You Are Not a Victim – You Are a Volunteer!

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Stuff happens, and sure, situations and events affect you. You don’t like it. I say, you don’t have to like it – but you might want to decide it won’t control you. When you feel emotions that are loosely labeled as fear, resentment, anxiety or anger you get to choose what happens next.

Science has been able to tell us some pretty significant things about the two emotions of fear and anxiety. Fear is a real danger of a physical threat; anxiety is a presumed danger of a perceived threat! Fear is a physical response and puts you into action, taking steps to escape or battle. Anxiety is an emotional response.

Neuroscientists tell us that fear and anxiety are distinct in the brain and begin with changes in the amygdala, an almond shaped organ in the center of the brain. The importance of its shape will have meaning later. These two emotions physically stem from different receptors and are produced by different centers and chemicals in the brain. They stimulate both autonomic and non-autonomic response. Anxiety medication is on the rise in America with over 40 million persons taking some kind of drug to relieve anxiety, representing 8-10% of all prescriptions filled.

But what if you could control your response?

Emotions can get out of control because they can cause a person to self-reflect on the emotion, recreating the experience, which can create a circular pattern of the anxiety, thereby perpetuating and escalating it! Everything in the universe is moving and shifting. Everything in the universe wants to evolve, including emotion! It is alive with your loosh! If you fail to direct it, it will follow the path of least resistance. The “programming” to deal with anxiety through medication is only one solution. There are others.

What if you could use the power within you to control your emotions? Emotions can seemingly perpetuate themselves because humans are the grand creator of emotions! This is part of the grand spark, imbued in humans as co-creators. You can learn to co-create with your emotions, but first you must learn to notice, and modify the emotions that dive into your weaknesses, so that you CAN be the co-creators you were meant to be.

There are agendas from beings that benefit from your fear and worry. This was discussed in my blog post on February 2017. Knowing that there is a benefit to beings whose agenda runs counter to your own is helpful to improve your determination. There is reason to be concerned and I recommend you revisit that discussion as well.

What are emotions?

Emotion is the fuel of creation, energy in motion. Emotions are qualified chi (chi that you have infused with a feeling) that allows you to expand and to experience more. It is a driving force in manifestation. Emotions allow you to reflect and re-experience events that are both pleasing and painful. Creating from positive emotions is a well-known technique in manifestation.

How do emotions work?

Emotions take universal high “god-energy,” or chi, and fills it with a purpose. Chi is unlimited universal energy located everywhere. We know that biofeedback can be used as a tool to transform your body’s autonomic response. Why not use autonomic training to train your body to respond to your commands? My 5D Mind Mastery uses brainwave entrainment along with autogenic training to help you teach your body to respond to your commands. It is similar to the one Norm Shealy created, but with the addition of brainwave entrainment, called binaural beats.

Mastering your emotions may be easier than you think! Using your emotion to help you fulfill your mission propels you into your fifth dimensional self. In sacred geometry, the almond shape (remember the amygdala, center of emotions, is almond shaped) is most sacred as it is viewed as the birther of all life, or source code. Think of the mandorla in art or the vulva in the human body. A mandorla is an aureola, or frame, usually in the shape of a vesica piscis, which surrounded the figures of Christ and the Virgin Mary in traditional Christian art. The vesica piscis is the same “almond” shape. It is the area created when two identical circles intersect at the center. I consider it ‘source code.” It looks like this:

vesica pisces gray circles with overlapping blue


Creating with joy

Your joyful emotions can expand and fuel your manifestations based on joy. Your sad emotions create fractures in the energy fields that you create, albeit unawares. By doing this you then create a “wall” to sustain and maintain the fractured part rather than heal it! Brad Nelson, and his work with the emotion code, clearly identifies this connection. The qualified chi (emotion) then is squandered to create a “false” sense of safety. For sure, emotions are meant to be expressed and released, not contained and used to build walls!

Emotion can also create vortexes in the time and space matrix. These portals, or vortexes, can be accessed by connecting two of the three possible intersections. More importantly, remember that emotions are the energy of expressions that you can use however you see fit. Some kinds of emotion are easier to understand because of their deep roots.

On resentment

Sometimes fear is based on resentment or judgment. It can be indignation or ill will felt as a result of a real or imagined grievance. Resentment is trickier than dealing with non-forgiveness because it carries with it an element of entitlement that presumes your position is somehow deserving and/or righteous.

