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An Akashic Records Class Will Inspire and Surprise You

If you want to do some real deep soul searching, you want it to be easy, but you certainly would not want a superficial course or a shortened version. You want the professional expertise from a respected, trusted voice in the field of spiritual knowledge: Maureen St. Germain, whose unparalleled Akashic Records class can help you. The author of five best-selling books on spiritual growth and ancient meditation techniques, St. Germain is not only extremely accurate, but she is also a loving conduit of sacred traditions. Reading her shared information will enrich your knowledge for life. All her Certified Guides have been professionally trained and hold the same high credentials.

These classes are vital to your everyday life and extremely timely in today’s ever-changing world. Many people agree that humanity is on the brink of a huge transformation. The way we live today (life as we know it on this Earth) will not last forever. Wouldn’t you want to be better prepared by understanding yourself and elevating yourself to a higher level while you currently can? How would you like to be a special part of the transformation of humanity by learning new ways to give and receive kindness? Wonder no more, as it is all possible by looking into the Records of your soul’s journey. There, you can gain a bigger picture of the world around you. You can let go of judgements and ultimately be kinder. You can rise above your shortcomings, anticipate disappointments and understand other people’s behaviors in a new enlightened way.

Get ready to be inspired. Be willing to be amazed! You’re going to learn unexpected information from the recordkeepers. Their mission is to fill in the gaps of your living knowledge about yourself. At first, the session’s revelations may shock and will certainly captivate you. With the gentle coaching and loving advice of our trained Guides, you’ll find yourself relaxing, becoming more open to new possibilities and embracing the insights to continually help improve your life.

A lot of how you react in the 3-D world relates to your past experiences. In our ascension to the 5-D, the experience is different. When you’re searching for an Akashic Records class near me, how will you know you’ve found an authentic session? One way to know for certain is to have a reading with our certified Recordkeepers, who will give you objective information directly from your personal library of information. Answers to your questions are coming through directly with the spoken word from your soul’s personal source, always without judgement and always with love.

With individual sessions or a series of workshops, you can learn to feel the beauty and symmetry of the Universe around you and better understand yourself and your actions. The Akashic Records past lives, present actions and possible futures are all there for you to experience. You’ll also learn techniques of ancient breathing meditations that will help you transcend into the 5-D world. Ultimately, you will be able to open your own Records if you choose. At the next level, you’ll discover how to access the information about your family and friends. Sign up today for an experience you will never forget from one of the world’s most respected sources of spiritual knowledge for modern living: Maureen St. Germain.

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