An Akashic Reading Online Offers Unbiased Information for a Better Future

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Mass media is under a lot of scrutiny lately. Many people, regardless of their belief system, question the objectivity of the news. It seems that we are saturated by commentary, making it difficult to locate an unbiased report of an event. Although frustrating, this may be tolerable as we try to digest the daily news; however, when people need personal or spiritual information, where can they go to find wisdom without opinion…answers without judgement?

The Ascension Institute, founded and led by best-selling author and spiritual development expert Maureen St. Germain, is one place you can count on to be a ‘judgement-free’ zone. Their Akashic Records courses online are guaranteed to be authentic and delivered without critique. All information is received directly from Source and shared through conduits—Certified Guides—who pass along the wisdom without preconceived opinions. It’s not only refreshing, but it’s unlike so much of the biting commentary we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

Why would you benefit from an Akashic reading online? You may be struggling with questions—big or small—that are affecting your relationships, health or career. For example, do you wonder why you can’t break the cycle of meeting the ‘wrong’ people in your life? Or do you obsess about your body image or weight? Do you second-guess the decisions you’ve made to grow your new business? All of these are bonafide concerns, and the answers may surprise you.

Our trained Guides, with specialties ranging from entity clearing to numerology and life-coaching, are ready to open your soul’s storehouse of information and share knowledge of your past, present and possible futures that you had not realized were existing simultaneously.

Within these sessions, you will begin to understand the remarkable power of Akashic energy—a living field of liquid light that surrounds each human being. Harnessing this light through guided meditation will begin to reveal wisdom and truth of your soul’s unique journey through life. Our Guides will not only answer your questions, but they will supplement your concerns with information that may never have occurred to you. You may be able to finally ‘feel’ compassion, ‘feel’ another person’s grief or fear, ‘feel’ the reasons for a family member’s outbursts. Taking responsibility for your life will suddenly feel easier, and you will start to develop a newfound mental sharpness and clarity.

If you want to break free from the polarity and judgement of this world and live life more fully, contact Maureen St. Germain and her team today to schedule your virtual session.

Getting in Sync with Your Akashic Soul Just Made Life Easier

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Getting in sync is usually a good feeling. Finding a rhythm that works typically is beneficial. You may be more efficient at work if you and a co-worker are ‘in sync’ with the same ideas and objectives on a project. Or you may perform better as a dancer if your choreography is in sync with the music. In Pilates—which strengthens both the mind and the body—exercises are most beneficial when movement and breathing are in sync.

On a spiritual level, how can you know you are in sync? A reputable Akashic soul reading from practical mystic and bestselling author Maureen St. Germain is one way to find your rhythm in life. Her team of expertly trained Certified Guides can help you. Think of your soul’s journey through the past, present and future as being intertwined. All your feelings, thoughts and emotions from these experiences are stored in your Records. Tuning to these Records is a vibrational shift, so the vibration of your seeking wisdom matches the vibration of the Records. When you read the Records, you may find yourself going into this liquid field of energy. The Guide you choose will help you deeply navigate that field to discover what it means for you.

At this point, the journey of your Akashic soul can be accessed because a vibrational match occurs. The Guides can tap into the information they hold in their consciousness and share it with you lovingly, gently and without judgement. At this point, you can begin to change the present and the future. Everything is in sync!

The wisdom that is held in the Akashic register is unending. Several different ways exist to access this information. For more than 25 years, The Ascension Institute (founded by Maureen St. Germain) has taught specific methods for both inner work (accessing for oneself) or service work (accessing for others). Through ancient 17-breath rhythmic breathing meditations that are easy to learn, you can experience the outstanding and unparalleled harmony and tranquility that exists in the fifth dimension. Why? In 5-D, there is no polarity; only love exists there. It is a God choice. Yes, you still have choice, but the non-God choice is no longer an option. In fact, it’s no longer attractive to you there.

Why not discover firsthand what it feels like to be in tune with your Higher Self? Experience a deeper connection to yourself and humanity. Get in sync today with the trusted guidance of Maureen St. Germain’s numerous meditations, virtual sessions and workshops.

Opening Your Akashic Records Can Change Your Perspective on Life

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Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? Do you find it difficult to imagine multiple solutions to a problem? Are you weighed down by a daily routine without time for peaceful contemplation of the world around you? These scenarios can be enormously stressful. By changing your perspective, however, you can find the inner tools to help you cope with these stresses and eventually take control of them.