Resentment is a perversion of humility, as it acts out as a sense of humbleness that is seated in a false power base rather than true humility. When clearing resentment – seek to understand the little you who is stuck in self-righteous anger and validate the self. Choose NOT the anger, and only then will resentment dissipate.

Seek then to understand your feeling of entitlement. Seek to understand your feelings of being entitled over a situation or person. Give the other credit for doing the best they can. Remember that for those who give much, much is expected. It is never an even playing field. Knowing better expects better, without resentment.

Moving into victimhood is also a perversion of humility as it presumes the innocence of one and guilt of the perpetrator. It is never completely one sided, or of one over the other. Even those who had no hand in the affront may have created this as an opportunity for reasons unknown to the ‘victim.”

Consider this example from a client in the Akashic Records: A woman who had been sexually abused by her father asked her Record Keepers (in session with me as the guide), “What did I do to deserve the abuse from my father?” The Record Keepers stated, “You are a very high being. You chose to stop the madness, and came into this family to stop the abuse.” Her response was telling, “Oh my goodness, I actually did. When my father went after my younger siblings, I always stood in the way, offering myself, rather than see them get hurt!” Remember, it is your judgment of a situation that fuels “victim” or not. In this case, the woman truly was a volunteer of the highest order.

This Month’s Meditation is
Releasing Fear

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This talk and meditation is made especially for you to work on fear. Now more than ever it is important to clear fear from ourselves and the planet.

This recording is filled with my current information on fear, its purpose, and how to deal with it. At the conclusion there is a guided meditation that will help you release your fears and anchor in all that you have learned.


Soul Retrieval You Can Do on Yourself

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I studied Sandra Ingerman’s work on soul retrieval in the 80s. I found it fascinating that a person could lose parts of their soul or parts of themselves through a traumatic experience. Later I went on to become certified in Soul Re-Birthing, a similar process to assist a person in bringing back, or bringing in, aspects of themselves lost or abandoned due to some trauma.

Trappers have seen how an animal will become desperate to free themselves and resort to chewing off a limb to escape. This is a somber metaphor. In reality, we break off parts of ourselves in order to survive a trauma, by abandoning a part of ourselves that holds a memory of a trauma. The amazing thing – is that they often are long forgotten and thus, a part of us is lost to the sea of consciousness. How would you know that this has happened? The signs can show up in a myriad of ways, like chronic depression, suicidal tendencies or stress.

When my younger sister (at age forty-nine) died suddenly in an automobile accident I chose to cancel all my workshops and events for three weeks so I could deal with this loss. It was a big loss because her youngest child was ten years old, and she lived in another country with her husband and three daughters. Everywhere I shared my story – I left a piece of myself. I had been on a dolphin swim in Hawaii and had a great distance to travel with my mom, a widow, who just happened to be living in Hawaii. I was dependent upon my son to get my passport from my lock box in my home in Wisconsin and take it to an airport an hour away, and then for an airline employee to hand carry it to Houston, where I would make my international connection. I know I left of piece of myself at the airline counter when the staffer told me they couldn’t find it! I took a bathroom break, with a very heavy heart and with a very big prayer to El Morya, the chohan of the first ray of the Will of God and chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood, saying if they didn’t find it, then I surrendered my need to travel (unthinkable to me at the time). I came back to the counter – and it was suddenly located!

Near the end of the three weeks of my voluntary sabbatical to mourn my sister’s tragic death I was given a very special ceremony to do. My angels told me to send my Higher Self out to collect all of my “lost parts” from that overseas journey. So, I did. I remember waking up a dozen or more times that night coming back into my bedroom, and then going out again. Yet, when I woke up really early, I remembered nothing – and felt very good. I checked in with my guidance, thinking I would be told to go to the gym (as was my practice for an early morning rise). “No,” my Higher Self informed me, “You have ceremony to do!”

They told me to wash the lost parts with a shower of love and light. They then had me do a heart-based meditation (the MerKaba) and then to lovingly invite all my lost parts to return. I did this – and one by one they moved back into my consciousness. This was me doing soul retrieval on myself, a concept I’d not thought of!

Later that morning I remembered all those back and forth trips, collecting parts of me. One of the men who had been on the dolphin swim with me, and who had been calling me daily, announced on his call to me that day, “Wow, Maureen, you sound all together!” I remember laughing, saying, “I AM all together. You have no idea what I did!”

