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Humanity Upgrades!

Have you been struggling with day-to-day momentum? Me too! I attribute it to several things. First is the very slow progression of Mercury retrograde which won’t start moving at its normal speed until May 10.

Next, that wonderful eclipse gave us a “reset” onto the ideal timeline for us to succeed. This may not seem like a lot – but trust me, if you’ve been sleeping more than usual, or have felt “out of sync” with your life, then for sure this little (really big) ideal outcome timeline will ultimately help you step up to your (our) amazing future! This reset has assisted all of humanity to level up with grace and ease and wake up “higher” than before the eclipse.

Memories that surface

When we unexpectedly remember a past mistake or regrettable choice, one that we wouldn’t do today, with the wisdom we have, it’s time for Soul retrieval. You will find this on our website under Unify! Or on the Illuminate App, with the same name.

Do not wait until you have a practitioner to do this for you. You have the tools, use them!

How can we expand?

Logic rules the West and allows us to predict a future that is similar to the past. This is a wonderful tool, but used to excess causes us to become ridged.

Imagination creates a new future full of possibilities and potentialities. When I’m working with clients about manifestation – of anything – I’m always inspired to ask them to think bigger! Your bigger thinking will come faster when you clear your mind and heart of old baggage. (Unify! Guided Meditations)

Forgiveness is no longer required (Course in Miracles) and the soul retrieval you can do with Unify will clearly make a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself, boosting self-confidence, and feeling more grounded and connected to your body, resulting in a greater sense of well-being.

Your left brain is all about logic, you’ve probably heard that before, and your right brain is all about intuition! The Universe always has your back! Why not take advantage of “tonight’s special?” Claim it. It is yours. What could that be, you say? When you open your mind to all possibilities, you can be inspired!

In addition, the Lords of Light have shared with us that humans are beginning to experience multiple timelines. This may happen sequentially or simultaneously! Remember to ask, “What’s going on?”
One example has to do with a windshield (of one of my clients) that had a hole in it presumably a stone entered the windshield creating the hole.  The woman got into the car with her partner, suggesting her partner get it fixed before it cracked the whole windshield.  The partner agreed and a few days later when they both got into the car again, the windshield showed no sign of the original stone-inflicted hole.  Maureen relayed this story, to another friend who exclaimed “The same thing happened to me and my daughter.”

Multiple Timelines channeled by the Lords of Light

Here are a few questions and answers from a recent channeling session with the Lords of Light explaining some of these multiple timeline anomalies:

Can you talk about how this is related to parallel lives?
Every person comes from a Divine Oversoul, a Divine Monad.  That Divine Monad has many branches.  A visual you might use is a jellyfish with many tendrils.  Other versions of you are coming from those Monads. They are somewhat related to parallel lives in the sense that you wouldn’t have just one “body” in the game. You would have multiple incarnations to ensure that you would achieve what you came to achieve, so those parallel lives would have similarities that will show you another version of you.
A nighttime experience, (I am in a small town, middle of nowhere) I can hear rushing water, like being near to a big river.  I see big orbs (I think they are space ships) and seems to be very noticeable.  When I got scared, it all went away.
You are shifting dimensions… where capacity (to hear) is greater.  Moving through multiple dimensions means your hearing might be greater, your eyesight might be greater.  When you move into fear you drop into the lower part of that vibration which then cuts off the hearing, you could even be dropping into 3rd dimension where you are in a polarity.

Regarding your question about, “Am I physically safe?” We congratulate you on becoming more multi-dimensional.  One of the things that is happening is that individuals can experience higher dimensions – and yet it looks like 3D, yet there is some quality that looks, feels, or sounds different.  This is when you know you are in a higher dimension.  In the case of the orbs, we see that they wanted you to see them and that the water sound was probably something they manufactured for your benefit so you would notice.

The actual ships were not making those sounds.  They could telepathically send you that information and you might think those sounds were real (and familiar!) Their intent was to send something familiar so as to not scare you.

