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Dragons Sculpture in Tucson

Dragons Sculpture in Tucson

I took this photo – long before I was attracted the dragons… or maybe I was attracted to the dragons – and they were calling me!

It is interesting to me, how the dragons came to me several years ago – and now they are a permanent part of my life. Are they real? Yes, they certainly are. I hope some of the stories you read on this site will inspire you to try asking the dragons for help yourself.

The dragons are both symbolic and real when they appear in a dream. They are fourth dimensional elementals with their own intelligence and programs of service. They are MORE independent that earth elementals like gnomes, fairies and elves. They have returned to the earth at this time to help humanity in these changing times. Their purpose is related to clarity, communications, travel, finding your way both physically and metaphysically. You can ask them to “take over the driving,” or help you see and understand what you haven’t seen – or need to see. You can ask them to help you get where you are going. Oh, and I ALWAYS ask for help for the oncoming traffic as well at the traffic going my way. Why not? I’m calling in their help, and they LOVE to do it!

Why do we need their help? With all changes in our lives, earth changes, spiritual changes, work, society etc, there can be false starts, misdirection and uncertainty. The dragons stand for clarity. I’m getting more and more feedback from clients who are thanking me for alerting me to their help. One woman called me to tell me her dragons made it possible for her to make it to class on time – in record time. Another friend coming to see me was traveling on the “most difficult highway in the usa” according to truckers, (the Cross Bronx) and he made it in record time, and also found parking right in front of my building.

In the example below, our customer’s dream is actually trying to “wake her up” to the their help. It was before she knew me. She originally was feeling very sorry for herself. It’s very easy to be in the “poor me” scenario. This is especially true if you are not “from here.” Earth is dense to people who lack experiences that help them understand the difficulty of life being human. Without knowing why, in our brief exchange, I suggested she work with her dragons.

Here is her response:. “ It is interesting you mention dragons. A few months ago I had a dream, I was in a very colorful, magical place where there were many dragons of many different colors.

I was standing in the valley where two dragons came to meet me one black and one white, I was standing in the middle of the two reaching my hands out to each of them. People that were near by whispering that these dragons let no one touch them until now. I woke soon after that.”

So dear heart, know that you can, you must call in your black and white dragons. Maybe they will teach you their names, just never reveal that to anyone. Having their name means you can call them in, and they are allowing you to do so.

Recently I was reading Diana Cooper’s new book, Transition to the Golden Age in 2032. It’s got some great information in it on the dragons. Even though she wrote this part about Japan, I believe it applies to all of us everywhere. “… very strong connections with dragon energy. Dragons are fourth dimensional elementals that can help us tremendously we are open to them. …. Dragons bring strength, protection and companionship to support communities as outmoded structures break down. This will help them to rise above their problems and open up to higher spiritual dimensions.”

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