The Fascinating Wake-Up of Other Versions of You!

As the veils thin, and individuals start to notice, they begin to discover there are other versions of themselves. This is because they share the same Monad. The monad is made up of multiple expressions, many of them in human form. As originally conceived by the Pythagoreans, the Monad is the Supreme Being, divinity or the totality of all things. Each monad consists of 144 expressions. The oversoul is made up of 144 monads. We choose to express ourselves by taking similar but different paths as you will discover from the story of Luna.

I am sharing a lovely story from a reader of my book, Waking Up in 5D. Luna writes about her experiences meeting other versions of herself!  She shared an intriguing aspect of life that many find hard to believe: other versions of you. She was inspired by the book Waking Up in 5D, and felt compelled to share her experiences and discoveries about this phenomenon.

Discovering Other versions of you with Sinem

Her journey began with her dear friend Sinem. She has known her friend for thirty years, both born in Istanbul, and our lives have mirrored each other in uncanny ways. From scoring similarly on practice tests in high school to attending the same university and even pursuing similar career paths, our lives have been in sync.

We both left our corporate jobs around the same time and ventured into photography. We both got engaged, then broke up with our fiancés simultaneously. Despite these coincidences, it wasn’t until we read Waking Up in 5D that we realized the true depth of our connection. During a trip to a winery, Sinem expressed her belief that we might be the same soul in two bodies, a thought that had also crossed her mind.

A Second Connection with Nil

She also shared a similar connection with another friend, Nil, whom she met around the same time as Sinem. They worked together at the same multinational company, under the same manager, and shared numerous life events, such as marrying men with identical birthdays. Like Sinem and me, Nil and I also moved to the US and have similar family structures.

Reflections on Our Spiritual Journeys

While Sinem and Nil are both spiritually inclined, they prefer to stay grounded in everyday life. On the other hand, my client has delved deeply into spirituality, connecting with guides and learning sacred practices like Kabbalah and sacred geometry. Despite their different approaches to spirituality and career paths, the similarities in our lives remain striking.


These stories highlight the fascinating concept of other versions of you, where individuals experience parallel lives and deep connections. Whether it’s with Sinem or Nil, the shared experiences and synchronicities suggest a profound link between each of them. I hope sharing her story inspires you to explore and understand the incredible and simultaneous aspects of their lives.

Other versions of you may come into your life for a brief period. You may work collaboratively or support one another. Other versions of you may take a divergent path, one that you may have considered, moving on to another choice.

A remarkable story is one that Walter Simkiew, MD told to one of my students. Walter is the author of Return of the Revolutionaries, a book I recommend to all of my students. His book chronicles the history of revolutionaries of early America, and how he can see they have returned to embodiment. Walter was giving a lecture in Seattle that my friend, Diana attended. She approached him after the lecture to ask him about my teaching of multiple versions of you.

He was very cordial and said he absolutely agreed with this concept, and went on to tell a very interesting story about a meeting with another MD, who was from India while giving a lecture in Hong Kong. They felt instant rapport and discussed their work with each other. They discovered that the Indian doctor had taken up some of the projects that Walter had let go, to pursue this work – of identifying and reincarnating revolutionaries.

I’d like to finish with this thought. If members of the American Revolution, the seceding from England have reincarnated at this time, it may be to ensure the freedoms of the citizens of America. It also tells me that our outcome is assured. Let’s be optimistic in our worldview, knowing everything will work out! This evidences supports that!

Entitled? Me too!

Have you ever found yourself contemplating the notion that life should unfold in a certain way, guided by the principles of fair play? I can resonate with that sentiment. In my own journey, I’ve encountered instances where I used to object when someone seemingly disregarded the order – whether it was boarding a plane or navigating the freeway exit. I would question, “After all, I was there first, wasn’t I?”

