The Fascinating Wake-Up of Other Versions of You!

As the veils thin, and individuals start to notice, they begin to discover there are other versions of themselves. This is because they share the same Monad. The monad is made up of multiple expressions, many of them in human form. As originally conceived by the Pythagoreans, the Monad is the Supreme Being, divinity or the totality of all things. Each monad consists of 144 expressions. The oversoul is made up of 144 monads. We choose to express ourselves by taking similar but different paths as you will discover from the story of Luna.

I am sharing a lovely story from a reader of my book, Waking Up in 5D. Luna writes about her experiences meeting other versions of herself!  She shared an intriguing aspect of life that many find hard to believe: other versions of you. She was inspired by the book Waking Up in 5D, and felt compelled to share her experiences and discoveries about this phenomenon.

Discovering Other versions of you with Sinem

Her journey began with her dear friend Sinem. She has known her friend for thirty years, both born in Istanbul, and our lives have mirrored each other in uncanny ways. From scoring similarly on practice tests in high school to attending the same university and even pursuing similar career paths, our lives have been in sync.

We both left our corporate jobs around the same time and ventured into photography. We both got engaged, then broke up with our fiancés simultaneously. Despite these coincidences, it wasn’t until we read Waking Up in 5D that we realized the true depth of our connection. During a trip to a winery, Sinem expressed her belief that we might be the same soul in two bodies, a thought that had also crossed her mind.

A Second Connection with Nil

She also shared a similar connection with another friend, Nil, whom she met around the same time as Sinem. They worked together at the same multinational company, under the same manager, and shared numerous life events, such as marrying men with identical birthdays. Like Sinem and me, Nil and I also moved to the US and have similar family structures.

Reflections on Our Spiritual Journeys

While Sinem and Nil are both spiritually inclined, they prefer to stay grounded in everyday life. On the other hand, my client has delved deeply into spirituality, connecting with guides and learning sacred practices like Kabbalah and sacred geometry. Despite their different approaches to spirituality and career paths, the similarities in our lives remain striking.


These stories highlight the fascinating concept of other versions of you, where individuals experience parallel lives and deep connections. Whether it’s with Sinem or Nil, the shared experiences and synchronicities suggest a profound link between each of them. I hope sharing her story inspires you to explore and understand the incredible and simultaneous aspects of their lives.

Other versions of you may come into your life for a brief period. You may work collaboratively or support one another. Other versions of you may take a divergent path, one that you may have considered, moving on to another choice.

A remarkable story is one that Walter Simkiew, MD told to one of my students. Walter is the author of Return of the Revolutionaries, a book I recommend to all of my students. His book chronicles the history of revolutionaries of early America, and how he can see they have returned to embodiment. Walter was giving a lecture in Seattle that my friend, Diana attended. She approached him after the lecture to ask him about my teaching of multiple versions of you.

He was very cordial and said he absolutely agreed with this concept, and went on to tell a very interesting story about a meeting with another MD, who was from India while giving a lecture in Hong Kong. They felt instant rapport and discussed their work with each other. They discovered that the Indian doctor had taken up some of the projects that Walter had let go, to pursue this work – of identifying and reincarnating revolutionaries.

I’d like to finish with this thought. If members of the American Revolution, the seceding from England have reincarnated at this time, it may be to ensure the freedoms of the citizens of America. It also tells me that our outcome is assured. Let’s be optimistic in our worldview, knowing everything will work out! This evidences supports that!

How to Catch Up and Thrive!

Do you ever feel like you’re swimming against the current in a lap pool, struggling to keep up? You’re doing great, so keep pushing forward!

If you’re feeling exhausted and on the verge of giving up, take inspiration from the movie *Nyad*, about the incredible swimmer who crossed from Florida to Cuba.  You might not have a support team yet, but you can build one.

Start by reaching out to the Angels.  Their purpose is to create miracles and remind you of the immense love surrounding you.  You’re never alone.  When loneliness hits, ask for what you need—whether it’s a support person, a tax accountant, or anything else.

Sometimes, getting the right help requires persistence.  You might need to write a letter to the universe or reach out to someone you admire, even through social media platforms like Facebook.

It’s time to harness your 5th-dimensional skills.  Take control of your situation by suspending disbelief, just like in the movies.  Call on a version of yourself who has already mastered the challenge you’re facing.  Visualize your Higher Self smiling and supporting you through the power of manifestation.

Focus on both realities: one where you may be struggling, and another where you have everything under control, navigating the challenge with grace and ease.  Denial has no place here.

Take a moment to ask yourself, “What do I need?” Then, ask for it.

Many people turn to movies to numb the feeling of being unable to keep up, often tied to hidden feelings of worthlessness.  To address this, I’ve created a tapping routine using the Emotional Freedom Technique I learned from Peg Donahue.  The tapping method is hers, but the routine is mine.  If you’re reading this blog, click on this link to get a copy of the routine, and we’ll send it to you.

One of my friends, and mentor Lee Holden, of Holden QiGong has this to say about loneliness:

In Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, the feeling of loneliness is often associated with an energy imbalance within your body. A few different imbalances can manifest in the form of loneliness.

One of these imbalances has to do with your Heart Qi and the other with your Lungs. Although these imbalances are similar, the two have a few differences. Heart and Lung imbalances often go hand-in-hand, so you can barely distinguish between them. 

Loneliness and the Heart

The sensation of loneliness connected to the Heart element usually manifests as intense sadness. If you feel isolated and lacking connection, and it leads to strong feelings of sadness or depression, that can be a clear sign of an imbalance of Heart energy.

Sometimes, this sadness isn’t related to missing a particular person or thing. Instead, it may be a general, underlying feeling of sadness and loneliness. People with this form of loneliness may feel lost, or like they don’t belong. Of course, this feeling can be very painful and lead to various other challenging emotions.

Loneliness and the Lungs

Just as an imbalance of Heart energy can contribute to loneliness, the same is true for Lung energy. And although this form of loneliness may feel similar, it may have some distinct qualities.

The sensation for loneliness connected to the Lungs often has a strong quality of missing someone or something. For example, when you’re longing to be with a loved one who has passed away, that’s connected to the Lungs. 

As mentioned, these two forms of loneliness are often closely connected and go hand in hand. Obviously, it’s possible to miss someone and feel sad that they’re not there with you. 

Although some situations may inevitably cause a feeling of loneliness, there are a few ways to skillfully transform the energy of loneliness to experience greater connection and peace in the present moment.    

Lee goes on to tell us that finding other people or pets to cure loneliness is one way, but it is not the only way. You can use your connection to nature, and feel a deep sense of oneness with the plants animals and trees and other living things.

A walk in the park may be just the thing – but take time to appreciate the beauty around you – which WILL connect you with the wisdom of the world of nature. In fact you may meet a fairy or two … but that’s another blog.