyst for growth and transformation. You believe in YOU. Ask God to show you how much you are loved.

View setbacks not as insurmountable obstacles but as catalysts for growth and transformation. Believe steadfastly in your capacity to learn, evolve, and transcend challenges – a belief that will propel you forward on your transformative journey.

Finally, when you feel entitlement starting to take over, consider generosity as the antidote that proves to you (and the object of your objections) that we live in an abundant Universe, and that there is always enough.

How does this work for you? Generosity can be an important Mode of Being. When you engage in acts of kindness, you realize that the joy derived from contributing transcends the self-centric focus of entitlement. If only for one month, BE JOY, express Joy and GIVE JOY.

Happy Holidays.



What Really Matters

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Everyone in America celebrates thanksgiving – it’s our collective favorite holiday. Because of this, we tend to focus on gratitude. It stands for appreciation of all the gifts we have, alongside hope, our hope for the future – and our admiration of the good in the present. It is our one unifying holiday. It also speaks to the rest of the world, about what we think our values are, and how we can be more positive to one another.

One of my practices is to say “thank you” anytime I receive feedback, positive or negative. I try to do it with sincerity – but I am pretty sure that doesn’t always happen! I’m not perfect. How do we receive other people’s observations? Sometimes we need it. Sometimes they need to say it. In all cases, appreciation is fitting.

Sometimes we don’t even know we are being too pushy, strong willed, or stuck! I know I have been. It’s especially challenging, when it is a long-standing reaction or behavior you didn’t even know you were doing. Sometimes we are dealing with supersensitive people, who react to the slightest “apparent” paternal interaction that wasn’t smooth. We don’t need to assign blame, but we do need to respect others experiences, and to self-reflect on our impact on others!

I have a lot to be grateful for – including a wonderful family and grandkids that are adorable. I’m looking forward to another prosperous year, thanks to your support of this work. I am grateful for my darling spouse, who captured my heart, and who now manages all the layers around this work that we do.

My niece Jen told me years ago, “You need and app!” and now we have one! This year I’m especially grateful for the beautiful app, Illuminate that was created – and your enthusiastic response and interest in it. I love using it, and our developer, Trifon Trifonoff was using our meditations and reached out to us! It is free, with good info and six of our best meditations and the Higher Self Protocol is on it as well. Your subscription unlocks the all the meditations. Check it out.

And to rewrite from one of my favorite sages: Seth Godin

Our good wishes to you go far beyond our deep appreciation. We hope to surprise and delight you. If we don’t live up to your expectations – we hope you will tell us. And if you like what we do – we hope you will share it.  We want our connection to you to go beyond any simple transaction, that you already paid for.  We wish to signal to you our caring and respect, of gratitude and abundance to you.

I have met so many wonderful people, like you dear reader, and I’m most grateful for you!

I hope your Holiday is filled with goodness and joy, and you can find your way to gratitude!

We are so grateful for YOU!

Heroes Large and Small

Girl hero1 scaled 1

Halloween is just around the corner – and I invite you to consider helping your child to pick a costume of a “good guy.” My own children needed to pick from Ascended Masters, and I sewed their costumes. Today, I wouldn’t bother, because there are so many wonderful choices in all the stores that it’s cheaper and easier to purchase a costume, if you celebrate Halloween!

I like to follow stories of sports because I think they reflect what’s really going on in the reality. Sports games often show us competition and division – as one “fan” opposes another, or one team playing up the rivalry with “my team is better.” I believe that the money system perpetuates the competitive side because it locks us into 3D for those who gamble or play fantasy football or fantasy basketball.

Today I read a Substack post written by one of my hero’s Kareem Abdul Jabbar, where he weighs in on his all-time record of 20 years being broken by LeBron James. He is full of celebration of all of LeBron’s accomplishments, at LeBron’s early age (35) and celebrates this man as a hero inspiring all of us with greatness. His post shows mellowness, and sincere pride in LaBron’s accomplishments! What can we take from that? He’s operating in 5D.

In 2020, in an article he wrote for Sports Illustrated he stated, “Part of being a hero is to have both the modesty to feel unworthy of such a heavy word and the strength to accept the responsibility that comes with others looking to you to be that hero. What is a hero but someone who stands up for those who can’t? Who embodies our cherished ideals of sportsmanship: fair play, hard work and compassion? That pretty much describes the LeBron James I’ve watched and come to know since he was the No. 1 pick in the 2003 NBA draft and was named Rookie of the Year.”

How does this relate to being 5D?  We can learn that everything we do… whether we are “spiritual” or not can come from a place of non-competition, celebration of each other’s accomplishments and honoring others needs. I think his above quote fills the bill. We can learn from his altruistic response!

The benefits of reading his whole article are worth the time, and inspiration.

Next, I want to talk about the Elemental Kingdom. I have come to know that they benefit significantly from “clearing curses” in the Reweaving book (also in the Reweaving Ceremonies on the app, Illuminate Maureen); and the chanting of the Mantras for Ascension chant, El Ka Leem Om, which translate in the Hathor tongue as Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

Think about how pleasing it is to hear someone sing your name sweetly, with reverence. That’s what this chant does for the elemental kingdom! Staying connected to the elemental kingdom isn’t hard. I’ve been told by my guides, that the one thing that opened me up the to communicate with the Elemental Kingdom was my two-year-long daily ritual of singing this as a chant, 256 times. The reason for 256 is it is 44. So, repeating each name, in this multiple of four activates the purity of their energy. They benefit from the human voice singing it, and it activates them to their highest frequency. This chant is also on the App.