With the help of Certified Guides trained by master teacher Maureen St. Germain—founder of The Ascension Institute and worldwide lecturer on spiritual development—you can learn how to tune into a higher self-connection by opening your Akashic Records. You don’t have to be locked into your historical experiences. By learning to access your soul’s storehouse of information—past, present and possible futures all existing simultaneously—you can wake up in a new dimension: 5-D. The journey is easier than you think.

With the loving guidance of our Recordkeepers, if you are willing and ready to accept new perspectives and outlooks, you can learn to open your very own Akashic Records Book. Pursuing this wisdom will enable you to see your situation from a new and refreshing angle. Once you enter this new time-space continuum, you will find the possibilities are endless because in the fifth dimension, polarity no longer exists. Here you will practice discernment, not judgement. You will be able to say good-bye to the reflex tendencies to view a problem with only one solution. You can stop compartmentalizing every idea and see your world in its totality.

If you are not ready to learn ancient meditations through our books, workshops or tele-classes, our highly respected Guides are available to conduct Akashic Records readings that will gently enlighten and coach you as you receive valuable wisdom from your soul’s library—a living field of liquid energy.

Waking up in 5-D will refresh you in ways you may not have thought possible. You will discover a newfound joy in seeing the beauty of nature and the world around you. You will find yourself more deeply in each moment. This mindfulness will enable you to experience fuller gratitude and observe yourself in a more profound sense of happiness.

Imagine hearing birds sing more sweetly, watching leaves flutter more colorfully, smelling cut grass or fragrant flowers more intensely than ever before. It’s possible. Don’t delude yourself by believing that only one possibility exists and you must confront situations in only one way. Take control of your Higher Self; contact the practical mystic Maureen St. Germain.

An Akashic Records Class Will Inspire and Surprise You

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If you want to do some real deep soul searching, you want it to be easy, but you certainly would not want a superficial course or a shortened version. You want the professional expertise from a respected, trusted voice in the field of spiritual knowledge: Maureen St. Germain, whose unparalleled Akashic Records class can help you. The author of five best-selling books on spiritual growth and ancient meditation techniques, St. Germain is not only extremely accurate, but she is also a loving conduit of sacred traditions. Reading her shared information will enrich your knowledge for life. All her Certified Guides have been professionally trained and hold the same high credentials.

These classes are vital to your everyday life and extremely timely in today’s ever-changing world. Many people agree that humanity is on the brink of a huge transformation. The way we live today (life as we know it on this Earth) will not last forever. Wouldn’t you want to be better prepared by understanding yourself and elevating yourself to a higher level while you currently can? How would you like to be a special part of the transformation of humanity by learning new ways to give and receive kindness? Wonder no more, as it is all possible by looking into the Records of your soul’s journey. There, you can gain a bigger picture of the world around you. You can let go of judgements and ultimately be kinder. You can rise above your shortcomings, anticipate disappointments and understand other people’s behaviors in a new enlightened way.

Get ready to be inspired. Be willing to be amazed! You’re going to learn unexpected information from the recordkeepers. Their mission is to fill in the gaps of your living knowledge about yourself. At first, the session’s revelations may shock and will certainly captivate you. With the gentle coaching and loving advice of our trained Guides, you’ll find yourself relaxing, becoming more open to new possibilities and embracing the insights to continually help improve your life.

A lot of how you react in the 3-D world relates to your past experiences. In our ascension to the 5-D, the experience is different. When you’re searching for an Akashic Records class near me, how will you know you’ve found an authentic session? One way to know for certain is to have a reading with our certified Recordkeepers, who will give you objective information directly from your personal library of information. Answers to your questions are coming through directly with the spoken word from your soul’s personal source, always without judgement and always with love.

With individual sessions or a series of workshops, you can learn to feel the beauty and symmetry of the Universe around you and better understand yourself and your actions. The Akashic Records past lives, present actions and possible futures are all there for you to experience. You’ll also learn techniques of ancient breathing meditations that will help you transcend into the 5-D world. Ultimately, you will be able to open your own Records if you choose. At the next level, you’ll discover how to access the information about your family and friends. Sign up today for an experience you will never forget from one of the world’s most respected sources of spiritual knowledge for modern living: Maureen St. Germain.