In one introspective moment, I turned to my Higher Self, seeking insights into any hindrances preventing my transition to the 5th Dimension. Surprisingly, the revelation pointed towards my habitual reaction in traffic situations. Taking a proactive stance, I chose to transform my response. I chose to bestow blessings upon those drivers I once labeled as discourteous. Creating a new narrative, I told myself, “Perhaps they’re in more of a hurry than me” or “Maybe they didn’t see me.” Subsequently, I invoked the assistance of angels and dragons to guide them on their journey.

Now, let’s delve into the concept of entitlement, a subtle force that influences our perception of the world and shapes our reactions to life’s challenges. It’s that underlying belief that we inherently deserve a particular treatment, a reward, or an advantage – earned or not.

Recall the friend who invested years of dedication into a job, only to confront a sudden change when the company altered its course? It’s indeed a challenging scenario. Do you think they’d harbor feelings of being let down, or perhaps, would they reflect with gratitude on the years of fulfilling work and stable employment?

I recently engaged in a conversation with a director of sales who navigated a similar situation. Despite catapulting the company’s revenue from $10 million to over $50 million annually, the company’s decision to let her go after 17 years due to a strategic shift did not leave her bitter. In fact, her response was rather unexpected – “They gave me a LOT of money. A lot.” She departed with a sense of earned acknowledgment, holding her head high.

Not everyone experiences such a generous departure package. Let me share a powerful story from Les Brown. He talks about companies offering generous severance packages exceeding $300,000 per person during downsizing. The twist? Only half of those offered “downsize opportunities” took them! Brown’s takeaway is eye-opening – people hesitated to believe in themselves and missed a chance to use the money to create something new.

Let’s rewind the tape of our experiences. Can you recall moments when life seemed unjust? Often, these sentiments trace back to childhood, where the seeds of our beliefs about fairness and treatment are sown. Children possess an innate expectation of fairness, and deviations from this expectation can set the stage for a lifelong dance with entitlement.

As a child nurtured in an environment where fairness is not a mere concept but a consistent practice, as you mature, you may develop an expectation of fair treatment, a perspective that appears inherently healthy. Conversely, if you were exposed to inconsistencies in fairness, you may have this feeling, “When I grow up I will get my way” that may carry forward a heightened sense of entitlement, fueled by a fervent desire to balance the inequity in their childhood experiences. All of it, every bit, takes you through the journey of life adding to the “database” of experiences.

Since there is no more Karma, and you can claim that, you can clear and release many of the wounds from your life. One of the ways to do that is through soul retrieval. The Unify meditation is actually four guided meditations under the Unify title, that will take you through remembering a trauma, and bringing back your cast-off parts of you that helped you survive. This is found in the App, Illuminate. (Android and Apple)

Entitlement can emerge from a fear of change. When individuals feel threatened by changes in their environment or circumstances, they may cling to a sense of entitlement as a way to resist or control the changes, providing a false sense of security.

Entitlement can be a means for individuals to assert control and combat the fear of powerlessness. Feeling entitled gives them a sense of authority and importance, countering any underlying fears of being at the mercy of external circumstances.

Entitlement can emerge from a fear of change. When individuals feel threatened by changes in their environment or circumstances, they may cling to a sense of entitlement as a way to resist or control the changes, providing a false sense of security.

Now let’s talk about ways to proactively seed outcomes that you truly desire. The first of these is gratitude! In times of challenge amidst life’s challenges, direct your focus towards gratitude, initiating a mindful shift that cultivates appreciation for the richness of your experiences. This leads to empathetic perspectives. The infusion of empathy becomes a transformative force, allowing you to step into the shoes of others, thereby softening the rigid contours of entitlement.

Can you find a way into more realistic expectations? How will you do that? While nurturing your expansive dreams, you can accept others to be less than perfect, stepping away from insisting others should behave the way you would, which is a big trigger in the world of entitlement. Instead, choose to anchor yourself in the heart of loving-kindness. In another era, managing entitlement was used to make room for understanding the distinction between legitimate expectations and unrealistic demands. Today, though, no expectation is the ideal.