There are other benefits to working with the elementals besides supporting Mother Earth and the nature spirits. This brings me to another quote, from Ingrid Naiman’s Substack where she describes asking the elemental kingdom to make a change!

“Years ago, there was a raging fire in New Mexico that came perilously close to Los Alamos Laboratories where thousands of barrels of nuclear waste were stored in 55-gallon drums outdoors. Many people were praying for rain, but if there were a downpour, the risk of a mudslide would have been enormous. This would have gone into the Rio Grande and contaminated the river all the way into the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. The fires were visible from my home to the west of the town of Santa Fe.

On one occasion, I was sipping coffee with a guest from Australia at the La Fonda Hotel, and we were talking about praying for the highest good instead of wind or rain. Tens of thousands of people were no doubt each praying for what they thought would resolve the danger when I suddenly felt a shift of energy. I turned to my visitor and said, “Ammachi must be very close to town now.” We looked out the window, and it started to drizzle. It stopped and then drizzled again. This repeated and we both burst out laughing because the highest good was obviously not a monsoon type of deluge because the Earth had to have time to absorb the water. We then relaxed since the situation was obviously coming under control in the wisest way possible.”

Always remember we humans might not know the best solution and that to ask for the Highest and Best Good invites the ideal solution. I hope these stories inspire you. We invite you to listen to the Hathor Chant on the App here.


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The Big Secret

dhyani buddhas

This is a big secret in from Tibetan Buddhism. In fact, the name includes the word secret.It will take just five minutes of your time to pick up the practice and maybe eight minutes to read this article. I promise it will be well worth your time and effort.

One of the things that is known is that there are Five SecretRay Elohim who will step in and assist you with the inner growth you seek, and the self-mastery that you may hope to achieve. The antidote for the behaviors that are common perversions and that we are most likely to fall into can be found by calling in the Dhyani Buddhas and experiencing how they will help you.

Will you meditate for six minutes with me, on the FiveDhyani Buddhas Meditation? Let me introduce you to the Dhyani Buddhas. They hold the secret to inner perfection that you probablywill want to embody in your process of becoming fifth dimensional.

If you can give yourself this six-minute gift, a quick meditation right after regular habit that you already have, like brushing your teeth, or showering, you will find that it will stay with you. You could add the DhyaniBuddhas while finishing up drying off after your morning shower. This is an ideal time to mentally focus on something besides drying off your body, which probably is a pretty automatic thing. Ideally, you may wish to stop and focus on them, Fitting it into your schedule any possible way is better than not doing it at all.

I hope you are wondering who the Five Dhyani Buddhas are, who their cohorts are and what this means to you. The Maha Chohan leads our list as the representative of the father-mother-spirit God. Beloved MightyCosmos, according to the book, The Masters and Their Retreats , is a being whose self-awareness in God includes all of the cosmos! He is commissioned by the Logos to ensoul the Secret Rays – energies of the fiery core of being, energies for initiation in the mysteries of the Christos.This means, just asking for him to help, assists you in bringing in all the fabulous energy, that hasn’t been available to access! This gives you entrée s to primary masters that hold this energy. In addition, the Five SecretRay are providing energy and support for you to embody these wonderful qualities that are represented by the Secret Ray Elohim and the 5D Dhyani Buddhas.

The Five SecretRay Elohim are not known by name yet we know they exist and they are part of the support system that was arranged for us as a way to achieve our personal mastery. Whether you are Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist orChristian or any other belief or persuasion, the perfecthuman consciousness energy, of the perfected human, is the same for everyone. We just happen to use the convenient name of Christ Consciousness.

If you don’t like the name of Christ Consciousness, use your own master’s name. Maybe you will call it the Buddha consciousness, for example. The energy of the Elohim is an energy that comes directly from God. This energy burst into existence at the time that humanity was given a reboot with the presence of the Christ on the planet. Accessing these energies through this simple but amazing meditation will take you beyond your present capabilities.

There is great value in working with the Secret Ray Chakras. They were secret for a very long time because humanity wasn’t ready for their energy, nor were they understood clearly. The locations of the Secret Ray Chakras are on the palms of the hand and the soles of the feet, along with the spleen. In the world, many new tools and dispensations have been brought forward, and are just waiting for the time when you are ready and willing to intentionally activate. This is the time to activate your Secret Ray Chakras.

What will the secret rate ray Chakras do for you? These five chakras send out the energy you intend. This is why you find energy healers using their hands to heal others. Understand that they send energy outwards, compared to your seven chakras that are primarily receivers. You can use them to send energy. Body workers and healers do this quite naturally, but anyone can use their hands as a sending device. You can use these chakras to projectloving energy out of them to send healing from your heart.

You can use them to repel incoming energy. You can push away energies that are coming at you that don’’t feel right, or entities that may be moving into your field. You can also use Secret Ray Chakras of your feetto reinvigorate Mother Earth when you walk, which will make a huge difference for the planet. This means when you walk on the ground with or without shoes, you can send unconditional love through your feet to Mother Earth and anyone else walking on the earth alongside of you. This may include anyone on the path that you are walking on. This connection can be magnified by the energy of Earthing.

