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Rejuvenate with the Season

rejuvinate article

All of life goes through renewal. When we approach the fall in the northern hemisphere we get ready for plants to die back, and rejuvenate in the spring, and some animals to go into hibernation. What do humans do?

We can rejuvenate! It turns out we can turn to an ancient ceremony based on the first full moon after the autumnal equinox. In 2017, that date and time is October 5, 2017, 2:41 pm EST.

The equinox is based on the proximity of the sun to the Earth’s equator. It refers to the movement of the sun and marks the moment of the sun crossing the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from north to south. This is related to the full moon following it, where the moonrise is so low appears to be touching the horizon!

Because the moon is so very low in the night sky, as well, at this time the ancients felt they could connect with the upcoming year and the previous year, producing a two-year “youthing effect.” Wow.

How does this work? This ceremony and belief comes from a tradition out of the heart of Africa. This is an ancient and sacred ritual where they understood that the fall full moon had a connection to linear time keeping and allowed you to roll back the clock. They saw the full moon following the equinox as being so low to the Earth that it could bend back upon itself to touch the previous year, stepping out of time and connecting with the previous year!

The very amazing thing is that focused individuals all over the world hold “youthing” ceremonies for people to join in. I have found that this is a very powerful time to not only erase aging – but also to release our issues with anger, frustration and resentment. The plant kingdom leads us to this because the essential oils we use in our “Fountain of Youth” AroMandalas formula are for these very specific issues!

Every additional year you participate in this type of ceremony you are integrating the energies of the previous year’s ceremony. Your body elemental and four lower bodies synchronize to this process, and energies are activated, opening the door for physical youthing to occur at a cellular level, right down to the DNA.

Now, there are DNA that were “turned off” that you can reactivate and energize. Here’s a prayer you can use to do this: “I now command my Self Healing DNA strands to be activated. I commend bolts of God’s crystalline light blaze in through and around my self –healing DNA strands to cleanse, heal and activate them and to speed up the self-healing process, allowing them to expand and grow.”

Activating and enlivening the self-healing DNA strands will slow down the aging process, because much of aging is actually the reduced functioning of humans, because the body hasn’t been healing itself. In addition, I now understand that the “self-healing” DNA was literally “turned off” to keep us from living longer lives.

As we age, we also fall into the trap of saying things like “a senior moment” which could easily be replaced by the phrase “a multidimensional moment.” We hear things from our elders that we nod in agreement, like, “it’s no fun getting older” or “aging is painful” and we follow the beliefs and patterns of those around us and in the collective consciousness.

What if we chose to be accommodating to our elders, yet, mentally made the correction, “except for me.” This way, we step out of mass consciousness belief systems that overlay us. After all, we are different from our elders with our healthy eating and exercise habits.

As eternal beings, we can reclaim our ideal physical bodies that do not age in the conventional and earthly way. You can participate in (or hold your own) ceremonies in order to reinforce this “alternative” belief. Your outcome then, for attending a ceremony can include not only improved physical appearance but also vitality at a cellular level. Now you can look forward to becoming younger again!

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