Why Accessing the Akashic Records Makes It Easier to Love Others

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“What the world needs now is love, sweet love…” This Grammy award-winning song from 1965 is still played today. Messages regarding love never go out of style. So, this month, why not embrace inclusiveness instead of polarity? Why not strive for forgiveness instead of resentment? Why not cultivate kindness instead of selfishness? The possibilities are endless when you let your heart lead the way. You can do this and move ahead with love by accessing the Akashic Records. Let Maureen St. Germain, one of the world’s most respected mystics and master teachers, show you how to make this life-changing choice to gracefully shift and change with the energies made available for you each day.

Getting started is like being bombarded by waves of love. Think about it this way: You’re living in the third dimension, but slowly and steadily, energy gently affects you, like waves of water. You’re either ahead of the force, in the middle or behind it. You can choose to let the wave push you to the shore, or you can ride its current. Achieve the tools necessary to elevate to a better, higher version of yourself. This can happen as a result of an Akashic Records readings done by one of our expert, Certified Guides. They can help you unveil the vast library of emotions and feelings that comprise your soul’s past, present and future. They can even train you to do this yourself. Ultimately, you can transcend the 3-D and be fifth dimensional, as long as you engage your heart.

With a series of steps known as MerKaBa meditation, our Guides will help you activate an energy field around your body, which will allow you to have entry to your 5-D self. Here you can contain the vibrations that will help you choose love over anger. The Akashic Records opening remarks are ceremonial: beautiful, gentle and always done with respect and kindness. Once in the fifth dimension, your heart will be expected to lead your mind, like two dancers moving as one. In time, you will find it easier to deal with hostile individuals or people who have hurt you. Imagine being able to view your opponent as your friend!

Do you agree that the world needs a little more love? Our guided audio meditation, ‘Open Your Heart to Love,’ is a perfect place to start. Contact the respected and trusted Guides led by Maureen St. Germain today to begin.

One Akashic Reading Online Can Help You Break Old Habits

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Are you consistently attracted to negative people? Do you anger easily and want to learn a better way to control your temper? Do you shy away from new jobs because you feel you ‘can’t’ do it? Or are you someone who gives up easily and blames yourself for failing on your first attempt? Self-sabotage can be changed, and all of these old ways of doing things can be done differently by exploring your emotions in a brand new way. With an Akashic reading online with master teacher Maureen St. Germain and her Certified Guides, you can take the first step to change.

Once you have learned how your past has affected your present and your possible futures, you will discover that your emotions are the key to so many new directions in your life. Let’s get basic: emotions are energy with a purpose. You may have been studying how to break out of your old ways of dealing with people, or losing weight or succeeding in business, but actually your use of emotions can be a far better tool than your mind.  Think of your emotional self as a far better ‘reader’ of people and circumstances. Trust your emotions. They are the gut reactors.

How do you get in touch with this deeper self? With an Akashic Record reading, you will discover how this three-dimensional world—where old habits and negativity can bring you down—can exist harmoniously with your new understanding and experience of the fourth- and fifth-dimensional world. Here, you don’t have to re-work or overwork your emotions. You can use them to express your feelings and move on to a higher version of yourself.

Is the Akashic reading overly complex or too simple? Neither. Each session is customized for your needs. The Akashic field is a living field of liquid energy that holds your soul’s journey…a recording…a library of information. Imagine something so deep that can be accessed so easily once you are open to its light. Our Certified Guides are among the most respected in the world. The entire staff has been trained by Maureen St. Germain herself—a best-selling author and internationally acclaimed teacher in the field of spiritual awareness for more than 25 years. Clients are amazed by what our Guides can access during this peaceful, beautiful session. They are even more thrilled with how the information is so applicable in changing real-life challenges into new possibilities.

Energy with a purpose can harness the power of your emotions. Contact Maureen St. Germain today for a virtual session and find out what’s been holding you back so you can finally move ahead.