Pick a time that works for you maybe piggyback it upon another activity that you do regularly. Then watch the difference that occurs with everything you do with your hands including preparing food, writing documents, working on your keyboard or your phone. This meditationcontains a blessed energy that will greatly improve your efficacy and improve the amount of energy you.

What will the Secret Ray Chakras do for you? These five chakras send out the energy you intend. This is why you find energy healers using their hands to heal others. Understand that the Secret Ray Chakras send energy outwards, compared to your seven chakras that are primarily receivers. You can use them to send energy. Body workers and healers do this quite naturally, but anyone can use their hands as a sending device. You can use these chakras to project loving energy out of them to send healing from your heart.

You can also use them to repel incoming energy. You can push away energies that are coming at you that do not feel right, or entities that may be moving into your field. You can also use the Secret Ray Chakras of your feetto reinvigorate Mother Earth when you walk, which will make a huge difference for the planet. This means when you walk on the ground with or without shoes, you can send unconditional love through your feet to Mother Earth and to anyone else walking on the earth alongside of you. This may include anyone on the path that you are walking on. This connection can be magnified by the energy of Earthing.

Pick a time that works for you and maybe piggyback it upon another activity that you do regularly. Then watch the difference that occurs with everything you do with your hands including preparing food, writing documents, working on your keyboard or your phone. This meditationcontains a blessed energy that will greatly improve your efficacy and improve the amount of energy you have available for sending outward instead of being drained when you send energy. It will amplify your pure intention behind your actions.

In the beginning of your day everything you do with those hands of yours will be activated in an incredibly powerful way that will produce significant results. The Secret Ray Chakras are anchored through your left brain which usually is your active side. This is compared with your receptive or intuitive side of the left right brain. Also, when a woman breastfeeds her baby, she connects to her baby to the spleen Secret Ray Chakras and imbues her child with supplemental energy coming directly through her as an added benefit to nursing.

When you do this meditation imagine that you can amplify everything you do with this amazing tool that will improve everything you do now. When you go for a walk, you can walk with intention sending energy directly into the earth as a gift to Mother Earth.

As a healer you may have been using your hands sending energy out. but what you might not realize is that your healing energy in your hands can be amplified by tapping the center of your palm before you start. When you do this meditation begin by tapping the center of your palm before you start, you will find it makes a difference.

Now let’s talk about the actual meditation. Each of the Dhyani Buddhas are able to antidote a major poison that we encounter in life. You are going to be able to antidoteyour ignorance, your anger or hate and hate creation; your intellectual and human pride or spiritual pride; the other passions like cravings, covetousness, greed and lust will all be addressed and finally, envy and jealousy are being antidoted.

I invite you to activate and integrate the five Secret Ray Elohim along with the Lord Maha Chohan and Archangels and Elohim, and then solicit the Dhyani Buddhas while activating your Secret Ray Chakras with this beautiful meditation.

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With the Five Dhyani Buddhas Meditation

How You Can Make a Difference in the World

make a difference

The airports are busy again, and it’s time to start talking to people you meet in the store, at parties, on planes, waiting in line anywhere and more. Recently I was involved in air traffic delays with a flight from New York to Phoenix, resulting in a week-long stay in New York, rather than the 3 days I intended!

I made friends with the people sitting next to me at the gate before my flight on Tuesday. We’d all been waiting in line, with a row of empty seats next to us as people started to get in line to embark on the plane at boarding time. Gradually, as the flight was pushed back several times, we all moved into the empty seats adjacent to the line we’d been in.

At one point, someone realized that my husband was 3 seats away, and insisted that she trade with him to give him a seat next to me! Then we began sharing stories … any story of interest. Sometimes I look to see what a person says, and end up recommending an idea or resource. But one person in my world, Leonard, took it a step further. He wasn’t on the flight, but had attended an event with his wife, over a year ago and sent me this message!

Leonard wrote, “Good morning, Maureen, I thought I’d share something that touched my heart, and I’m sure you’ll feel it too. When Lila & I were at her friend’s wedding last July, I shared your book with a man somewhere around my age. Lila bumped into him a few days ago, and he told her how beautiful she looked at the wedding and that the book your husband shared with me, I got it and it changed my life. I shared it with a few friends of mine and it changed their lives also.”

Of course, I was thrilled to hear that – and it inspired me. My invitation is for you to share a favorite book, perhaps even one of my books – or my app, called Illuminate (now available in both Android and iPhone versions). Look for a purple box with a golden arrow (see picture below). Since so many apps have that name, the fastest way to find it is to search for Illuminate Maureen. We hope you enjoy it!

There are six free meditations on it that you can use without subscribing. If you’d like to access the rest of the meditations, there is a small monthly fee. The price is right! The Gold Award-Winning Meditation CD, Golden Bowl Meditation is one of the free ones, plus five others. In addition, we put the Higher Self Connection Protocol on the app, and that instruction is free also! At the end of this blog post you’ll find all six of them listed, with a brief discussion of the benefit of each of them.