Meditation can be a guiding light. The practice of self-reflection, often encapsulated in meditation, transcends its conventional associations. It emerges as a potent tool for recognizing and transforming entitled thought patterns. The shift from entitlement to personal responsibility empowers you to steer the course of your actions and outcomes, fostering a profound sense of self-empowerment.

The idea of abundance comes in here. Normally you may not realize how much the universe conforms to your picture of reality. When we see there is not enough time, or I’ve waited my turn (time) you can wait yours… leads to dissatisfaction and disillusionment. If we live in an abundant universe, and we do, there will always be enough, time, money, and love!

In the book, Beyond the Flower of Life, I talk about a “Blow to the Heart” being rocket fuel for mastery. It pushes our hearts to either close down or open even wider. I see a hurt that may hit hard with entitlement energies as a catalyst for growth and transformation. You believe in YOU. Ask God to show you how much you are loved.

View setbacks not as insurmountable obstacles but as catalysts for growth and transformation. Believe steadfastly in your capacity to learn, evolve, and transcend challenges – a belief that will propel you forward on your transformative journey.

Finally, when you feel entitlement starting to take over, consider generosity as the antidote that proves to you (and the object of your objections) that we live in an abundant Universe, and that there is always enough.

How does this work for you? Generosity can be an important Mode of Being. When you engage in acts of kindness, you realize that the joy derived from contributing transcends the self-centric focus of entitlement. If only for one month, BE JOY, express Joy and GIVE JOY.

Happy Holidays.



Working with the Hathors

shutterstock 2104193171

The Hathors are interdimensional galactic beings already anchored in this dimension by virtue of their fifth-dimensional presence on Venus. It is not just one whole race; they are a species. These beings are the most intelligent, most advanced race of enlightened beings in our solar system, more advanced than the dolphins. They represent only peace and love, and they communicate through singing or toning, not spoken words.

Not all Egyptians could see the Hathors, but the artists who depicted the species were able to experience them and create the beautiful sculptures we still see today. Many were defaced by early Christians, so finding an undamaged statue is a challenge.

Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene have written extensively about the Hathors in their book The Hathor Material.

The Hathors work with the ankh, the hieroglyphic symbol of life, using uninterrupted circular breathing and toning. Three separate but continuous tones can take someone directly through Ascension. Toning with the Hathors and others worldwide has given us an enormous body of knowledge. They have worked through me giving initiations and assisting others with their Hathor communication. They are willing and able to assist you with your heart opening, but remember, we are in a free-will zone, so it is up to you to ask for their help. Expecting them to help you will not bring their help; you must seek it!

Figure 2.1. The ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, Venusian goddess of

unconditional love, crossed boundaries between worlds. It is widely believed

that Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days who came to Earth to help bring Earth out

of her darkest hour, invited the Hathors, who also resided on Venus. (CC BY-SA)

In toning, we find that individuals experience more than one voice coming through their vocal cords. There are often additional sounds similar to what can be heard in


recordings of Tibetan monks performing overtone singing. Joining the Hathors in toning is quite the experience, as you will learn.

One place you can hear their toning is on my MerKaBa II CD. It was recorded with Hathor toning in the background, to elevate your MerKaBa experience and support you in opening your heart to the level of the Hathors.

When you are feeling particularly unloving, as most of us do from time to time, simply ask these beings to send their “electronic presence” to overshadow you. For example, when you must deal with someone toward whom you do not feel loving, the Hathors can help you. Their mastery will provide you with the perfect template of unconditional love.

Healing Old Wounds and Facing Our Fears

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For some, fears rule their thoughts and ultimately their lives. We can learn how to use our fears, old habits, old thoughts and old ideas and allow them all to become a thing of the past, as we begin our ascension work. In Maureen’s latest book, Mastering Your 5D Self, she explains how we need to approach our memories and face those fears that live in the back of our minds during our lifetimes. “As you approach your memories, you are going to be facing many opportunities to ‘right the wrongs.’ You can decide, as you review experiences, that it doesn’t matter, and your memories will soften. If you use your mind to let your opinion, be amplified by your emotional reaction and judgement that someone or something is to be punished, you will stay in the third dimension.” pg 68 Mastering Your 5D Self

Learning to live and breathe in 5D is the basis for Maureen’s teaching. Letting go of our of the fears and habits that “tie” us down, is the key to our ascension. “You can change the matrix of how you experienced an event or events.” Pg 68 Mastering Your 5D Self We can change all our painful memories and choose to heal them by learning to merge timelines.

