The Fascinating Wake-Up of Other Versions of You!

As the veils thin, and individuals start to notice, they begin to discover there are other versions of themselves. This is because they share the same Monad. The monad is made up of multiple expressions, many of them in human form. As originally conceived by the Pythagoreans, the Monad is the Supreme Being, divinity or the totality of all things. Each monad consists of 144 expressions. The oversoul is made up of 144 monads. We choose to express ourselves by taking similar but different paths as you will discover from the story of Luna.

I am sharing a lovely story from a reader of my book, Waking Up in 5D. Luna writes about her experiences meeting other versions of herself!  She shared an intriguing aspect of life that many find hard to believe: other versions of you. She was inspired by the book Waking Up in 5D, and felt compelled to share her experiences and discoveries about this phenomenon.

Discovering Other versions of you with Sinem

Her journey began with her dear friend Sinem. She has known her friend for thirty years, both born in Istanbul, and our lives have mirrored each other in uncanny ways. From scoring similarly on practice tests in high school to attending the same university and even pursuing similar career paths, our lives have been in sync.

We both left our corporate jobs around the same time and ventured into photography. We both got engaged, then broke up with our fiancés simultaneously. Despite these coincidences, it wasn’t until we read Waking Up in 5D that we realized the true depth of our connection. During a trip to a winery, Sinem expressed her belief that we might be the same soul in two bodies, a thought that had also crossed her mind.

A Second Connection with Nil

She also shared a similar connection with another friend, Nil, whom she met around the same time as Sinem. They worked together at the same multinational company, under the same manager, and shared numerous life events, such as marrying men with identical birthdays. Like Sinem and me, Nil and I also moved to the US and have similar family structures.

Reflections on Our Spiritual Journeys

While Sinem and Nil are both spiritually inclined, they prefer to stay grounded in everyday life. On the other hand, my client has delved deeply into spirituality, connecting with guides and learning sacred practices like Kabbalah and sacred geometry. Despite their different approaches to spirituality and career paths, the similarities in our lives remain striking.


These stories highlight the fascinating concept of other versions of you, where individuals experience parallel lives and deep connections. Whether it’s with Sinem or Nil, the shared experiences and synchronicities suggest a profound link between each of them. I hope sharing her story inspires you to explore and understand the incredible and simultaneous aspects of their lives.

Other versions of you may come into your life for a brief period. You may work collaboratively or support one another. Other versions of you may take a divergent path, one that you may have considered, moving on to another choice.

A remarkable story is one that Walter Simkiew, MD told to one of my students. Walter is the author of Return of the Revolutionaries, a book I recommend to all of my students. His book chronicles the history of revolutionaries of early America, and how he can see they have returned to embodiment. Walter was giving a lecture in Seattle that my friend, Diana attended. She approached him after the lecture to ask him about my teaching of multiple versions of you.

He was very cordial and said he absolutely agreed with this concept, and went on to tell a very interesting story about a meeting with another MD, who was from India while giving a lecture in Hong Kong. They felt instant rapport and discussed their work with each other. They discovered that the Indian doctor had taken up some of the projects that Walter had let go, to pursue this work – of identifying and reincarnating revolutionaries.

I’d like to finish with this thought. If members of the American Revolution, the seceding from England have reincarnated at this time, it may be to ensure the freedoms of the citizens of America. It also tells me that our outcome is assured. Let’s be optimistic in our worldview, knowing everything will work out! This evidences supports that!

How an Authentic Akashic Records Class Can Help You Make Better Decisions

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Imagine having a private consultant you could count on to advise you on important decisions in your life—from relationships to business and personal matters. This source could shed light on who you really are, what you are doing and where you are going. All of this is possible because the answers to your questions (as well as questions you may not know you had) are within your reach.

This ‘Book of Life’ is the consultant you’ve been searching for, and it exists right within your soul. If you are a seeker who truly wants to understand the world around you and how your decisions affect you and others, then you are meant to open your Records Akashic. All you need are the tools and the guidance to learn how to tap into its wisdom. With the help of a team of Certified Guides trained by one of the world’s most respected spiritual development teachers, Maureen St. Germain—founder of The Ascension Institute—you can learn and discover your soul’s purpose.