You must get in the habit of curiosity, and give up “fear” that you are not safe. You ARE safe! Being in curiosity prevents fear from taking ahold of your thoughts and emotions.
Multiple timelines?
Yes, at one time there were millions of timelines.  They are now being condensed for you to have an optimal timeline as you become 5th dimensional.  This will allow you to move into higher dimensions without fear or worry. (See Blog opening remarks above.)
Meant to be? Encouragement?
There are ships everywhere. You grew your capacity to observe them.  They created the sound to acknowledge you.  They chose familiar sounds so you would NOT be SCARED!
I cannot seem to get the Higher Self Connection.      
Do this: In the book, Beyond the Flower of Life – Chapter 2, there is an exercise that you teach your body signals, the right side is energized, to be “yes.” Then you energize your left side for “no.” You use your central column to be neutral.  Read the instructions in chapters 4 & 5.  We see that it is a self-confidence issue, not a capacity issue. We recommend you work on your self-confidence with the guided meditation, “Make your year a good one,” found in the Illuminate App.
Glowing beings that were green. They were AI, I could see their hearts opening.  Two cute little beings from the future.  Why did it appear like that?
How did you know they were AI?  
They were right in front of me.  I got the impression they were robot-like things.
The heart opening would come off a sentient being.  We recommend you look up a book called “Robes” by Penny Kelly.  She may even have a website. Penny has an interesting story about beings described similarly to your description.
Remember, the very first question you ask, once you get over your shock or surprise, calm down immediately.  Ask, “Are you 100% God-light?” If that being answers, “yes,” then follow with “Who are you, why are you here?” If the being says “no” you must say, “Get out of here now. You may not stay!  You are not allowed here!” These beings are interlopers.  There are beings or people who are opening portals that they ought not open!  

Even an innocent might open a portal and not realize what they are up to, what they are doing!  Then some energy from some other environment, or system, can tunnel through.  Perhaps they will wreak havoc, perhaps they will joke around with you.  You do not need that.  Find your joy.  Stay in your joy.  Let the energy know, you are only working with beings of 100% God light.  You might want to practice this.  What would you say if beings showed up?
The biggest thing humans have had to deal with discovering other-worldly beings.  That do not look like them, do not sound like them and the disconnect for them, is, “Oh my goodness, I thought humans were the only sentient being on the planet.  What are these beings, what are they doing here?” this is an ego reaction driven by fear. Those who would take over the planet have been here for ages… they are now being systematically routed out.
You have every right to ask those questions, but before you do, get that first question memorized in your brain, so that you control the situation.  You have eminent domain on this planet.  That means that any being that shows up is not stronger or more powerful than you. There are a few exceptions concerning abductions, but even that has been curtailed.
Question: on Audible, Cosmic Origins Pleiadeans
A big space ship appeared and went woosh right in front me.
Congratulations, your love, and approval attracted their presence.  You might say “That’s all I got”.  However, there are others in the room that would say, “I would be thrilled with that”.
If you were on last month’s portal call*, we talked about the variety of dimensions, and you can start to imagine that life on this cosmos is not singular and is not one line.  It is moving in many directions and many vibrations.
The best way to think about this is to imagine a radio, an AM/FM radio or satellite radio and you start flipping stations on satellite radio.  How many stations are there on satellite radio?  100 or 200?  To comprehend the magnitude of beings here, and understand you are just “flipping your dial.”
Question: Can you talk about the 8th dimension?  When I go into meditation, I start to fall asleep, and then I wake up when the meditation is over.
This is a lovely question.  This happens to many, many people.  When it first started in Maureen’s classes, she asked her guides, and the answer was always the same.  As the consciousness moves into the 8th dimension, the physical body shuts down, and it appears that you have gone to sleep.  You have not gone to sleep.  The proof that you have not gone to sleep is that you are wide awake as the meditation ends.  Now, we make a metaphor and share it with you.  Imagine that your body has an engineer.  It is called your body elemental.  The body elemental gets on the PA system (public address) microphone, and announces, take a break. We’ll let you know when he’s coming back.”  
Why would you do this?
You are moving so much of your consciousness into these higher planes of matter, that you do not need to stay awake.  You do not need to have your mind controlling the data transfer you might be getting.  The data transfer that you get may not be understandable to you in your 3D body, so it’s easier to receive it, and then unpack it as you go about your day.  You may have insights or understanding or new concepts that come in that you didn’t know you knew.  The next time you fall asleep during a meditation, and then wake up when the meditation is over, you didn’t go to sleep.  You went to higher consciousness and allowed your body to unhook from running all the outer kinds of systems, (not the autonomous systems) but the thinking process that would keep you from receiving or accepting new data.  Awesome question.
We want you to know before we sign off, that time is at your disposal.  We invite you to ask the Lords of Time for their knowledge and understanding.  You can do this before you go to sleep at night.  You can do it when you approach your meditation.  We are here to expand your concept of time to expand your knowledge of time, and to invite you to control your time.

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