I’m reminded of a story that a client told me. He was rushing to get to an appointment, and on his way out the door, he passed a book siting on his coffee table that he’d been reading and had finished. His Higher Self came in and said, “Put the book in your backpack!” Mentally he retorted, “No, I’ve finished reading it … I’ll be late!”  “Take the book” his Higher Self commanded. He took the book and while waiting in the Doctor’s office, he was speaking with a fellow patient and quickly realized the other patient needed the book he had just finished! It took him a few minutes to convince the other patient to take it, until he explained he had already finished it the day before.

But what if you are home bound, or still working at home, and have your groceries delivered, and you just don’t get out? Consider that your own prayer work can travel for you! You can set your intention to reach others by choosing to be in balance, and that your prayers or meditations can reach anyone in need, or a particular family member or friend or even a group of people! You CAN expand your light, create influence and assist others remotely. All prayers are answered and can make a difference for people, whether they are aware of it or not!

There are also prayer groups like the Edgar Cayce prayer group that meets weekly in Virginia Beach at the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment). You can call them with any special prayer requests and the benefit is significant. I know – I’ve called them myself for matters that I was concerned about. You don’t need to be a member of the ARE, just make the request!

Finally, I want to share with you my thinking behind all the guided meditations that we have on the Illuminate Maureen app. Originally created for my own use, I was always guided to share them with others. I was initially inspired by leading the Rainbow Angel Meditation every Saturday night as a bonus for my workshops each weekend in different cities, and each week, the new participants would say to me, “When will this be available? I had such a powerful experience; I want to replicate it!” Then people started giving me payment in advance for the meditation CD – and that’s when I sprang into action. I had actual orders! The second Angel meditation is called the Seven Archangels on the Wheel. It is very interactive and will help you be proactive in both letting go of issues, as well as reclaiming the positive side of an issue. It is a joyful release and reclaiming of miracles in your behaviors and situations.

The Free Meditations :

Golden Bowl will activate the power center of the pineal gland along with the sinus cavities, which serve as the bowl or satellite dish to “call home.” There are so many positive reviews of this meditation – we have posted a whole page of them on our website, here.

Open Your Heart to love will help you graduate into a very heart centered way of being. If you discover you’ve been “hard-hearted” or stuck in a belief system, or a judgement of someone – try this meditation to release and unhook this stuck energy. It is a sweet countdown from 10 to 1, and back up into the light.

Twelve Points of Light – is an inspirational meditation where you receive a “gift” from the Guides of Light and then are given a “gift” of light that you use to “spread” out in your community. It’s a wonderful tool for anyone who is needing a special request, and is willing to be a messenger of light.

Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality includes all the ceremonies so you never need to do the prayers like clearing masks, or clearing out energies by yourself!

Prayer Before Surgery – is a very short, wonderful prayer to assist you in preparing for any kind of surgery or outpatient procedure. You may share this with anyone, as well as use it for someone you are concerned about, inserting their name instead of yours!

Divine Government Meditation is all about praying for leaders everywhere! It calls in the Higher Self of each person, whether it is your boss, partner or world leader and inspires the Higher Self influence. Everyone has free will, but your prayer of intercession will improve the likelihood of higher choices.

Your free meditation this month is our invitation to download our free app with the freebies, including the Higher Self Protocol. Please share this information with your friends and family … and anyone else you think may benefit from this gift. Together, we all make a positive difference in the world!

Your free meditation this month is our invitation to download our free app with the freebies,
including the Higher Self Protocol.
Please share this information with your friends and family … and anyone else you think may
benefit from this gift. Together, we all make a positive difference in the world!

You’ve been hacked!

been hacked

Don’t you just cringe… when you discover this about your banking activity, or your email on your computer? It’s happening all around us, and magazines and the web are full of these heart stopping stories! It’s not just in the physical sense, but also in the non-physical sense!

What do I mean? Well, spiritually, we are discovering that many people who have been channeling higher beings, or their higher self – have discovered, quite innocently, that they have been channeling dark energies inadvertently.

In one case, a woman I met on the cruise I was on recently, told me she was a big fan of my work, and didn’t need to participate in my Ascension Institute, as she had a big connection (with her Higher Self) and that she’d read all my books and put them to work for herself. I asked her if she had her Higher Self connection going. She said yes, so I congratulated her, and wished her well. She didn’t seem to be seeking my advice at that time, even though she was thrilled to meet me.

Later that same week, she came back to me very upset. She had had a reading with someone who had informed her that she was channeling a dark energy! (Now you know why I asked her about her Higher Self connection!)  I don’t know if she was looking to me to repudiate the other channeler or not… but I said to her that I had thought that when I met her.

Since she hadn’t asked my opinion in that first conversation – I didn’t feel it was my place to share my suspicions! This keeps happening, over and over, in the recent six months. It may be in the excitement to be a conveyor of otherworldly messages that individuals are inadvertently allowing “frauds” to take the place of their Higher Self. We keep getting calls from people who don’t understand what’s going on for them until they speak with us and it comes out!

Now it’s time for your own safety check. If you think you are bringing in really good information, it still could be an entity that is setting you up to follow or believe everything else it may tell you. Your Higher Self will never tell you to break the law, or do anything untoward towards anyone! Your Higher Self can and will advise you “counter-intuitively” to take action when your ego doesn’t want to do this!

