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You Are Not a Victim – You Are a Volunteer!

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Stuff happens, and sure, situations and events affect you. You don’t like it. I say, you don’t have to like it – but you might want to decide it won’t control you. When you feel emotions that are loosely labeled as fear, resentment, anxiety or anger you get to choose what happens next.

Science has been able to tell us some pretty significant things about the two emotions of fear and anxiety. Fear is a real danger of a physical threat; anxiety is a presumed danger of a perceived threat! Fear is a physical response and puts you into action, taking steps to escape or battle. Anxiety is an emotional response.

Neuroscientists tell us that fear and anxiety are distinct in the brain and begin with changes in the amygdala, an almond shaped organ in the center of the brain. The importance of its shape will have meaning later. These two emotions physically stem from different receptors and are produced by different centers and chemicals in the brain. They stimulate both autonomic and non-autonomic response. Anxiety medication is on the rise in America with over 40 million persons taking some kind of drug to relieve anxiety, representing 8-10% of all prescriptions filled.

But what if you could control your response?

Emotions can get out of control because they can cause a person to self-reflect on the emotion, recreating the experience, which can create a circular pattern of the anxiety, thereby perpetuating and escalating it! Everything in the universe is moving and shifting. Everything in the universe wants to evolve, including emotion! It is alive with your loosh! If you fail to direct it, it will follow the path of least resistance. The “programming” to deal with anxiety through medication is only one solution. There are others.

What if you could use the power within you to control your emotions? Emotions can seemingly perpetuate themselves because humans are the grand creator of emotions! This is part of the grand spark, imbued in humans as co-creators. You can learn to co-create with your emotions, but first you must learn to notice, and modify the emotions that dive into your weaknesses, so that you CAN be the co-creators you were meant to be.

There are agendas from beings that benefit from your fear and worry. This was discussed in my blog post on February 2017. Knowing that there is a benefit to beings whose agenda runs counter to your own is helpful to improve your determination. There is reason to be concerned and I recommend you revisit that discussion as well.

What are emotions?

Emotion is the fuel of creation, energy in motion. Emotions are qualified chi (chi that you have infused with a feeling) that allows you to expand and to experience more. It is a driving force in manifestation. Emotions allow you to reflect and re-experience events that are both pleasing and painful. Creating from positive emotions is a well-known technique in manifestation.

How do emotions work?

Emotions take universal high “god-energy,” or chi, and fills it with a purpose. Chi is unlimited universal energy located everywhere. We know that biofeedback can be used as a tool to transform your body’s autonomic response. Why not use autonomic training to train your body to respond to your commands? My 5D Mind Mastery uses brainwave entrainment along with autogenic training to help you teach your body to respond to your commands. It is similar to the one Norm Shealy created, but with the addition of brainwave entrainment, called binaural beats.

Mastering your emotions may be easier than you think! Using your emotion to help you fulfill your mission propels you into your fifth dimensional self. In sacred geometry, the almond shape (remember the amygdala, center of emotions, is almond shaped) is most sacred as it is viewed as the birther of all life, or source code. Think of the mandorla in art or the vulva in the human body. A mandorla is an aureola, or frame, usually in the shape of a vesica piscis, which surrounded the figures of Christ and the Virgin Mary in traditional Christian art. The vesica piscis is the same “almond” shape. It is the area created when two identical circles intersect at the center. I consider it ‘source code.” It looks like this:

vesica pisces gray circles with overlapping blue


Creating with joy

Your joyful emotions can expand and fuel your manifestations based on joy. Your sad emotions create fractures in the energy fields that you create, albeit unawares. By doing this you then create a “wall” to sustain and maintain the fractured part rather than heal it! Brad Nelson, and his work with the emotion code, clearly identifies this connection. The qualified chi (emotion) then is squandered to create a “false” sense of safety. For sure, emotions are meant to be expressed and released, not contained and used to build walls!

Emotion can also create vortexes in the time and space matrix. These portals, or vortexes, can be accessed by connecting two of the three possible intersections. More importantly, remember that emotions are the energy of expressions that you can use however you see fit. Some kinds of emotion are easier to understand because of their deep roots.

On resentment

Sometimes fear is based on resentment or judgment. It can be indignation or ill will felt as a result of a real or imagined grievance. Resentment is trickier than dealing with non-forgiveness because it carries with it an element of entitlement that presumes your position is somehow deserving and/or righteous.

Resentment is a perversion of humility, as it acts out as a sense of humbleness that is seated in a false power base rather than true humility. When clearing resentment – seek to understand the little you who is stuck in self-righteous anger and validate the self. Choose NOT the anger, and only then will resentment dissipate.

Seek then to understand your feeling of entitlement. Seek to understand your feelings of being entitled over a situation or person. Give the other credit for doing the best they can. Remember that for those who give much, much is expected. It is never an even playing field. Knowing better expects better, without resentment.

Moving into victimhood is also a perversion of humility as it presumes the innocence of one and guilt of the perpetrator. It is never completely one sided, or of one over the other. Even those who had no hand in the affront may have created this as an opportunity for reasons unknown to the ‘victim.”

Consider this example from a client in the Akashic Records: A woman who had been sexually abused by her father asked her Record Keepers (in session with me as the guide), “What did I do to deserve the abuse from my father?” The Record Keepers stated, “You are a very high being. You chose to stop the madness, and came into this family to stop the abuse.” Her response was telling, “Oh my goodness, I actually did. When my father went after my younger siblings, I always stood in the way, offering myself, rather than see them get hurt!” Remember, it is your judgment of a situation that fuels “victim” or not. In this case, the woman truly was a volunteer of the highest order.

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Releasing Fear

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