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Soul Retrieval You Can Do on Yourself

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I studied Sandra Ingerman’s work on soul retrieval in the 80s. I found it fascinating that a person could lose parts of their soul or parts of themselves through a traumatic experience. Later I went on to become certified in Soul Re-Birthing, a similar process to assist a person in bringing back, or bringing in, aspects of themselves lost or abandoned due to some trauma.

Trappers have seen how an animal will become desperate to free themselves and resort to chewing off a limb to escape. This is a somber metaphor. In reality, we break off parts of ourselves in order to survive a trauma, by abandoning a part of ourselves that holds a memory of a trauma. The amazing thing – is that they often are long forgotten and thus, a part of us is lost to the sea of consciousness. How would you know that this has happened? The signs can show up in a myriad of ways, like chronic depression, suicidal tendencies or stress.

When my younger sister (at age forty-nine) died suddenly in an automobile accident I chose to cancel all my workshops and events for three weeks so I could deal with this loss. It was a big loss because her youngest child was ten years old, and she lived in another country with her husband and three daughters. Everywhere I shared my story – I left a piece of myself. I had been on a dolphin swim in Hawaii and had a great distance to travel with my mom, a widow, who just happened to be living in Hawaii. I was dependent upon my son to get my passport from my lock box in my home in Wisconsin and take it to an airport an hour away, and then for an airline employee to hand carry it to Houston, where I would make my international connection. I know I left of piece of myself at the airline counter when the staffer told me they couldn’t find it! I took a bathroom break, with a very heavy heart and with a very big prayer to El Morya, the chohan of the first ray of the Will of God and chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood, saying if they didn’t find it, then I surrendered my need to travel (unthinkable to me at the time). I came back to the counter – and it was suddenly located!

Near the end of the three weeks of my voluntary sabbatical to mourn my sister’s tragic death I was given a very special ceremony to do. My angels told me to send my Higher Self out to collect all of my “lost parts” from that overseas journey. So, I did. I remember waking up a dozen or more times that night coming back into my bedroom, and then going out again. Yet, when I woke up really early, I remembered nothing – and felt very good. I checked in with my guidance, thinking I would be told to go to the gym (as was my practice for an early morning rise). “No,” my Higher Self informed me, “You have ceremony to do!”

They told me to wash the lost parts with a shower of love and light. They then had me do a heart-based meditation (the MerKaba) and then to lovingly invite all my lost parts to return. I did this – and one by one they moved back into my consciousness. This was me doing soul retrieval on myself, a concept I’d not thought of!

Later that morning I remembered all those back and forth trips, collecting parts of me. One of the men who had been on the dolphin swim with me, and who had been calling me daily, announced on his call to me that day, “Wow, Maureen, you sound all together!” I remember laughing, saying, “I AM all together. You have no idea what I did!”

A few years later I published this training and guided meditations in a collection called Unify. It was matched with Elation Orion Series® Blend channeled by Mary Magdalene to assist you in bringing back your lost soul parts. You can now perform soul retrieval on yourself, by yourself with Unify. Be sure to consider purchasing the essential oil blend, Elation (offered through Vibranz) – to go with it, and amplify your experience.


The purpose of Unify! A Soul Retrieval Meditation is to reclaim lost parts of yourself that you may have broken off in order to survive trauma. The link to your missing part can be a memory. Unresolved emotions can be accessed by your memories. They reside in time and space; therefore, traveling through time or space allows you access to them at their time/space coordinates. Two coordinates are required to gain access. You (or your higher self) are one of them. Download the booklet and sound files!
Pair with Elation Orion Series® Blend (available through Vibranz)
This amazing blend reconnects all the parts of your soul in all directions of time and space. A blend of cinnamon, thyme, basil, orange bergamot, lavender, white pine, rosemary, Roman chamomile, Dalmatian sage, black spruce and sandalwood, Unity is created as the ideal companion for Maureen’s meditation, Unify!
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