It’s True: Akashic Meditation Can Help You Cope with Stress

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If you’ve felt like you have been overwhelmed by stress during the past year, you’re not alone. About 8 out of 10 adults are feeling the effects of the pandemic: fearful, anxious, jumpy, nervous. It’s a real and present problem. Fortunately, there are ways to cope. One possibility is the ‘Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity Meditation,’ an Akashic meditation from Maureen St. Germain. In addition, you can experience a peaceful, gentle, easy-to-learn process for learning to open your own Akashic Records. These could be the stressbusters you’ve been searching for this year. Practical mystic and international lecturer on the subject, Maureen St. Germain is ready to help by teaching you the basics and beyond.

Another way to ‘empty your mind’ and open your heart to new possibilities of peace and inner harmony is ‘The Golden Time Meditation,’ which also came through Akashic meditation. It is a beautiful option. Doing this meditation allows you to create, and eventually use, new energy fields. You’ll feel more ‘centered,’ and you’ll gain a deeper connection to Mother Earth. Suddenly, you’re not merely surrounded by problems—you are part of the solution and can evolve.

By understanding yourself better, you will be able to cope and handle life’s stresses better. With guided sessions, available on audio, DVD and online, you will learn the transforming benefits of a 17-breath ancient technique once used by monks. The tranquility is unparalleled as you eventually remember the MerKaba—the crystalline orb surrounding your body—and enter a new dimension called 5-D. Here you can access a liquid field of light that contains all the thoughts, emotions and actions of your soul—past, present and future. You will no longer need to rely on memories. You can retrieve your past memories. You can analyze your present. You can control your future. Access to our free downloads just made going deep easier.

Be assured that our Certified Guides are trained and ready to help you open your Akashic Records book, once called the Book of Life by American prophet Edgar Cayce. Additionally, we can train you to develop your own abilities to meditate independently with a variety of available strategies, including: the empowering ‘Crystal Elohim,’ the lovely transformative ‘Wheel within the Wheel Angel’ with background music, the affirming ‘Make Your Year a Good One’ and the ‘Triple Mantra’ which offers eight minutes of attitude game-changers.

Ultimately, you will want to meditate daily. This transformation will become routine, to the point where you crave more if you miss a day. Contact Maureen St. Germain to help you get started on your journey to a newfound inner peace.

Your Akashic Records Can Be Your Personal Open Book to Life’s Answers

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To help you navigate life’s journey, tap into the resources of the Akashic Records you have inside you with the respected team of Certified Guides led by master teacher and author Maureen St. Germain.

How would you like to have the spiritual coaching and guidance of a master teacher at your fingertips? What could you accomplish in life with an ‘open book’ of your soul’s journey as a reference for your decisions? The possibilities for spiritual growth are endless if you are ready and willing to navigate your life by embracing compassion.

This is possible when you tap into your own Akashic Records, a storehouse of your past, present and possible futures—all existing in a liquid field of energy. Most people live life with one-way thinking. With linear ideas and paths that seem set in stone, they sometimes trudge through the three-dimensional world without realizing that there is a five-dimensional plane of existence that can bring greater mental clarity, deeper wisdom and understanding. Maureen St. Germain and her respected team of Certified Guides can make this happen for you. Famous for her trainings in personal development and spiritual awakening in more than two dozen countries, she brings firsthand knowledge in the areas of higher consciousness. Thousands of people have benefitted from her sessions, gentle advice and best-selling books, including Waking Up in 5D.

This library of information holds the keys to so much of your current behaviors and your ability to control future decisions. With trained guides, it is possible to access this incredible and vast treasury of insight with an extraordinary experience called Akashic Readings. We help you every step of the way to experience the full beauty of the session, which is opened by a single, simple prayer. You’ll find yourself open to receive and accept information in a new way. You’ll move beyond judgement and embrace compassion. You’ll find you are able to change habitual reactionary patterns that once held you back from spiritual growth. You may even start to formulate your own questions—big or small—about lifestyle issues that have burdened you for years.

You needn’t worry about the questions you want to ask in your Akashic Readings. We can partner with you to formulate the best questions for your needs. With sample questions, you may feel prompted to add some of your own. As the session evolves, so will your confidence. We can train you to practice on your own. With beautiful 17-breath meditations that have been passed down by ancient Tibetan monks, you can learn to enter a place of calm and clarity in the 5th dimension that you may never have dreamed was possible. As you grow in this multi-dimensional process, you will find a deeper connection to your Higher Self. Transformation is a process. Take the first step and open up the book to your personal growth today by contacting world-renowned and trusted mystic Maureen St. Germain.