“Remembering past traumas begins a certain way. There are node points in time and space that allow you to access information (tunnel down) that you have either forgotten or been blank-slated (to not remember). A node point is a point on a time line that is parallel or close to another time line. The node point can allow for them to merge permanently or partially. You may have a trigger occur, which is usually in that same physical location, with or without a similar situation, and the mind is able to tunnel back to the original event.” Using your understanding of node points, you may clear out old wounds by revisiting a past wound and then remaking it into a new version of the past.” Pg 69 Mastering Your 5D Self

As humanity awakens, we will be able to look at these points in time, change them for the better and begin to heal from our past wounds. “Humanity is about to forget about all the pain and suffering we have been through. We are merging multiple time lines and this is part of the great forgetting. The merging of time lines is part of a greater action to heal and transform experiences. Humanity has suffered over its suffering. Man’s inhumanity to man has caused huge suffering that is not tolerated nor likely to be created again. This inhumanity was the result of certain forces influencing humans to choose darkness over light. That era has ended and will not be revisited. Humans have used memory to revisit their pain and suffering. They did it to ensure they would not do it again. Unfortunately, there were those (dark forces) who thrived on negative loosh.” pg 69 Mastering Your 5D Self

Channelled Predictions

statue of liberty 1922168  340

through Maureen J. St. Germain

From the Ascended Masters:

Originally posted in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, Predictions issue December 2017

We greet you this day,

We are the members of the Great Karmic Board
Our spokesperson is the Goddess of Liberty.

We wish to speak to you as the plural. We first wish to remind you that the opening of the Hall of Records for anyone to access to access their own Akashic Records has been in place for quite some time. We encourage you to open your own records and if you do not have the skill to take the class wherever you can, whenever you can!

“No more Karma” reminder

This will give you greater understanding of the reality you live in. This channel has been carrying our message about the release from karmic obligations and the release from karmic debt. This is still difficult for many to understand.

statue-of-liberty-1922168__340Take some time and contemplate what this might mean for humanity to be able to transition into a world filled with LIGHT where there is no need to keep track of another’s behavior because their behavior does not require tracking.

How to release judgement

When you are locked in your polarity reality you want to keep score, you want to right the wrongs and we say to you, look upon it as an opportunity to let go of the old paradigm and move into the reality you are creating. Make no mistake, this creation is your creation. This is why in 2018 we want you to abandon your desire for retribution of any kind, towards anyone; to seek to be with people who are like-minded so that there is no need to concern yourself with another’s behavior. We can tell you that your reality is changing rapidly and the transition is in place. You are well on your way and you will see even in this very year dramatic shifts of every kind with regard to business, with regard to social structures, with regard to how you carry money, and how you exchange with others and interconnect with others.

Power outages

You will see electric power blackouts in segments of the country.

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Here’s your resolutions for the New Year!

attitudes 833418  340

Yeah, right.

Actually this is an annual tradition of mine. You may have already picked this up. If not, at the end of this post – you’ll find the guided meditation that you will love, because it is all about being proactive, instead of reactive. Looking your fears, judgements and more and then giving them a re-frame! It’s “BELIEF” in the absence of evidence!

Here’s what we did:


Old limiting self talk:

I’m worried that people will think less of me because of the mistakes I’ve made through the years.


Mistakes are a necessary part of everyone’s personal growth and understanding. I am a man/woman of substance and what I do matters in the world.

Old limiting self talk:

I’m worried that I will be old and penniless.


Lots of people are struggling and penniless. I am worthy of abundance. Everyone is worthy. I am manifesting that I am well paid for my efforts, that I am attracting people who love what I do and who are willing to pay me fairly and generously.