A few years later I published this training and guided meditations in a collection called Unify. It was matched with Elation Orion Series® Blend channeled by Mary Magdalene to assist you in bringing back your lost soul parts. You can now perform soul retrieval on yourself, by yourself with Unify. Be sure to consider purchasing the essential oil blend, Elation (offered through Vibranz) – to go with it, and amplify your experience.


The purpose of Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation is to reclaim lost parts of yourself that you may have broken off in order to survive trauma. The link to your missing part can be a memory. Unresolved emotions can be accessed by your memories. They reside in time and space; therefore, traveling through time or space allows you access to them at their time/space coordinates. Two coordinates are required to gain access. You (or your higher self) are one of them. Download the booklet and sound files!
Pair with Elation Orion Series® Blend (available through Vibranz)
This amazing blend reconnects all the parts of your soul in all directions of time and space. A blend of cinnamon, thyme, basil, orange bergamot, lavender, white pine, rosemary, Roman chamomile, Dalmatian sage, black spruce and sandalwood, Unity is created as the ideal companion for Maureen’s meditation, Unify!
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Maintain your 5D presence with 5D Mind Mastery

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How can you train your body to synchronize everything, so you can achieve 5D mastery that you can maintain continuously? This article, along with the accompanying meditation, will help you learn auto-suggestion for controlling the body. Why do you want to control your body? Becoming 5th dimensional is dependent upon it. You are learning to control the environment, and the first environment is your own body!

By now you may have realized that engaging the heart is key to achieving 5th dimensional frequency. The new frequency of 5D requires BALANCE between the heart and the mind. I often tell people to do their “due diligence” on a decision — exploring all of their options — and then go with what your heart tells you.

The research you do with your mind (about any decision) addresses the ego’s need to help you make decisions — good decisions. Nevertheless, you must engage the heart. So, it’s a dance. The mind may lead, but the heart gets to say ‘yes’ or ‘no!’

At the same time, you want to bring your mind more in control of your physical body, because as you learn to manifest, you will become an instant manifestor. This is what we all want, right? Well not if you do not know how to control your body or your thoughts!

The 5D experience

The experience of being 5D is fleeting, and can be activated more and more. Many of my articles and book, Waking Up in 5D, point to the fact that the process of becoming 5D is a bit like a teenager becoming an adult. I had the pleasure of raising four sons. Some became adults without much pushing and prodding. Others made mistakes after they became more mature, which was confounding to me until I realized that children do not grow up in an upward sequence of events. Sometimes they act maturely followed by immaturity!

We are all co-creating our reality.

As you become more evolved, staying in your 5th dimensional self energy means that you can, and will, co-create the reality you experience faster and faster. More and more you are seeing instant manifestation. Think of the last time you thought about something you wanted, and now allow yourself to remember how fast it came in.

It may take less than 24 hours. I recently imagined I wanted a gold pair of pants to go with a favorite jacket. I had always worn black with this jacket – and looking at it one day in my closet I thought, “Gee, gold pants would look really great with this jacket.” Keep in mind I wasn’t trying to manifest it, I was just imagining how cool gold pants would be with this jacket. I even said, “I need a new pair of gold pants.”

The very next day, my husband asked me to go with him on an errand to a new (to us) area near our home. After we took care of his business he suggested we stop for lunch and explore the area. Parking was challenging and we parked some distance from the restaurant area of the shopping plaza, so we walked past a number of shops to get to the restaurant.

I noticed one shop had gold pants in the window! I forgot my vitamins – and decided to walk back to the car after ordering our food. I stopped in the shop on the way back to the restaurant, found the pants in my size and came back with both my vitamins and the new gold pants that ultimately matched perfectly with the jacket!

That was less than 24 hours later. I began to remember that this had been happening for some time – the least suggestion of something I desired, or needed, manifested in less than 24 hours later! I also realized that I frequently had been experiencing physical expressions – manifestations of something that was thought of only moments earlier. Sometimes it was only behaviors as a result of reactions! In the early years, I named it instant karma. One of my kids even used it on me. When he saw my stubborn reactions to their dad, followed by me getting a stiff neck, he said, “instant karma momma.” This was long before I was given the information of “no more karma” from my guides.

Choose to control your body and take it off auto-pilot!

So how do we learn to control the body and avoid producing outcomes that we don’t want – especially after an innocent thought that was less than perfect? This is where training yourself to notice yourself, and to notice what you are noticing comes in. This is where you can use a subconscious reminder, by simply announcing to yourself what you really want – instead of what you don’t want!