You can tap into your soul’s past, present and possible futures with an authentic Akashic reading. In a beautiful, peaceful ceremony, our experienced Guides will open your Book of Life and begin to help you ask the questions that you may not have realized you had until your Records are open and the information flows. You can start to learn an ancient 17-breath meditation (the MerKaBa) that will eventually help you move from your three-dimensional existence to a new time-space continuum called the fifth dimension.

One of the many benefits of an Akashic Records class is that you will learn to develop a newfound trust in yourself, your intuition and your decisions. You may start trusting that you can walk away from overeating. You may start trusting that mutual respect is an essential part of a relationship. At first this new perspective may be difficult. Knowledge and trust are very different, but eventually your confidence in your intuitive decisions will shift your vibration enough to share with others. Eventually your trust will develop into a knowledge that will help you respect yourself and all your decisions.

Our Institute offers two levels of workshops to help you jumpstart your spiritual work and make optimal choices. Our Level 1 Workshop teaches you how to open the Records and heightens your self-awareness. At Level 2, you can discover how to access this information for others and ensure that the messages from Source are accurately interpreted. Throughout all sessions, you can rest assured that our Certified Guides come to each encounter with expert training from Maureen herself and are specialists in their fields of spiritual development.

Choosing is part of your expression of free will. Even choosing not to decide is still an exercise of your free will. Explore all the best options for yourself and others. Evolve into your Higher Self. Contact Maureen St. Germain, with 25 years’ experience as a master teacher, and take the first step today.

With Energy Clearing You Can Say Good-bye to Negative Emotions

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To overcome negativity and reconcile difficult experiences in your past, contact Maureen St. Germain, her Certified Guides and trained Light Workers for help with clearing energy so you can live in the present with greater happiness and positivity.

Have you ever heard wondered why we say ‘love is blind,’ or an angry person is ‘blinded by rage?’ Cliché? Maybe. But the truth is, if we allow them to be, emotions can be very one-track. Yet emotions are actually energy in motion. A lot of that fuel wraps us up in the past. Most of our emotional responses are qualified by a memory and so, like it or not, we react based on a past experience, not the present situation. We end up linking a feeling to one from our past and replaying it. Stuck in a funk, we can’t progress. We can’t expand.

If you feel that you are pushed down by negativity, there is a positive alternative: clearing energy. Internationally respected author and teacher of spiritual transformation, Maureen St. Germain and her team can help you. We want you to rid yourself of what is weighing you down and, with love, honesty and gentle advice, offer you an option. Repressing your emotions is never worthwhile and can ultimately be dangerous to your well-being. Rather, expressing them and ridding yourself of these connections to the past can help you better connect with your Higher Self.

How can you accomplish this? Our Certified Guides can help you rid yourself of both internal and external entities from the past that may be ‘polluting’ your feelings and your reactions. We also offer MerKaba meditations and mantras for Ascension (available online, during virtual sessions and on CD) that can help you heal your emotional body.

In your quest to ascend to a better version of yourself, you can experience the transformation from this 3-D world into the fifth dimension. An excellent way to begin is to allow us to access your personal Akashic Records—a recording of your soul’s journey: past, present and probable future. This ‘Book of Life’ is the key to discovering the 360-degree viewpoint that can expand your perception of what is possible in your life. Ultimately, this can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

With love, compassion and unbiased intuition, our experienced guides will lead you through a remarkable Akashic readings session that will open the storehouse of your soul, give you valuable advice to resolve negative patterns in your current life and support your life right now, not later. Wouldn’t it be amazing to unveil so many new and positive possibilities? Don’t waste another negative moment. Contact the practical mystic Maureen St. Germain and allow her 25 years’ experience as a master teacher work for you.

Why Clearing Energy May Be the Key to Resolving Painful Experiences

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To move beyond the hurt and pain of past experiences, contact Maureen St. Germain, master teacher of spiritual growth, and discover how Clearing Energy may be a way for you to heal.