How Akashic Readings Can Help You Connect with Your Higher Self

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To access powerful tools for a new perspective on your life this year, contact the practical mystic, Maureen St. Germain, and discover how Akashic Readings can help you recognize the Divine Being that already exists inside you.

Have you ever wondered how to channel the goodness that exists inside you to become a better version of yourself? Most of us have a list of resolutions each year that include self-improvement. Realistically, we may not be able to fulfill all our goals, but focusing on bettering ourselves can assist us in tackling the other objectives. Yes, there are many paths to self-transformation, and Akashic Readings are a powerful option.

With expert coaching from internationally acclaimed mystic Maureen St. Germain and her Certified Guides, you can access powerful tools within yourself to help you connect and communicate with your Higher Self. The result can be exhilarating because you’ll discover the best path for your life. Getting on track and staying on track just got easier!

How do these sessions work? With the help of our expert Certified Guides, the recording of your soul’s journey—past, present and probable future—is opened through a quiet, peaceful and spiritually inspiring ceremony, customized for your personal growth. Prayerfully, and when you are ready, your Guide will begin with Opening Remarks before any of your akashic readings questions so you can start your journey of self-improvement knowing your Akashic Guide is connected to your Akashic Records.

How will you know what Akashic Readings Questions to ask? Fortunately, when you sign up for a session with any of Akashic Records International Certified Guides they will provide you with a list of possible questions to assist you in formulating your own.

Some participants are initially intimidated by asking akashic readings questions, but the process may be simpler than you think. Any inquiry is valid. Some past experiences may be too painful to address and could be temporarily blocked. But you needn’t worry because these issues can be resolved in future sessions. Before a meeting, consider your spiritual growth goals, family life, social interactions and general thoughts about career, community, relationships, health, love and other topics that are weighing on you this year. Remember, our Guides also provide you with sample questions to help you get started.

Join our membership program for a complimentary first month and learn more about it. From Zoom calls to discounts on best-selling books, audiotapes, online workshops, meditations and special events throughout the year, Maureen St. Germain and her Certified Guides can help you elevate yourself to new heights. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

Your Akashic Records Can Launch Your New Year in a Better Direction

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To start your new year on a better path, contact respected mystic, author and lecturer, Maureen St. Germain, and discover how the Akashic Records can tap into new possibilities for you in 2021.

Have you ever noticed that with one simple change of a letter, the word ‘chance’ becomes ‘change?’ Most of us see a new year as a new start. Taking a chance on issues you previously hadn’t had the courage to tackle could result in meaningful changes in your life. But how do you begin?

One option could be tapping into the vast repository of information about yourself, your soul and your decisions that exists right within you. Yes, a vast library of all that is and all that might be is available to help you and all who seek this knowledge. It’s called the Akashic Records, and it could give you the insight to take a chance and make a change in 2021.

Think of the Akashic Records as a living field of liquid light that exists in a dimension where all versions of reality are possible. World-respected mystic Maureen St. Germain and her Certified Guides are trained to help you open your Book of Life (as American prophet Edgar Cayce once called it) and, if you choose, help you dig deeper into your life’s journey and discover possible reasons for past experiences, present problems and future decisions. As most people would probably agree, informed decision-making is always beneficial.

This akashic records library is magnificent. The information is powerful. It allows instant access, generally shows one timeline per person and is available to anyone who is open to its teaching. What opportunity for change! Here, where all possibilities of past, present and future exist—all that is and may be—you can ask for information and receive guidance for life’s big and small issues. From investing money to forming friendships, budgeting time, juggling work or interacting with family members—no subject is off the table. Our Certified Guides are trained to help you navigate the process prayerfully and peacefully, using an ancient technique. At one time, access was limited to mystics and monks, but now anyone can learn and train by working with a Certified Guide. With these tools you, you can access this vast field of information. The possibilities are endless.

What makes this entire experience a true change-agent is that as an active participant you, too, can learn akashic records access tools. Our Certified Guides can work with you one-on-one through a variety of audio or online workshops to train you. In fact, anyone can be taught. All you need is the honest desire to want to know more. By being open to new possibilities and taking that first step, you can activate the change in your life. Don’t hesitate. Think of chance as positive and change as possible. Contact Maureen St. Germain and her trusted staff today.