For example, I was a helping a friend who hurt her ankle, and she was remarking that the healing device I had loaned her was really working because she shouldn’t even be able to walk! I suggested that she put her attention on what she did want, rather than the outcome she originally named for her injury! Her reframe sounded like this, “Wow, I’m so grateful this device is healing my ankle! I’m even going to be able to walk to the plane tomorrow!”

In another instance, a woman I was sharing a hotel room with hit her head on a shelf that was in an odd spot in our hotel room. She bent over into her suitcase to get something, and came up hitting her head unexpectedly and hard. She then proceeded to repeat the same motion that caused the “accident” 17 times as shamanic practice to “undo” the damage and the pain.

Suggestibility is real, and strongly influences you.

What if you could suggest what you want to your subconscious, and then instantly go to the outcome? This is where you can train your subconscious responses to produce a desired effect. It is a well-documented fact that the (i.e. your) subconscious is “trained or accustomed” to respond to suggestion. In fact, suggestibility is the key ingredient that accounts for a lot of what happens in public relations and advertising. This is also why turning off the TV and other kinds of advertising helps you to start to unconsciously resist the mass consciousness suggestions constantly being bombarded at you! Thus, you become more aware, and can notice what you are not accustomed to hearing. This allows you to consciously improve your “suggestibility” information, this programing, so your “suggestibility” in those categories is lessened.

Awesome. Let’s do this!

I’ve created a very special guided meditation called 5D Mind Mastery. It is a powerful “training” tool which will allow you to create more powerful suggestions to your subconscious mind.

First, I ask that you trust me. Trusting me will enhance your ability to accept, uncritically accept, suggestions from me, and will allow you to apply the idea of suggestibility. This creates a system that allows your consciousness to accept the instruction from you, instead of outside influences. It’s called Biogenesis training, and is a technique that teaches your body to respond to your verbal command. You tell your body to relax, and control your breathing and heartbeat. You can add things like blood pressure, body temperature and more. It is primarily used to achieve deep relaxation and reduce stress. It can be used for all kinds of diseases that don’t normally respond to conventional allopathic treatments. Think of breathing disorders like asthma, allergies, and hyperventilation, high blood pressure, racing heart and irregular rhythm – and even stomach disorders.

But wait, there’s more!

I have added an additional dimension to it – Brainwave entrainment! It was first identified in 1934, although its effects had been noted as early as Ptolemy. Brainwave entrainment is a background sound that balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and allows the Biogenesis training to be even more effective.

5D Mind Mastery, which is the synergy of Brainwave entrainment and Biogenesis training, is highly effective for providing mastery over stress and “autonomic” physical reactions. With the Brainwave entrainment, you teach your mind to work both sides of the brain, and with the Biogenesis training, you teach your body to respond to verbal commands – so you get a double benefit.

In this 9-minute guided meditation you are training your body to respond to your suggestions. It starts with you repeating after me, in your mind or out loud, so your body elemental (the inner engineer of your physical body system) gets accustomed to listening and following your commands about how the body is to respond. What I find is that the synthesis of the Brainwave entrainment, along with the Biogenesis training, actually makes it super easy to get comfortable and enjoy – you might even drift off for a few moments.

I urge you to download 5D Mind Mastery right away. If you are reading this article after the free download offer expires, for $9.99 it’s still a “no-brainer.” Whether you get it free or pay for it, you will come to enjoy it, and realize the amazing benefits.

Although 5D Mind Mastery is powerful and highly effective, in order to experience optimal results, you must be willing to do it 3 times a day for several weeks. After that, the magic sets in!

Remember my guidance isn’t just a directive to do certain things, I’m announcing to you to train your body – so YOU are the one in command.

If I’m Such a High Spiritual Teacher How Come I Keep Getting Sick?

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Many spiritual teachers, HIGH spiritual teachers, are encountering serious illness! I had a conversation with a dear friend, high spiritual woman who is a longtime friend. She told me she will be having a double mastectomy in a few days.

She wondered if I could give her any insight. She is a professional in the healing arts. The information that I got was directly related to the fact that this is instant manifestation. YIKES!

We’ve all WANTED instant manifestation – but honestly – did we really expect it like that? And what does this really, really mean? Well, if you think you are on the cutting edge – then you could manifest any emotion that you are struggling with.