Let’s face it. We’ve all behaved badly or irrationally at one point or another. But what triggers us to fly off the handle or panic at a moment’s notice? The answers may run deeper than we think. With more than 25 years’ experience in spiritual growth research, expert mystic Maureen St. Germain offers one remarkable solution: Clearing Energy. But what if the problem is a family member or friend that has behaved irrationally? Can they benefit from clearing energy? Can you clear energy from them and not violate cosmic law? The answer is yes.

Energies that can be cleared and need to be cleared do not belong on the earth plane. They do not have permission to be here, and you may hire our Clearing Team for clearing energy remotely.

Awareness is at the heart of learning how to rid yourself of this force. Think about yourself going through life unaware that you are attracting negative external entities to yourself. Like a magnet, these emotional clusters are coming from elsewhere and can ‘set up shop’ because you are unknowingly letting them in. Or you may have a deep-seeded, childlike response that was rooted inside you when you were young. This internal entity can cause painful, irrational responses in emergency situations that make matters worse. We can resolve both of these scenarios with Clearing Energy. Moreover, we can help you reweave the fabric of your own reality by learning the tools you need to do this on your own.

What makes these sessions possible is the profound akashic energy field that each of us is connected to. Think of an electromagnetic sphere of light that emanates from each of us. A crystalline orb of liquid light, this is a gateway from the everyday 3-D world we live in to the bigger, deeper 5-D world in which we can achieve a more meaningful state of consciousness. Here, our Certified Quantum Matrix Healing Guides can help you discover inner self-programming that has set you on your path of irrational responses. They can even call on Angels for guidance. 

The results of energy space clearing can be quick and profound. Imagine after an hour-long session that you have the ability to release a dark presence in your life and your family’s. Much of this work is done remotely, so you don’t even have to be there. More importantly, you will start to feel better and better! Envision a clean slate to start each day fresh and new. Consider the emotional freedom that you’ll feel from detaching yourself from past mistakes. The possibilities are endless with our specialists. We offer workshops, recorded Skype sessions that you can replay, videos, audios, online tutorials and one-on-one phone sessions that can suit your needs, your budget and your lifestyle. Contact Maureen St. Germain and her team today for a spiritual reawakening.

How Energy Space Clearing Can Help You Cope with Stress

energy space

Have you ever lost your temper uncontrollably and felt guilty afterward? Or have you reacted irrationally during an emergency situation and wondered why you panicked? Don’t worry. There are reasonable explanations for these stress bombs. There are also some amazing deep, soul-cleansing energy space clearing techniques that can help you. The professional Clearing Guides led by leading mystic Maureen St. Germain have the answers. Some of these unwanted behaviors are default coping mechanisms caused by an emotional ‘satellite’ that you have created in your field to give you a ‘default pattern’ that you developed as a child without even realizing it.

You may be surprised that some of your behaviors may be triggered by an entity that has a distinct existence and energy. This could be an internal entity (energy that you created when you were young as described above) or an external entity (which can come from somewhere else, even a deceased person who simply wants some more earthly experiences).

If this happens to be your experience, then you need energy space clearing. This can be part of a beautiful experience, either through our Clearing Team or our Certified Quantum Matrix Healing Guide—all done remotely. They can call on Angels to help you rid yourself once and for all of unwanted entities, or dark forces, that are weighing you down and holding you back from dealing with issues in a positive way. After all, you want to make room for the positivity in the 3-D world around you by opening yourself up to the possibilities that exist in the 5-D world with the help of fifth-dimensional problem-solvers. Achieving this is remarkably instantaneous and revitalizing. Our personal sessions, workshops, books and DVDs can help you cleanse yourself.

Where does this knowledge come from? It’s all about the akashic energy field that surrounds each one of us. Picture it. You’re brain and soul are like computers recording all of your experiences and emotions. You have the information inside you. But how do you mine the data? We can help you access all of this incredible intel. We can give you the tools—such as mediative breathing—to channel the currents that surround you. Our readings will help you determine your purpose in life, give you gentle advice to choose the right direction (perhaps a shift in gears you never expected) and give you the ability to make a decision if you’re torn between two ideas. Now more than ever before, with our world in such upheaval and with worry from sheltering in place, it’s vital to have Certified Guides and our Clearing Team help you access this information to give you the confidence to get through this difficult time. Don’t waste any more time spinning your wheels. Contact one of the world’s most respected authorities on these topics, international lecturer, practical mystic and award-winning author, Maureen St. Germain, today.

