Healing Old Wounds and Facing Our Fears

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For some, fears rule their thoughts and ultimately their lives. We can learn how to use our fears, old habits, old thoughts and old ideas and allow them all to become a thing of the past, as we begin our ascension work. In Maureen’s latest book, Mastering Your 5D Self, she explains how we need to approach our memories and face those fears that live in the back of our minds during our lifetimes. “As you approach your memories, you are going to be facing many opportunities to ‘right the wrongs.’ You can decide, as you review experiences, that it doesn’t matter, and your memories will soften. If you use your mind to let your opinion, be amplified by your emotional reaction and judgement that someone or something is to be punished, you will stay in the third dimension.” pg 68 Mastering Your 5D Self

Learning to live and breathe in 5D is the basis for Maureen’s teaching. Letting go of our of the fears and habits that “tie” us down, is the key to our ascension. “You can change the matrix of how you experienced an event or events.” Pg 68 Mastering Your 5D Self We can change all our painful memories and choose to heal them by learning to merge timelines.

“Remembering past traumas begins a certain way. There are node points in time and space that allow you to access information (tunnel down) that you have either forgotten or been blank-slated (to not remember). A node point is a point on a time line that is parallel or close to another time line. The node point can allow for them to merge permanently or partially. You may have a trigger occur, which is usually in that same physical location, with or without a similar situation, and the mind is able to tunnel back to the original event.” Using your understanding of node points, you may clear out old wounds by revisiting a past wound and then remaking it into a new version of the past.” Pg 69 Mastering Your 5D Self

As humanity awakens, we will be able to look at these points in time, change them for the better and begin to heal from our past wounds. “Humanity is about to forget about all the pain and suffering we have been through. We are merging multiple time lines and this is part of the great forgetting. The merging of time lines is part of a greater action to heal and transform experiences. Humanity has suffered over its suffering. Man’s inhumanity to man has caused huge suffering that is not tolerated nor likely to be created again. This inhumanity was the result of certain forces influencing humans to choose darkness over light. That era has ended and will not be revisited. Humans have used memory to revisit their pain and suffering. They did it to ensure they would not do it again. Unfortunately, there were those (dark forces) who thrived on negative loosh.” pg 69 Mastering Your 5D Self