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What Really Matters

Everyone in America celebrates thanksgiving – it’s our collective favorite holiday. Because of this, we tend to focus on gratitude. It stands for appreciation of all the gifts we have, alongside hope, our hope for the future – and our admiration of the good in the present. It is our one unifying holiday. It also speaks to the rest of the world, about what we think our values are, and how we can be more positive to one another.

One of my practices is to say “thank you” anytime I receive feedback, positive or negative. I try to do it with sincerity – but I am pretty sure that doesn’t always happen! I’m not perfect. How do we receive other people’s observations? Sometimes we need it. Sometimes they need to say it. In all cases, appreciation is fitting.

Sometimes we don’t even know we are being too pushy, strong willed, or stuck! I know I have been. It’s especially challenging, when it is a long-standing reaction or behavior you didn’t even know you were doing. Sometimes we are dealing with supersensitive people, who react to the slightest “apparent” paternal interaction that wasn’t smooth. We don’t need to assign blame, but we do need to respect others experiences, and to self-reflect on our impact on others!

I have a lot to be grateful for – including a wonderful family and grandkids that are adorable. I’m looking forward to another prosperous year, thanks to your support of this work. I am grateful for my darling spouse, who captured my heart, and who now manages all the layers around this work that we do.

My niece Jen told me years ago, “You need and app!” and now we have one! This year I’m especially grateful for the beautiful app, Illuminate that was created – and your enthusiastic response and interest in it. I love using it, and our developer, Trifon Trifonoff was using our meditations and reached out to us! It is free, with good info and six of our best meditations and the Higher Self Protocol is on it as well. Your subscription unlocks the all the meditations. Check it out.

And to rewrite from one of my favorite sages: Seth Godin

Our good wishes to you go far beyond our deep appreciation. We hope to surprise and delight you. If we don’t live up to your expectations – we hope you will tell us. And if you like what we do – we hope you will share it.  We want our connection to you to go beyond any simple transaction, that you already paid for.  We wish to signal to you our caring and respect, of gratitude and abundance to you.

I have met so many wonderful people, like you dear reader, and I’m most grateful for you!

I hope your Holiday is filled with goodness and joy, and you can find your way to gratitude!

We are so grateful for YOU!

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