Happy Birthday to you …. born in May or ANYTIME!

Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday month and I’m always sharing information about birthdays, how important they are, and how to maximize them– when I hear you have one coming. This year, I’m sharing it with all my followers on MY birthday month. This blog post is dedicated to Larry – my first Webmaster, First Treasures, having been with me for almost 15 years! He’s mostly retired now, but we do get his expertise for little projects here and there… Happy Birthday Larry, you are the best.

Larry with ONE of the twins!!!

Larry with ONE of the twins!!!

Next I want to wish a most blessed birthday – to my dear friend and former Office manager for two years, Kim. What an angel she is to everyone around her!


Why am I sharing this? Almost 40 years ago I was taught by one of my spiritual teachers, that your birthday is a most sacred day. This is because it is the anniversary of your soul moving into physical form. The most important message about this is that all of the ascended masters, your angels and guides celebrate your birthday with you. They have gifts for you, that you must claim. Like the winning lottery ticket, if you don’t claim it you can’t collect.

As I advanced in my spiritual work, using this tool on my birthday year after year after year until I hit upon an idea. I noticed, that I would begin to mention my birthday, beginning about six weeks before my birthday and concluding about six weeks after my birthday. This means that I could be talking about my birthday for a total of two months.

Magical idea to amp it up!

I decided that if I had such a great imagination, that I could imagine so many presents coming to me on my birthday, why couldn’t I imagine that I had more presents that could possibly open coming from my unseen helpers? It was at this point that I decided I would start asking for my gifts, every single time my birthday came up in conversation. This meant I was talking about my birthday (and then using it as a mental cue, to ask my Angels, and Ascended Master Guides for some of my presents.) This led to some very interesting results.

I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. You can too!

Crossing over and back

One year, at a large gathering, with a group of teachers who met each year, we were sharing stories of our experiences teaching. I asked two women named Angelique and Christiana to tell me how they came to work together. Christiana I was about 10 years younger than Angelique. Christiana was getting a massage from Angelique when Christiana passed away. Yes, she died on the table! Angelique was pretty shocked and checked in with her guidance to find out what she should do. Her Guides reassured her, and told her to just sit there, which she did.

Meanwhile, Christiana was experiencing some very intense deaths. First she was being hung, then drawn and quartered, shot, and finally burned at the stake. At this point Angelique can smell smoke! She got up from her post, ran through her house wondering what was on fire! She came back, checked in again, and realized that it was an out-of-body experience of Christina’s.

While Christina is still “out” her guide appears to her, and she has a conversation with him. He tells her, “Your life as you know it has ended. We have been reviewing some of the more difficult past lives, to clean up your discordant energy. By showing them to you – you’ve resolved the outstanding energy.” She said, “I figured that.” He went on, “We would like you to go back and work with Angelique. She has important work to do and needs a partner, and you are a perfect fit.” Angelique wasn’t excited about that idea at all and began to balk. “Well I don’t know,…, I’m overweight, I’ve got back problems I’ve got kidney problems….” and he interrupted her. “Well we can put you into someone else’s body – but there are integration issues, or we can fix what’s wrong and make it right and the weight will come over the next 10 years.” “Well I’m still not sure.”

Listening with avid attention,  I’m thinking, “She’s dead, and she’s negotiating? I want to learn how to do that.” I thought once your dead you’d be told what’s next, not negotiate! (Remember this was 20 years ago.)

She continued, “Well, one of the things I didn’t like about being a body, was that I never knew for sure what I’m supposed to do next.” Instantly, he announced, “Done!”

I laughed to myself, and remembered my pattern for birthdays and thought to myself, my birthday is next week, “I want what she got.” Every time I asked my Higher Self about it, over the following year, the answer would always come flooding in some times before I could even complete a full question in my thoughts.

