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Why Clearing Energy May Be the Key to Resolving Painful Experiences

To move beyond the hurt and pain of past experiences, contact Maureen St. Germain, master teacher of spiritual growth, and discover how Clearing Energy may be a way for you to heal.

Let’s face it. We’ve all behaved badly or irrationally at one point or another. But what triggers us to fly off the handle or panic at a moment’s notice? The answers may run deeper than we think. With more than 25 years’ experience in spiritual growth research, expert mystic Maureen St. Germain offers one remarkable solution: Clearing Energy. But what if the problem is a family member or friend that has behaved irrationally? Can they benefit from clearing energy? Can you clear energy from them and not violate cosmic law? The answer is yes.

Energies that can be cleared and need to be cleared do not belong on the earth plane. They do not have permission to be here, and you may hire our Clearing Team for clearing energy remotely.

Awareness is at the heart of learning how to rid yourself of this force. Think about yourself going through life unaware that you are attracting negative external entities to yourself. Like a magnet, these emotional clusters are coming from elsewhere and can ‘set up shop’ because you are unknowingly letting them in. Or you may have a deep-seeded, childlike response that was rooted inside you when you were young. This internal entity can cause painful, irrational responses in emergency situations that make matters worse. We can resolve both of these scenarios with Clearing Energy. Moreover, we can help you reweave the fabric of your own reality by learning the tools you need to do this on your own.

What makes these sessions possible is the profound akashic energy field that each of us is connected to. Think of an electromagnetic sphere of light that emanates from each of us. A crystalline orb of liquid light, this is a gateway from the everyday 3-D world we live in to the bigger, deeper 5-D world in which we can achieve a more meaningful state of consciousness. Here, our Certified Quantum Matrix Healing Guides can help you discover inner self-programming that has set you on your path of irrational responses. They can even call on Angels for guidance. 

The results of energy space clearing can be quick and profound. Imagine after an hour-long session that you have the ability to release a dark presence in your life and your family’s. Much of this work is done remotely, so you don’t even have to be there. More importantly, you will start to feel better and better! Envision a clean slate to start each day fresh and new. Consider the emotional freedom that you’ll feel from detaching yourself from past mistakes. The possibilities are endless with our specialists. We offer workshops, recorded Skype sessions that you can replay, videos, audios, online tutorials and one-on-one phone sessions that can suit your needs, your budget and your lifestyle. Contact Maureen St. Germain and her team today for a spiritual reawakening.

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