Instant Karma

First, let me start by explaining “instant karma.” Some thirty years ago, when my children were little, they observed my being stubborn with their father. Next, they observed me complaining about my neck pain. “Mama,” one of them said to me, “instant Karma.” OMG – he was right! I had been stubborn with their dad and was being “stiff necked,” which is a phrase in the English language that means you are being stubborn!

Louise Hay

Now we all know from the recently departed Louise Hay that we can find the mental thought behind a physical illness. Many are familiar with the delightful book that Louise wrote that helps you find an underlying cause for an illness. I have the app for my phone, so I can have instant access and the quick answer. This is very handy. Everyone can get this for his or her phone!

Instant Illness

Fast forward to the present and I know some very high individuals (including myself) who have had some serious health issues. All of us have had to deal with them in the 3D way! Hmmmm. You may be one who has good diet, and exercise, yet have encountered illness, many unexplained, including mine!

Why were so many high-level teachers getting sick? Maybe they could up their game – we all knew that – but still the secret to what was behind this – wasn’t clear.

The Culprit

When I would be on a plane and get within a hundred miles or so – of San Diego – one of my home cities, I couldn’t figure out what I was physically reacting to. I would have trouble breathing and have shortness of breath to the point I could only walk very slowly! Then I heard J. Marvin Herndon, PhD on Coast to Coast with George Noory. All the symptoms he described for chemtrail poisoning were my symptoms! And then he mentioned he lives in San Diego, and San Diego is the worst city in the US for chemtrail poisoning! I’m sensitive, so, NOW I had a much clearer understanding of why, when I was still in the air on the plane – my symptoms would show up!

The message was that each of us had invited this “energy” of “allowing” this illness to take over. Each of us was “disappointed” about someone or something. Each of us was acting in a loving way in the difficult situation but had unresolved “discontent” in our hearts! Whoa!!!

Initially, I decided to do Ho’opononpono for the person involved. Then, I realized that I was really mad at God for sending me this “imperfect situation.” So, I did another series of three nights of Ho’opononpono, repeating the prayer three times to God! What a concept! That changed everything, and I actually started to get better.

On the sixth night I had a huge breakthrough. I decided to change my expectation, and to love the situation/person anyway. I decided to go back to my most recent book Waking Up in 5D and get some answers. That’s when I discovered the Karma connection!

Here’s what I found.

This is the end of a cycle, the end of an age. Gone are the days where you need another chance to learn how to do something. You can now claim, with certainty, no more Karma. In fact, the sooner you do it the better, because those who would hold you back are hoping you don’t figure this one out! The cycle of reincarnation is ending, thus Karma as we know it is over. No one is bound by the lesser patterns of the past, especially the sins of a past life. In fact, if this is the first time you are hearing this message, consider deciding that this is so for you. Everything will shift for you in an instant. Claim it. “Karma is over for me.” It is part of the new paradigm of becoming fifth-dimensional. This means, that if you are angry with someone for stealing from you, or hurting you, you need to decide it doesn’t matter. Don’t decide to forgive, because forgiving means you are still holding them in a place of judgment. This new paradigm means that you can no longer hold energy against another – because then it is YOU that is holding the Karma in place – not them. Yikes!

I’d like to conclude that we can do a lot to help ourselves with everything we need to do and everything we’d like to do by setting the stage each morning. Here’s a lovely short morning prayer you can repeat after me each morning, adding your own special requests.

You free meditation download for the month of February is Morning Prayer Meditation.

Aiming for Fearlessness

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Your emotions are what make you uniquely human. On this planet, emotions are a significant part of the experience of life. Emotions are chi (energy) that has been imbued with a purpose. Although mental prowess may make you feel superior, in truth, your use of emotions can help you achieve more than your mind can. Your emotions are the key to the world around you. They “read” the field for you—faster and more accurately than the mind. Your emotional body reads the emotional bodies of those around you and signals when you are unsafe or loved, cherished or feared, and so on. Think of the phrases, “I had a sinking feeling in my gut,” or “My heart leapt for joy.” These phrases are keys that can hold you back or move you forward. You see how very accurate your emotions are and how useful they can be to understand the reality around you.

It is a known fact among “those who would hold you back” that humanity’s emotions are powerful tools to create reality. All of the feelings of anger, rage, disappointment and fear can be used to manipulate you. When you maintain your state of compassion, you cannot be manipulated; you cannot be used for fuel in ways that you may not yet understand.