The following year this group met again. At this gathering with the same people, we were talking again about her experiences teaching and sharing how we were getting advanced information. One person stated that she was getting information about six weeks in advance. Without skipping a beat, both Christiana and I announced, in unison “Oh, I get my information on a need to know basis.” I burst out laughing! The only way we would’ve answered in an identical fashion if indeed I have been given that same gift, the gift of knowing in advance what I was to do next.

How can you use this?

So even though I tell you to ask for your gifts for your birthday in multiples., and even though I encourage you to ask for what your Angels and Ascended Masters think you need, it’s okay to make a special request, and watch the magic.

When I start asking each year, I now I also ask for the operating manual of any new gifts that I get so that I instantly know and understand how to use tools the gifts along with the grace that is bestowed upon me for my birthday. You my friends, are one of them. I’m so grateful for you. And remember to share this blog your family and friends whenever they have a birthday.

Here’s my edited version. Original by Kuthumi, through Elizabeth Claire Prophet

Your Birthday

Your Birthday is an auspicious day because it is the anniversary of the embodiment of your lifestream on the planet earth. Each year, as this anniversary of your soul unfolds, your energy withdraws, like a tide going out as you release the patterns, designs and desires of the previous cycle and make room for the incoming flow of the coming year. This is why the individual may feel the lessening of energy and purpose as their birthday approaches.

Those of you who have enlisted the aid and assistance of the Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides will receive gifts from spirit. These gifts are beyond the scope of human gifts, so much so, that you will find that the expression of giving gifts here on earth is but a faint reflection of the practice of all of Heaven who are ready and willing to assist you with providing for the full expansion, exploration and expression of you for the coming year.

Avail yourself of this knowledge and marvelous gift by taking the time to ask for and claim your gifts for the coming year. As you approach this day, know that this is such a time of honor, gifts and thanksgiving to make it the holiest day of the year.

Round up ready – NOT

I’ve got a project – to make amends for the one time I didn’t object when our gardener said he would have to use Round Up (by Monsanto) to clear the beautiful steps he had built years earlier with rail ties. it’s a stunning row of 30 or so descending steps down a steep slope – and was badly in need of weeding.

I didn’t like it – but didn’t speak up – after all, he’d been looking after our gardens long before I came along. It happened only once, about 2 years ago. This year, I noticed a big evergreen tree next to the steps was dying. I asked the tree what was going on – and it reminded me of the poison we had put down. I was devastated.

In meditation I asked Mother Earth if the tree could be saved. I was told to hold a ceremony – which we did.We were told to put our healing into the tree and also to send it to the grid around the Earth. I had my hands on the tree – and she gave me a name, Amelda, and I was told to pray for her often, and ask for her to be healed.  Later that day I looked up the meaning of the name, Amelda. it’s meaning is “Universal Battle.” Sounds to me like she’s helping heal the damage of Round Up, and I’m inspired to find a safe alternative to Round Up. Turns out there’s plenty on the internet! What was I thinking? See the bottom of this article for one such solution. Let us all be a little more aware of our choices!

The following is from a blog I follow and recommend: They tackle difficult issues – but it’s a great way to stay informed:

I’m re-blogging from a post I received a while ago: I’ve seen a number of posts containing photos from the Millions Against Monsanto marches in 350 cities and there is a fair bit of good news on that front as two counties in Oregon recently voted against Monsanto’s murderous actions. There was no mention of the marches on the news station we watched briefly, however. No surprise there.Image

I’ve since found out that is is VERY possible to use a home made version of weed killer.

Published on May 5, 2012

Bryce shows how to make and apply your own homemade all-natural weed killer, using everyday household products. Make sure you CLEAN YOUR SPRAYING EQUIPMENT afterward, as the contents of this spray will deteriorate your sprayer and seals. If you maintain your equipment it should last a long time!

Sacred Geometry Jewelry

These inspiring, one-of-a-kind artworks radiate spiritual and healing energy. When you wear one, that radiance will envelop you all day long. Made to order, each is customized by choosing from among any of the hundreds of Sacred Geometry designs that Endre Balogh is renowned for. You can also choose from his collection of radiant Angels, or a variety of other Mystical, Judaic or even his Photographic artworks.