For example, when I was still working in my corporate job, my Higher Self told me to call the reporter that covered my subject area when I was trying to get a story about my non-profit in the news! I responded back to my Higher Self, “No, it’s 4:55 PM, I want to go home and eat dinner, I’m hungry.” Again, my Higher Self directed me to make the call. I was thinking, “I’ve called this guy a half dozen times all day with no results; besides, my kids are waiting for me to fix dinner!” A third time, “Call the reporter.” came the response from my Higher Self.  I’ve learned over the years, that it’s ok to argue with your Higher Self, but if the instruction arrives three times, I am going to take the action instructed.

I called the reporter. Amazingly, he answered the phone! “Maureen, how could you possibly know I would be here at this time, I’m never here at this time!” All I could do was laugh, since I wasn’t about to tell him my Higher Self insisted! The best part of this example is that my story made the front page of the largest newspaper in the state the following morning!

How can you know for sure if it’s your Higher Self giving you the guidance you receive? You can ask. You can go through the protocol, for six weeks, and then every time information comes in you can ask your Higher Self, “Higher Self, is this my Higher Self telling me to…” (fill in the blank with the action step that you were given.)

Your Higher Self is YOU. Your Higher Self is plugged into the cosmos, and you, and knows what you care about as well as what’s going on around you. The earlier times in my day when I called the reporter with no result, I hadn’t thought about checking in with my Higher Self, yet my Higher Self was tuned into my need to get in touch with him, and gave me the precise time to call to make that happen!

Do you always follow through with what your Higher Self tells you? If not, you truly do not trust your Higher Self, you are just following it when it is convenient! If you cannot answer, 100%, then you really don’t trust your Higher Self, and you truly don’t believe your Higher Self is your Higher Self! How else can you know if you have a good connection with your Higher Self?

The only way to prove to yourself that you have a good connection – and that you haven’t been hacked – is to do the Higher Self protocol. Six easy, fun weeks of practice, asking only about unimportant steps to take. Always asking in the following way, “Higher Self is it in my highest and best good to take this action? (filling in the action step you are considering.) You always ask about things you are willing to do. Don’t “test” your Higher Self by asking predictive questions, or things you are not willing to do. Don’t ask about eating meat if you are a committed vegan! Don’t ask about quitting smoking during your six weeks of practice.

Once you have your Higher Self signals, and you do this by going into meditation and asking your Higher Self for your “yes”, “no”, and neutral, then play with your Higher Self for the next six weeks with unimportant, insignificant actions. (i.e. clothes, routes to take, food to eat, etc.) Be playful, don’t make it about anything important, and set aside your pendulum and other divination tools. Always follow through. If you ask your Higher Self about a yummy looking dessert and your Higher Self says “no.” you tell the waitress, “No, thank you!”

After six weeks new DNA kicks in, and you’ll have a good pattern put into place. Then you won’t have to trust your Higher Self, you’ll know that your Higher Self always has your back. Your Higher Self always will give you the ideal answer even when your personality thinks otherwise. So, what are you waiting for? If you already know this and do this, then tell your friends!

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The Emotional Body

the emotional body

In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and anxiety seem to be constants in our lives, finding moments of solace and inner peace has become more crucial than ever. Guided meditation, a powerful mindfulness practice, has emerged as a beacon of serenity amid the chaos. Online guided meditations have gained immense popularity, offering a convenient way to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and rejuvenation. In this article, we delve into the realm of guided meditation, exploring its essence, benefits, and the transformative experience it offers.

Understanding Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a structured form of meditation where a narrator, often referred to as

Part 4 of a four-part series.

This is the last in a series of articles about the four lower bodies. In the esoteric (secret) work there are at least 10 bodies that are part of our creation. These ten bodies are related to the planets and the sephira of the Tree of Life. Because the higher finer bodies are not affected or influenced adversely by the human condition, we are only dealing with the four lower bodies. This article will deal with the emotional body.

As emphasized in previous articles, the four lower bodies are affected by the human personality. The etheric body is the “body electric” and is related to the Fire element (the other elements, Earth – physical body; Air – mental body; Water – emotional body). According to Joseph Polanski, “Each of these bodies is under the dominion of an Archangel. The etheric body, by Archangel Michael. The mental body by Archangel Raphael. The feeling body by Archangel Gabriel. And, the physical body by Archangel Uriel.”

Gabriel can be called upon to help you balance your emotions. He is the great communicator, having been the messenger that brought the news of pregnancy to both Mother Mary and her cousin Anne. My two meditations to the Seven Archangels can help you with all of your four lower bodies. (Rainbow Angel Meditation has the corresponding biblical references, and The Seven Archangels and the Wheel is a very healing and proactive reminder of the power found within your requests to the Archangels!)

The Emotional Body is related to the planet Venus – and many of us can relate to that well known book by John Gray, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Certainly, for women, we seem to be more in touch with our feeling nature, ergo, the Emotional Body than our fine counterparts!

Emotions are chi that you have filled with a purpose. E-motion is the ability to qualify or “color” chi (God Energy) based on your unique God Spark that makes chi colored with a specific energy. Qualifying chi into emotion is one of the things that humans do well.

Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, named emotional energy loosh. Loosh can be a fuel source for the energies that would have you fail. Loosh, being life force energy (chi, imbued with a purpose), can be either uplifting or down lowering referring to the emotional energy radiated by humans (and animals) who are in dire circumstances. And so, “loosh,” in this usage, describes a negative experiential spectrum. However, there is elevating loosh as we will see as well!