One of the feelings that can hold you back is fear—the energy of incongruence. Below I will discuss the role of fear, and how you can work with it to transform your beliefs and attitudes, and start living with integrity.

The Role of Fear

Fear is a messenger. Fear is a feeling that your emotional body creates to get you to change. Fear invites you to change your belief or change your behavior!

  • Fear is used to manipulate you.
  • Fear keeps you locked in more fear.
  • Fear is fuel for those who would have you fail.
  • Fear is a messenger—chi loaded with a purpose—intended to keep you safe.
  • Your emotional body creates fear.
  • Fear warns you when something needs to change – either your behavior or your belief.
  • Fear was created as an alarm system to tell you “something is not right.” It’s up to you to heed it.
  • Ascended beings disguised as humans are those among us who are fearless and are meant to help you wake up to your divinity. If you are fearless, you’re probably one of the Ascended Masters in embodiment.

Fear is a messenger that all systems in all dimensions are not aligned. When you are in alignment with yourself, in all of your expressions, you will be able to co-create as you were intended. It’s not a problem when you are out of integrity – it just impedes your progression in the Ascension. If you are building a house, you don’t throw rocks at the windows at night for entertainment. Choosing to be in integrity propels your progress.

One of the fastest ways to dissolve fear is to speak to it directly, asking the question, “I can feel the fear, what is the message?” Once you know this information you are able to change your belief or change your behavior.

This is an important step toward becoming fifth-dimensional. When you open your mind, you become creative. When you open your heart, you become compassionate. When the heart and mind are synchronized, they open the portal to 5D. Being fearless is an expression of this alignment. It occurs when your beliefs, thoughts, and actions are in alignment, producing integrity. When you know (not believe, but know) that you are responsible for your reality, then you will be fearless, too.

Talking to Fear as the Messenger

Consider the use of a simple meditation to address your fears. Speak to your fears as if they were messengers.

1. Take a moment, now, and close your eyes. Think of something you’ve felt fearful about. Acknowledge the fear.

2. Then ask the fear: “What’s your message?”

3. Be open to receive it, and the information will come flooding through. Flooding? Yes. Why? Finally, the emotion of fear will have fulfilled its true purpose – to serve as a messenger about the lack of congruency, or the lack of alignment, between your mind, words, and actions.

As you acquire the ability to meditate on your fear and learn of its message, you can then choose to change your belief or change your behavior.

Fear and Fearlessness

Part of the success of “those who would hold you back” is the fear factor that causes you to think they have power over you. They don’t. They are the interlopers. Be sure to get used to letting them know, “You don’t belong here.” My recommendation is to say it out loud, any time things are happening that cause you to be even a little bit afraid. “You have no power here, you don’t belong here. Leave. Now.” Say it with firmness, with conviction. Say it like you mean it! This is especially true when unseen forces are leaving you uneasy!

You have choice. You do not have to put up with a life you don’t like. You do not have to put up with fear. You do have to decide that it’s your life. and that you are going to take charge of it.

The above text is excerpted from Waking Up in 5D: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation, from the chapter “Your Emotions Carry the Key.”

Your Fear and Worry Create Negative Loosh

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Loosh is a fuel source for the energies that would have you fail. Loosh, being life force energy (chi, imbued with a purpose), can be either uplifting or down lowering. Loosh was the word devised by Robert Monroe (founder of The Monroe Institute), referring to the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans in dire circumstances that entail intense, severe pain and suffering in body and psyche. And so, “loosh,” in this usage, describes a negative experiential spectrum.

Loosh from painful and difficult circumstances is a desired fuel (for not-God energies) since it contains both the God Spark and the human creative spark. It’s a picnic near an anthill. Wonder who are you feeding? Some call these ones “the powers that were” emphasis – on the past and now on the decline.

On the other side of this, the planet is being bathed in uplifting loosh, coming from sources of love and light, helping us transform the planet. This positive loosh is irresistible and joyful!

Make no mistake, this hologram we call third dimension does have both positive and negative loosh. Our goal is to pay attention to our joyful happy moments, and laugh and optimize that, remaining balanced at every turn. As I say in my manifestation book, Be A Genie, you can recycle your sad unresolved emotions by practicing two-fers.

What Are Two-fer’s?

Every dark thought as it is recognized as dark (and we do this through training our self reflection to be instantaneous) is then followed by two or more positives – to transmute and transform that energy ourselves, rather than waiting for them to be harvested and used as fuel.