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New Life Expo – Prize Presentations

Genie in the Bottle

Be a Genie Book

Recently I gave three lectures at the spring New Life Expo, in New York.  One for each day on different subjects. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My first presentation was based on the principles and practices in my latest book, Be A Genie. In it, I teach people the secret formula (the Phoenix Sequence) for manifestation, and why it is important to understand it and most importantly how to use it.

One woman, in the class, upon winning the “door prize” of a copy of the book, stood up and said, I used the Genie system to win the prize. She didn’t even know WHAT the prize could be, but was determined to win. She won a copy of Be A Genie! Another woman at the class, Susan, who had been on stage with her “heart’s desire” training and experienced a radical transformation in front of the room filled with people, cornered the winner on the way out of the room at the end of the lecture – to learn the exact details. Susan had shifted radically from who she was at the beginning of the session, no longer doubting her heart’s desire, to KNOWING, she had experienced it. That practice session, in front of the large audience, being on stage with me, had changed Susan powerfully and she wanted to know more.

Susan attended my lecture the following day and won the bottle of AroMandalas, Genie in the Bottle, that I gave out. She also stood up and said, “I used Maureen’s Genie System in Be a Genie to win this!” and proceeded to tell her story. The final winner, at Sunday’s class – stood up and said,”That prize is mine! I used the same Genie system as the other two winners in Maureen’s other lectures. I met the first winner in the bathroom and she shared with me the details – in Maureen’s Be a Genie book – and it works!”

What about the ethics of doing this? Why can’t you do it? Well, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with their doing this. It’s likely and possible that no one else had any energy on the exact winning of that door prize that day. Can you do it? Very likely. In fact, I even used it to win a contest – and although the results contained some things even I didn’t expect, I did achieve the outcome desired. I challenge you – why NOT you? Maybe you should read the book and find out how.

I used to be embarrassed about being too successful. After all, I didn’t want people to be jealous of me. Then I realized one day, the people who were likely to be jealous were the ones who weren’t doing their part, weren’t showing up – and for sure wanted what I had, but were unwilling to learn, change, grow and evolve in order for that to happen. That’s when I quit focussing on those people and instead began to notice I could help a lot of people, lovely, eager, interested people, in achieving their heart’s desire! I’m proud of that legacy. You can do this – and I’m here to support that!

Dragons according to the Chinese astrology

At a sacred temple in Japan, Kyoto, halfway up the mountain, is this sacred well, where the dragon fount is.

At a sacred temple in Japan, Kyoto, halfway up the mountain, is this sacred well, where the dragon fount is.

The Dragon is considered the mightiest and most auspicious of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The dragon’s number, five is the luckiest of all the sacred numbers, so it fits that the dragon is the fifth animal of the series Dragon years. People born in the Dragon years are said to be creative, expansive, strong and lucky, so the babies born in a Dragon year are believed to be the most favored, likely to enjoy long life prosperity good health smooth birth and happy offspring, friendship and, honor – – all the blessings of a life lived well in accord with the will of heaven and the respect of men.

Befitting as an Emperor who would be responsible for maintaining all of these happy conditions within his realm;  the Dragon became the symbol that was reserved for the Emperor especially the five clawed dragon.

The fire Dragon, is a friend of the wind horse, of 2014. The fire Dragon uses the colors of bright red which go very well with the Imperial yellow silk and gold. In the words of the Chinese Unlimited potential or unlimited possibilities would be represented by the Dragon. This is why in the Chinese tradition speaking of a newborn son you might hear them say, “May he be a dragon.”

So what is the Dragon known for. Aside from the things I’ve already taught you about in this blog, the Dragon is a shape shifter and he can change his size from the size of a small worm to being as big as the sky. This is why we see so many Dragon shapes in the clouds, because the clouds or the sylphs are replicating or showing us what is there in the reality. It can camouflage itself too. Think of the many colors of fluorite, because we many of us see our dragons in iridescent colors. It can hide within the clouds and lakes and rivers and then can also turn into water.

No matter what elements that your Dragon may call home it has validity mutability and the all embracing qualities of water. All dragons are Yang but carry the full potential of being yin – in various expressions (like the water dragon in this picture.)

Much of the research for this blog – came from astrologer, Dan Furst.