The Dark Side

Loosh from painful and difficult circumstances can be a fuel for the dark forces (for not-God energies) since it contains both the God Spark and the human creative spark. It’s a picnic near an anthill. Do you wonder who you might be feeding? When you re-experience some sad event, you may be “feeding” an energy that is misusing your light! Some call these ones “the powers that were”- emphasis on the past and now on the decline.

The Light Side

Our planet is being bathed in uplifting loosh, helpful, nurturing chi coming directly from sources of love and light, helping humanity transform the planet. This positive loosh is irresistible and elevating to all humanity!

Uses of Memory

Human memory was never intended to re-create agonizing emotions so that we would re-experience our painful pasts. This is why you can develop the habit of only telling your sad story three times! This validates your experience, without re-creating the pain of the past. When you count how many times you have told a painful experience, you put a limit on the emotional body re-working your sorrow and disappointment. As a practice, I encourage you to pick the three times you tell your story – not to just deliver it to some random friend that may be calling you when you are upset! You can save your sorry tale for a close friend or family member who will give you the empathy you seek!

All the four lower bodies influence each other. The emotional body does seem to have the least number of controls or natural discipline, but each of the four lower bodies can get out of control!

Make no mistake, this hologram we call third dimension does have both positive and negative emotions. Our goal is to pay attention to our joyful happy moments, and laugh and optimize them, remaining balanced at every turn. As you will find in my manifestation book, Be A Genie, you can recycle your sad unresolved emotions by practicing two-fers. Two-fers are a way of creating two positives to antidote a negative emotion or thought.

Our emotions are the strongest of the four lower bodies and can drive our physical and mental health. Memories of sad and painful emotions can re-create the pain of difficult circumstances, making us sick physically or mentally. There are many attempts to influence humans through our devices and airwaves. It is up to us to keep our energy above the lower vibrational data sets that can adversely influence us! We can control our emotional body by choosing wisely our mental body thoughts, by the company we keep, the music and electronic media we pay attention to and by meditation. This can be done easily if you will meditate regularly.

Once we have brought our well-developed four lower bodies into balance, they can be unified into your human dynamic body of light. This leads to you having balanced the seven lower chakras, the higher chakras (chakras 8-12) as well as the secret ray chakras. As your own mastery is developed, you become your Ascended Master self.

This is where humanity is headed, to be Ascended Masters, alive, in our physical bodies, utilizing all of our God-given powers. You no longer need to die to be an Ascended Master!

a guide, leads the participants through a series of relaxing and introspective scenarios. These scenarios can vary widely, ranging from serene natural landscapes to inner exploration of emotions and sensations. The practitioner is gently directed to visualize, imagine, and engage with the guided imagery, allowing the mind to enter a state of focused relaxation.

Embarking on a Healing Journey

One of the most compelling aspects of guided meditation is its profound potential for healing. Guided meditation for healing focuses on addressing emotional wounds, reducing stress, and promoting overall well-being. These sessions often incorporate soothing music, calming visualizations, and affirmations designed to cultivate positivity and self-compassion. As the practitioner immerses themselves in the guided journey, they can release pent-up tension, promote emotional balance, and stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Unveiling the Benefits

The popularity of guided meditation can be attributed to its wide-ranging benefits. From beginners to experienced practitioners, everyone can find value in this practice. Some key advantages include:

Stress Reduction: Guided meditation provides a sanctuary from daily stressors. The soothing narration and visualization techniques help quiet the mind, allowing stress to dissipate.

Enhanced Focus: The guided nature of the meditation helps prevent the mind from wandering, promoting enhanced focus and concentration.

Emotional Healing: Guided meditation facilitates a safe space to explore and heal emotional wounds. It encourages self-compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Improved Sleep: Regular practice of guided meditation has been shown to improve sleep quality by relaxing the body and mind before bedtime.

Mind-Body Connection: Guided chakra meditation, a specific form of guided meditation, focuses on aligning and balancing the body’s energy centers (chakras). This aids in promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Accessing the Best Guided Meditations Online

The digital age has revolutionized accessibility to guided meditation. Online platforms, like the St. Germain Mystery School, offer a diverse array of guided meditation sessions for individuals to choose from. Whether you’re seeking healing, relaxation, or personal growth, there is a guided meditation tailored to your needs. These online resources allow you to embark on your meditation journey at your own pace and convenience, making it easier than ever to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine. The St. Germain Mystery School also has a mobile app called Illuminate which can be found here 

Embracing the Guided Meditation Experience

In a world that often leaves us feeling disconnected and overwhelmed, guided meditation serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, breathe, and nurture our inner selves. Through the artful guidance of skilled narrators and the power of visualization, this practice enables us to tap into the wellspring of tranquility that resides within us. As you explore the world of guided meditation, you’ll discover not only its immediate benefits but also the profound and lasting impact it can have on your overall sense of well-being.

In conclusion, guided meditation is a transformative journey that paves the way for healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. With the convenience of online resources, such as those offered by the St. Germain Mystery School, embarking on this journey has never been easier. So, take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let the soothing voice of a guide lead you into a realm of serenity and self-awareness. Your path to healing and inner peace awaits.


Written by Karen Smith

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If you have ever felt like your Higher Self Connection needed a boost, this meditation, used on a regular basis, will assist you in creating that space and awareness of your Higher Self. I hope you enjoy it!

