Working with the Hathors

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The Hathors are interdimensional galactic beings already anchored in this dimension by virtue of their fifth-dimensional presence on Venus. It is not just one whole race; they are a species. These beings are the most intelligent, most advanced race of enlightened beings in our solar system, more advanced than the dolphins. They represent only peace and love, and they communicate through singing or toning, not spoken words.

Not all Egyptians could see the Hathors, but the artists who depicted the species were able to experience them and create the beautiful sculptures we still see today. Many were defaced by early Christians, so finding an undamaged statue is a challenge.

Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene have written extensively about the Hathors in their book The Hathor Material.

The Hathors work with the ankh, the hieroglyphic symbol of life, using uninterrupted circular breathing and toning. Three separate but continuous tones can take someone directly through Ascension. Toning with the Hathors and others worldwide has given us an enormous body of knowledge. They have worked through me giving initiations and assisting others with their Hathor communication. They are willing and able to assist you with your heart opening, but remember, we are in a free-will zone, so it is up to you to ask for their help. Expecting them to help you will not bring their help; you must seek it!

Figure 2.1. The ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, Venusian goddess of

unconditional love, crossed boundaries between worlds. It is widely believed

that Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days who came to Earth to help bring Earth out

of her darkest hour, invited the Hathors, who also resided on Venus. (CC BY-SA)

In toning, we find that individuals experience more than one voice coming through their vocal cords. There are often additional sounds similar to what can be heard in


recordings of Tibetan monks performing overtone singing. Joining the Hathors in toning is quite the experience, as you will learn.

One place you can hear their toning is on my MerKaBa II CD. It was recorded with Hathor toning in the background, to elevate your MerKaBa experience and support you in opening your heart to the level of the Hathors.

When you are feeling particularly unloving, as most of us do from time to time, simply ask these beings to send their “electronic presence” to overshadow you. For example, when you must deal with someone toward whom you do not feel loving, the Hathors can help you. Their mastery will provide you with the perfect template of unconditional love.