You’ve heard the phrase; Birds of a feather flock together. Well, your thoughts are like that too! Thoughts are little bits of energy or “chi-bits” that collect and merge into bigger “chi-bits” or thought-clouds. Like attracts like – so you are throwing breadcrumbs, just like in the tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Unresolved chi-bits will float away from you and find other chi-bits like themselves and merge with them, growing in size! They are loaded with your emotion. In fact, emotion is what colors chi – or gives it it’s purpose. When we imbue our thoughts with a purpose we are infusing emotion into the chi we have garnered. When we fail to express, resolve or recycle our emotion – eventually it floats away. This is where trouble can begin.

Why Is It Such a Good Fuel Source for Them?

Emotion is co-created, because you carry the Divine spark within you. This allows you to produce emotions that carry “God-energy.” It also means your discarded emotions, or loosh, can also be used as fuel for entities and energies that would hold you back. All the more reason to resolve or recycle your negative emotions. Make it a habit.

Follow the Flow

When humanity was created, humans were given the ability to co-create with God by infusing chi with a purpose; creating what is now known as emotion. Chi, or raw energy, exists everywhere in unlimited supply and is readily available for you to garner and imbue with your beliefs and desires. You do this almost constantly.

By filling chi with a purpose (e-motion), you create energy that is distinctly different from free-flowing energy or chi. Creating emotion moves chi from being 2-dimensional and flat into 3-dimensional consciousness and alive in the 3rd Dimensional reality.

Creating e-motion (energy in motion) is what humans do best. This “giving energy a purpose” is one of the privileges and distinctions of being in a 3-D body, and saturating chi with beliefs and desires that contain the God spark adds intensity and direction to all your events or relationships.

Surprise of the System

It was anticipated by God that emotion could cause pain and suffering so it was instilled with a certain limitation: it must be expressed. Initially this was meant to insure there wasn’t an overflow from one event to the next. In other words, emotion was meant to be used up in each moment of the creation of it.

All emotion must be expressed.

This means that once you create emotion from your own beliefs and desires the next step is to allow its expression. Understanding this flow will help you begin to grasp how important it is to not only express but to resolve your emotions as well. At some point, instead of resolving our unexpressed emotions we developed all kinds of other ways of dealing with it. We pushed it into the body; we buried it in the emotional body, or the mental body or worse.

All these made humanity sick. Humans are still discovering thousands of ways we have done this – and now are undoing it. We pushed it in memory – and started to use replay to create MORE hurts and wounds.

Playing with fire

When you are finished with it you put it away. If you don’t it will grow while you are not looking. Everything in the universe is moving and shifting. Everything in the universe wants to evolve, including emotion. It’s alive with your loosh!

Your emotion is like fire. Fire is very useful. We use it for so many things in our modern life. But if we start a fire, and fail to put it out it will grow. Very few fires die out on their own especially when they have a ready supply of fuel. Since you know there is plenty of chi to supply your emotional trauma and drama – you can see how you could be feeding alligators unwittingly.

What if you don’t let it go? What if you cannot let it go?

This is where the trouble begins. The action of resolution validates you. It completes the circuit of creation/resolution. If you are not accustomed to self-validation this will not feel like “enough.” This is when you begin to replay your wounds creating a downward spiral that is harder and harder to extricate yourself from.

Additionally you attract entities and energies that “feed” off your unresolved emotions, your loosh. (Remember, it is chi imbued with your “God-Spark” purpose!) This can pull you into the fourth-dimensional vortex-type energy, dragging you down, creating an energetic cyclone, sucking the loosh that literally feeds the fire of hurt emotion.

Resolve or Recycle your emotions

You honor your experience of an event and let it go. It means you express your anger, disappointment, rage or whatever and then let it go. If you cannot, then move to recycle! If you must repeat it, limit your expression to only three times. Keep track. If you keep reviewing your emotion – you are simply replaying it, and refueling – not resolving it. If you do manage to suppress it – it will come out in illness and hopefully you’ll deal with it then!

The water cooler effect

Humans gather in the office around the water cooler, the coffee shop or the bar to share their experiences. Somewhere the habit of comparing “bad” experiences started. “You think that’s bad, you should hear my story!” But it’s time to walk away. Step away from those situations and groups—no words are necessary. Choose, in each moment of discovering your unresolved emotions– to recycle or resolve them.

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