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Aiming for Fearlessness

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Your emotions are what make you uniquely human. On this planet, emotions are a significant part of the experience of life. Emotions are chi (energy) that has been imbued with a purpose. Although mental prowess may make you feel superior, in truth, your use of emotions can help you achieve more than your mind can. Your emotions are the key to the world around you. They “read” the field for you—faster and more accurately than the mind. Your emotional body reads the emotional bodies of those around you and signals when you are unsafe or loved, cherished or feared, and so on. Think of the phrases, “I had a sinking feeling in my gut,” or “My heart leapt for joy.” These phrases are keys that can hold you back or move you forward. You see how very accurate your emotions are and how useful they can be to understand the reality around you.

It is a known fact among “those who would hold you back” that humanity’s emotions are powerful tools to create reality. All of the feelings of anger, rage, disappointment and fear can be used to manipulate you. When you maintain your state of compassion, you cannot be manipulated; you cannot be used for fuel in ways that you may not yet understand.

One of the feelings that can hold you back is fear—the energy of incongruence. Below I will discuss the role of fear, and how you can work with it to transform your beliefs and attitudes, and start living with integrity.

The Role of Fear

Fear is a messenger. Fear is a feeling that your emotional body creates to get you to change. Fear invites you to change your belief or change your behavior!

  • Fear is used to manipulate you.
  • Fear keeps you locked in more fear.
  • Fear is fuel for those who would have you fail.
  • Fear is a messenger—chi loaded with a purpose—intended to keep you safe.
  • Your emotional body creates fear.
  • Fear warns you when something needs to change – either your behavior or your belief.
  • Fear was created as an alarm system to tell you “something is not right.” It’s up to you to heed it.
  • Ascended beings disguised as humans are those among us who are fearless and are meant to help you wake up to your divinity. If you are fearless, you’re probably one of the Ascended Masters in embodiment.

Fear is a messenger that all systems in all dimensions are not aligned. When you are in alignment with yourself, in all of your expressions, you will be able to co-create as you were intended. It’s not a problem when you are out of integrity – it just impedes your progression in the Ascension. If you are building a house, you don’t throw rocks at the windows at night for entertainment. Choosing to be in integrity propels your progress.

One of the fastest ways to dissolve fear is to speak to it directly, asking the question, “I can feel the fear, what is the message?” Once you know this information you are able to change your belief or change your behavior.

This is an important step toward becoming fifth-dimensional. When you open your mind, you become creative. When you open your heart, you become compassionate. When the heart and mind are synchronized, they open the portal to 5D. Being fearless is an expression of this alignment. It occurs when your beliefs, thoughts, and actions are in alignment, producing integrity. When you know (not believe, but know) that you are responsible for your reality, then you will be fearless, too.

Talking to Fear as the Messenger

Consider the use of a simple meditation to address your fears. Speak to your fears as if they were messengers.

1. Take a moment, now, and close your eyes. Think of something you’ve felt fearful about. Acknowledge the fear.

2. Then ask the fear: “What’s your message?”

3. Be open to receive it, and the information will come flooding through. Flooding? Yes. Why? Finally, the emotion of fear will have fulfilled its true purpose – to serve as a messenger about the lack of congruency, or the lack of alignment, between your mind, words, and actions.

As you acquire the ability to meditate on your fear and learn of its message, you can then choose to change your belief or change your behavior.

Fear and Fearlessness

Part of the success of “those who would hold you back” is the fear factor that causes you to think they have power over you. They don’t. They are the interlopers. Be sure to get used to letting them know, “You don’t belong here.” My recommendation is to say it out loud, any time things are happening that cause you to be even a little bit afraid. “You have no power here, you don’t belong here. Leave. Now.” Say it with firmness, with conviction. Say it like you mean it! This is especially true when unseen forces are leaving you uneasy!

You have choice. You do not have to put up with a life you don’t like. You do not have to put up with fear. You do have to decide that it’s your life. and that you are going to take charge of it.

The above text is excerpted from Waking Up in 5D: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation, from the chapter “Your Emotions Carry the Key.”

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