The Etheric Body

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Third of a four-part series.

Each and every one of us can receive help from the Universe to cleanse, clarify and magnify our four lower bodies. You might call to the Great Divine Director to align your four lower bodies. Your etheric body is the source of your beautiful threefold flame of the heart (of love, wisdom and power). Even the Earth has an etheric body, that protects and supports life on this planet.

The etheric body holds the memories and experiences throughout all your lifetime. Initially, it is meant to protect the physical body, and is full of love and light along with a beautiful blueprint for your lifetimes. It encases your soul when you die. Your etheric body is identified with who you think you are, based on your history and experiences. It colors your self-perception.

Yet, over time, it can become tainted with your pain and trauma that you haven’t healed. You may wish to use any practice of forgiveness. One practice is to write a list of people you need to forgive every day for 45 Days. You start with a clean piece of paper each day (having shredded or burned the prior one). As you progress, day by day, some names will fall off your list. New ones will appear. This is you clearing out the etheric body! You keep doing this every day for 45 days. Or you may forget, and if you do, just pick up where you left off. Finally, if you forget that you forgot, you are done!

Another lovely practice is the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness which is simple and easy. Known as Ho’oponopono exercise (I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you). This practice is repeated over and over, when you are ready to unhook from your own pain and suffering. There are also many books and resources to help you with forgiveness.

In addition, your negative thoughts, or negative view of life, also wear down your etheric body, which is the closest to your physical body. This may lead to poor energy or fatigue or worse, illness. Many of us have carried multiple behaviors from one lifetime to another. We are meant to change the behaviors and learn quickly to disengage from familiar but detrimental patterns to produce a healthy experience, by choosing differently.

How can you fix it? A healthy diet, good exercise, both outside in nature, as well as an energy balancing exercise like Qi Gong, and of course the forgiveness exercises provided above.

The white fire core of the heart of Source can help you cleanse and clear your body. Can you imagine your threefold flame to fill you with wisdom and compassion? Can you let your newfound awareness of the etheric body as a source of perfected memory, and reclaim your original blueprint of your threefold flame? Yes. You can do this today, right NOW. Ask the master of the Ascension Ray, Serapis Bey, for the ability to do this, and ask for his assistance to ensure your success.

Another powerful way to heal the flaws of the etheric body is to repeat a popular violet flame decree substituting purple (for violet) thus, “I am a being of purple fire, I am the purity God desires.” Repeat this 36 times, daily if you can.

Each and every one of you have a home in the etheric plane, your mansion in the sky! You can ask to journey to this special place in your meditations and dream time. Consciously ask to be taken to this wonderful place, your very own mansion in the sky, where you can be refreshed and renewed. Especially when you are depressed, or suffering disappointment or despair.

Spend 15 minutes before bed, calling to your Holy Higher Self and the Higher Self of your Twin Flame to reunite on the etheric plane in your mansion in the sky. Prepare to be amazed.

Our free download is Mantras for Ascension which contains an extremely powerful mantra, as well as a chant you can use to clear your field of excess emotion and keep your heart open to God. The Hathor Chant will clear the auric field through the four lower elements all the way down to the earth. It allows you to clear and expand your pranic tube while connecting to Mother Earth. The Kabbalistic Chant will clear the field through all the dimensions, all realities, all the way back to God. Both are great for clearing emotions.

This month’s free gift is a mp3 copy of the newly updated Mantras for Ascension.

Your Physical Body (Part-2 of a four-part series)

Physical Body95 scaled 1

Your presence here on earth depends upon being in a body! In terms of the four lower bodies, your physical body is the most important element even though each of us want balance between all four lower bodies. It’s funny when you think about this, but you could be walking around with pains in your emotional or etheric body or even your mental body. But when you suffer from pain in the physical body… you very likely stop everything to fix it.

Your physical body is the conduit through which you receive and convey your experiences of the world. Your presence here is extremely important. As part of the recognizance team here on earth, you may be surprised to learn that your presence on the Earth may be a function of bringing more light to the planet! Being present in your body is sometimes difficult when you have had emotional trauma. Whether you are fully human or a hybrid, your physical presence is paramount.

Your physical body is the experiencer of consciousness. Without a body, you are only consciousness! When you lose your physical body (as in death) you lose your emotional body and mental body as well. The etheric body can move and replicate a feeling of having a physical body to the etheric senses but not to other people. Your etheric body (as a ghost) could also move into someone else’s body. We call that spirit possession.

If you are reading this you have a physical body! If you have a physical body, you also have a body elemental. Your body elemental is a gift from Mother Earth. She bestowed this body elemental in you, to help you acclimate to this earth. In one study done to learn the natural rhythm of the human, done in Las Vegas at a place without windows, subjects were allowed to do whatever they wanted with their time, play games, read, sleep, etc.,but not any timed events like movies or music. What they found is that the average cycle for humans is 20 hours awake, 10 hours of sleeping. When I learned this, I realized that humans couldn’t be from here! It is one more reminder on how very important the body elemental is to help us fit in here.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence of all kinds leavean energetic imprint until cleared. This is why Understanding Your Four Lower Bodies series was created, so you could begin to understand the power you hold in each of your four lower bodies and how to maximize that!

