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What Is the Purpose of Blood and Why Should I Care?

Obviously this is not your everyday subject. The blood of the human body has life-giving properties,carries fluids and removes waste. Yet there is a spiritual significance and that’s what this article is about. It’s important to be aware, and know you can do something about it – if and when you need it!

The first concept about blood comes from the identity of the person – moving through their ancestry and heredity. Many of us have heard of the importance of bloodlines, and lineage. All of us can trace our lineage making us certain direct descendants of someone important! As I looked at a client recently, while channeling the Akashic Records and said, “…for example, what if you were a direct descendant of a king in France? This woman was Chinese and we were in China. Yet, she looked me in the eye, and said, “How could you know this? It’s true, I am a descendent of a French king.” It was an important confirmation of the energy of royalty that she carries. And proof in the Akashic Records that lineage shows up even in the Akashic Records.

When you have a blood transfusion, you are receiving a connection to the person whose blood has been donated. Who donates blood? Statistics say the average donor is a white male, married, between the ages of 21-35 and with an above average income. Blood is sold. This is to cover the costs of collection, so even if you donate blood, there is cost involved to cover storage, transport and a massive database on stores, donors and even holidays. Donors are screened as well as the donated blood being tested for disease and other factors.

Who needs blood? Car crash victims, surgeries of all kinds, and the increasing older population are some of many reasons why blood is being transfused more and more. In all cases, the transfusion of blood is considered life-saving. In 2011, nearly 21 million blood components were transfused. Your blood is constantly recycled by the heart and carries your own heart imprinting that is re-validated with each passing through the heart. So if your blood carries your imprint – a transfusion carries the imprint of many people whose components are mixed to create the fluids used in blood transfusions.

In the tradition of the Orient – or eastern traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism the blood is the conveyor or prana, the symbol of life. In the world of modern medicine, receiving some sort of transfusion is an important element of healing.

Receiving a transfusion is a very big deal. Do you plan for such an event? Not likely, unless you are having a scheduled surgery. Usually, you are told we gave you blood, or you need a transfusion. Some transfusions contain only certain elements of blood, (such as platelets) and others carry the entire fluid. Both scientifically and spiritually blood can be considered a symbol of life. This is why I created a meditation to clear the body of these imprints after a blood transfusion. If you are reading this article, and have ever had a blood transfusion, you might want to download this meditation for clearing the energies that are not authentically yours. The meditation also blesses all the parties involved, as even the handler’s energy might impact a transfusion.

We know that science now has ways of finding your ancestry as well by analyzing your blood. The blood contains the DNA of the cells of the body. Kabalistically speaking, according to the mystic Manly P. Hall, author of the book The Secret Teachings of All Ages, the blood is an “electric” fluid that carries in itself a suspended form of the vital principle of life, which is absorbed by us through the act of respiration. Again this reminds us of how we use the breath in meditation, often referring to it as prana or chi.

Growing up Catholic, I learned the church lesson about Communion once blessed by the priest, in the act of consecration, is the body and blood of Jesus, and that by receiving Communion, one would be able to have more of Christ-essence inside of them. What I now believe and understand is that the belief itself creates the energetic imprint. With millions of Catholics practicing this tradition – anyone practicing this sacrament benefits from the energetic blueprint that has been created by this practice. And one doesn’t have to be Catholic to receive the blood of Christ, although Catholics are taught that!

The term “blood brothers” comes from the mixing of blood in Native American ceremony to unite men who aren’t brothers but vow kinship. In many western traditions you will find the use of signing your signature in blood an authentic and binding contract. Rudolf Steiner, the metaphysician and founder of Anthroposophy and the popular Waldorf Schools gave an essay on spiritual significance of blood where he devoted much of the discussion on the well known fable and popular opera Faust. The discussion centered around the contract between Faust and Mephistopheles (the devil), whereby Faust was required to sign his contract with Mephistopheles using his own blood. According to the text in the opera, Faust’s blood oozing out, after he cut his skin, spelled out the words, “O Man, escape!” What if this sort of contract carried over from lifetime to lifetime, and was irreversible throughout lives? What if now, you no longer wish to have such an agreement with the false, or the dark, and have turned to the light? How would one heal from that? You could get a Divine Transfusion from God to change all that.

The Divine Transfusion is a guided meditation that I created after I wrote and recorded the original Blood Transfusion meditation. I was in meditation critiquing the Blood Transfusion meditation – and was asked by my guides to create this one. You will find in this meditation the tools to heal from any physical, mental or emotional issue. In addition, as I was creating it, I was told that we could ask for this transfusion for our family members and the world. This is why the meditation is set up to invite your participation at each level, reminding you to call in the Divine Transfusion for others and the world as well as yourself. In the case of difficult circumstances of any kind, one can ask for a divine transfusion. This transfusion from God is possible by direct dispensation. A simple request may be all that is required.

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