You may have a few of your own. Start writing them today. This is because tomorrow you will remember a few that you pushed way back into your mind and won’t even remember until you get the most pressing ones out! When I did this the first time, with my student she called me the next day, “Wait, I have a few more that came out this morning! You will to,  and by starting early will be able to add them to your reframe list.

Your turn

First write out your fears. Then write all your refraims as “I am” statements. Claim your victory. Ask, “God Victory” to support you, enliven your efforts and insure your success!

Thank you, God Victory.

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New Life Expo – Prize Presentations

Genie in the Bottle

Be a Genie Book

Recently I gave three lectures at the spring New Life Expo, in New York.  One for each day on different subjects. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My first presentation was based on the principles and practices in my latest book, Be A Genie. In it, I teach people the secret formula (the Phoenix Sequence) for manifestation, and why it is important to understand it and most importantly how to use it.

One woman, in the class, upon winning the “door prize” of a copy of the book, stood up and said, I used the Genie system to win the prize. She didn’t even know WHAT the prize could be, but was determined to win. She won a copy of Be A Genie! Another woman at the class, Susan, who had been on stage with her “heart’s desire” training and experienced a radical transformation in front of the room filled with people, cornered the winner on the way out of the room at the end of the lecture – to learn the exact details. Susan had shifted radically from who she was at the beginning of the session, no longer doubting her heart’s desire, to KNOWING, she had experienced it. That practice session, in front of the large audience, being on stage with me, had changed Susan powerfully and she wanted to know more.

Susan attended my lecture the following day and won the bottle of AroMandalas, Genie in the Bottle, that I gave out. She also stood up and said, “I used Maureen’s Genie System in Be a Genie to win this!” and proceeded to tell her story. The final winner, at Sunday’s class – stood up and said,”That prize is mine! I used the same Genie system as the other two winners in Maureen’s other lectures. I met the first winner in the bathroom and she shared with me the details – in Maureen’s Be a Genie book – and it works!”

What about the ethics of doing this? Why can’t you do it? Well, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with their doing this. It’s likely and possible that no one else had any energy on the exact winning of that door prize that day. Can you do it? Very likely. In fact, I even used it to win a contest – and although the results contained some things even I didn’t expect, I did achieve the outcome desired. I challenge you – why NOT you? Maybe you should read the book and find out how.

I used to be embarrassed about being too successful. After all, I didn’t want people to be jealous of me. Then I realized one day, the people who were likely to be jealous were the ones who weren’t doing their part, weren’t showing up – and for sure wanted what I had, but were unwilling to learn, change, grow and evolve in order for that to happen. That’s when I quit focussing on those people and instead began to notice I could help a lot of people, lovely, eager, interested people, in achieving their heart’s desire! I’m proud of that legacy. You can do this – and I’m here to support that!

Carol’s Dragons Appear

My friend and fabulous Cranial Sacral healer, Carol, has been listening to me week after week in my appointments with her talking about the dragons. Last week she told me about the trip she and her husband took. She was preparing to take off for home returning from another city by air with her husband and decided to call in “Her” dragons.

She was shocked and amazed that THREE showed up! There was a green one on the left wing, a red one on the right wing and a white one on the top of the fuselage!  She’s not really that comfortable flying so this appearance definitely calmed her. During the flight, the air got a bit bumpy and she over reacted…”I’m gonna die…” was her panicked thought. The white dragon spoke to her and said, “Do you want to live?” Of course “Yes,” was her immediate reply. She’s still talking about that experience.

In the photo posted below – You’ll see another dragon picture in the clouds one beautiful fall day a year ago.  I’m always amazed to see them, in a clear sky, with no other clouds in sight. I also often have orbs appear in my pictures. You can see the redish/purple one in the top right. It’s moving very very fast!

Several obs move quickly off the top and the sky was clear except for this formation.

Several obs move quickly off the top and the sky was clear except for this formation.