If your body is a spaceship, and it is; and you name it “The Enterprise,” then your body elemental is “Scotty.” It helps to have a perspective on what exactly the body elemental does. It runs all your autonomic processes, and it keeps your body running smoothly. You can train your body and body elemental to respond to your commands with autogenic training. There is a lot of scientific evidence to prove you can train your autonomic muscles, the lungs, and stomach, along with other organs.

As a healing technique Autogenesis has been around for over 80 years, autogenics isa modality, a self-regulating technique that teaches your body to respond to your commands, so you can gain control of your heart rate, digestion, breathing, and more! Although it is not completely understood how it works, it is scientifically proven to help individuals with chronic stressful conditions such asasthma to train the body not to drop into a crisis modality. I recorded a guided autogenics meditation for myself and then made it available to the public. I added binaural beats to enhance the efficacy of the training. I used it myself when I was going into anaphylactic shock from sensitivity to mold and some other breathable foreign substances when I was suffering from lung issues.

You may give your body elemental continuing education for a variety of skills that you may need, health issues that need to heal, and also instructions so you can stay younger. You can have your Higher Self escort your Body elemental to schools in the etheric to learn new skills and to acquire the latest technology for rapidly emerging crystalline-based bodies. Never send your body elemental for continuing ed on its own. It doesn’t have a will, and relies on programing. That’s why your Higher Self must be the escort. I have also activated the self-healing DNA cells that were disengaged from our original divine DNA blueprint.

I meditated for a year trying to figure this out, once I knew there were beings that had disconnected this self-healing part of ourselves, which also regulates aging!Concerning our missing DNA strands, the fallen angels could not steal them, only hide them. I finally realized they had tucked them into a lower dimension, where we would not look, as we ascend!

Your body will give you messages when you train yourself to do it. Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you know bad news is coming, or the feeling of joy or anticipation when you know good news is on the way! Maybe your heart has “skipped a beat” when you meet someone, or you connect with a long-lost friend. My Higher Self Training relies on you recognizing the body sensations that may come in as yes/no signals, which we train you to recognize.

Your body is your temple and that means you can choose to act accordingly, keeping your body in good health, with proper fitness, maybe walking in the park to connect with Mother Earth. Ideally you will find places you can be barefoot, since that offers the most connection with Earth.You also need proper rest. All of your functions rely on proper rest, including your higher-purpose glands like the chakras.

The pineal gland is the connection to the higher states of consciousness.One of the ways to pro-actively give your pineal a rest and chance to rejuvenate is to use an eyemask for sleeping during any kind of sleep including naps. This powerful gift of no-light means your pineal gland, your gateway to spiritual work, is getting the rest and rejuvenation that it needs. This means you schedule time for breaks or walks into your busy day along with naps and enough rest to rejuvenate. Some of you are so busy with your day-to-day chores or work that you push yourself beyond healthy limits for your body, and then can be overtired, which adds stress on all your four lower bodies, especially your physical body.

The physical body is the experiencer who receives all the information from the three other bodies and helps you learn who you really are. It is the fullest expression of Source in the physical. Let’s make the most of it! This brings us to Ascension Symptoms. The physical body has three areas of progression – the upper physical body thrives with balanced rest, food, exercise and time in nature. The middle physical body calibrates with Mother Earth. This is why your connection to your earthstar chakra is so very important. This is emphasized in numerous of my guided meditations, such as 5D MerKaBa or the Spiral Chakra Meditation. Your lower physical body is focused on desires such as greed, lust and avarice. This is where working with the five Dhyani Buddhas is so helpful. I have made a recording of singing their names along with the five poisons they clear that will be available publicly.

Certain Ascension symptoms are now presenting in our world. Being aware of them will give you a peace of mind, even with the discomfort!Understand that Ascension Symptoms can be extremely mysterious and hard on the body.A short list is given below that may be helpful in case your doctors cannot find the cause!

When you cannot determine the cause of these symptoms through traditional doctors or through alternative healers, consider they may be coming from the many upgrades you may be getting in your body. Remember your physical body will become the ascended master you. You will not need to die to make this happen.

Symptoms can include headaches due to the expansion of your pineal. You may experience vertigo, dizziness, forgetfulness, joint and body pain or aches, cramps in your legs, changes in your sight and in your awareness of your immediate space. You may feel feverish, or flu-like symptoms, cramps, and diarrhea,or even kundalini experiences. This may result in anxiety attacks that come and go quickly. Many of these upgrades can occur at night, and you might wake up for “no reason” and decide to use the bathroom. This is often a signal that you are “giving permission” to whatever upgrade the ETs of the light may be assisting you with. Announcing “I am waking up well rested no matter what the night holds” will also ease this transformation.

Remember that as a vessel of light, you are being upgraded in many ways. We have chosen this path, albeit painful. One way to address this is to notice this is happening, and to say the following prayer,

I ask that this divine upgrade assist me and allow me to pursue my highest purpose in this lifetime with the most evolved appearance possible and expressing the kindest and most generous and gentle way. Amen

Self-care of the physical body is your highest priority right now. Massage, body work, cranial sacral work, long baths, etc., will do much for the integration of this new evolved energy. You are becoming fifth-dimensional. Seek not to understand, but to integrate it with grace and ease!

This month’s free gift is a PDF copy of the newly updated Your Physical Body.