Heroes Large and Small

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Halloween is just around the corner – and I invite you to consider helping your child to pick a costume of a “good guy.” My own children needed to pick from Ascended Masters, and I sewed their costumes. Today, I wouldn’t bother, because there are so many wonderful choices in all the stores that it’s cheaper and easier to purchase a costume, if you celebrate Halloween!

I like to follow stories of sports because I think they reflect what’s really going on in the reality. Sports games often show us competition and division – as one “fan” opposes another, or one team playing up the rivalry with “my team is better.” I believe that the money system perpetuates the competitive side because it locks us into 3D for those who gamble or play fantasy football or fantasy basketball.

Today I read a Substack post written by one of my hero’s Kareem Abdul Jabbar, where he weighs in on his all-time record of 20 years being broken by LeBron James. He is full of celebration of all of LeBron’s accomplishments, at LeBron’s early age (35) and celebrates this man as a hero inspiring all of us with greatness. His post shows mellowness, and sincere pride in LaBron’s accomplishments! What can we take from that? He’s operating in 5D.

In 2020, in an article he wrote for Sports Illustrated he stated, “Part of being a hero is to have both the modesty to feel unworthy of such a heavy word and the strength to accept the responsibility that comes with others looking to you to be that hero. What is a hero but someone who stands up for those who can’t? Who embodies our cherished ideals of sportsmanship: fair play, hard work and compassion? That pretty much describes the LeBron James I’ve watched and come to know since he was the No. 1 pick in the 2003 NBA draft and was named Rookie of the Year.”

How does this relate to being 5D?  We can learn that everything we do… whether we are “spiritual” or not can come from a place of non-competition, celebration of each other’s accomplishments and honoring others needs. I think his above quote fills the bill. We can learn from his altruistic response!

The benefits of reading his whole article are worth the time, and inspiration.

Next, I want to talk about the Elemental Kingdom. I have come to know that they benefit significantly from “clearing curses” in the Reweaving book (also in the Reweaving Ceremonies on the app, Illuminate Maureen); and the chanting of the Mantras for Ascension chant, El Ka Leem Om, which translate in the Hathor tongue as Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

Think about how pleasing it is to hear someone sing your name sweetly, with reverence. That’s what this chant does for the elemental kingdom! Staying connected to the elemental kingdom isn’t hard. I’ve been told by my guides, that the one thing that opened me up the to communicate with the Elemental Kingdom was my two-year-long daily ritual of singing this as a chant, 256 times. The reason for 256 is it is 44. So, repeating each name, in this multiple of four activates the purity of their energy. They benefit from the human voice singing it, and it activates them to their highest frequency. This chant is also on the App.

There are other benefits to working with the elementals besides supporting Mother Earth and the nature spirits. This brings me to another quote, from Ingrid Naiman’s Substack where she describes asking the elemental kingdom to make a change!

“Years ago, there was a raging fire in New Mexico that came perilously close to Los Alamos Laboratories where thousands of barrels of nuclear waste were stored in 55-gallon drums outdoors. Many people were praying for rain, but if there were a downpour, the risk of a mudslide would have been enormous. This would have gone into the Rio Grande and contaminated the river all the way into the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. The fires were visible from my home to the west of the town of Santa Fe.

On one occasion, I was sipping coffee with a guest from Australia at the La Fonda Hotel, and we were talking about praying for the highest good instead of wind or rain. Tens of thousands of people were no doubt each praying for what they thought would resolve the danger when I suddenly felt a shift of energy. I turned to my visitor and said, “Ammachi must be very close to town now.” We looked out the window, and it started to drizzle. It stopped and then drizzled again. This repeated and we both burst out laughing because the highest good was obviously not a monsoon type of deluge because the Earth had to have time to absorb the water. We then relaxed since the situation was obviously coming under control in the wisest way possible.”

Always remember we humans might not know the best solution and that to ask for the Highest and Best Good invites the ideal solution. I hope these stories inspire you. We invite you to listen to the Hathor Chant on the App here.


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