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How an Authentic Akashic Records Class Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Imagine having a private consultant you could count on to advise you on important decisions in your life—from relationships to business and personal matters. This source could shed light on who you really are, what you are doing and where you are going. All of this is possible because the answers to your questions (as well as questions you may not know you had) are within your reach.

This ‘Book of Life’ is the consultant you’ve been searching for, and it exists right within your soul. If you are a seeker who truly wants to understand the world around you and how your decisions affect you and others, then you are meant to open your Records Akashic. All you need are the tools and the guidance to learn how to tap into its wisdom. With the help of a team of Certified Guides trained by one of the world’s most respected spiritual development teachers, Maureen St. Germain—founder of The Ascension Institute—you can learn and discover your soul’s purpose.

You can tap into your soul’s past, present and possible futures with an authentic Akashic reading. In a beautiful, peaceful ceremony, our experienced Guides will open your Book of Life and begin to help you ask the questions that you may not have realized you had until your Records are open and the information flows. You can start to learn an ancient 17-breath meditation (the MerKaBa) that will eventually help you move from your three-dimensional existence to a new time-space continuum called the fifth dimension.

One of the many benefits of an Akashic Records class is that you will learn to develop a newfound trust in yourself, your intuition and your decisions. You may start trusting that you can walk away from overeating. You may start trusting that mutual respect is an essential part of a relationship. At first this new perspective may be difficult. Knowledge and trust are very different, but eventually your confidence in your intuitive decisions will shift your vibration enough to share with others. Eventually your trust will develop into a knowledge that will help you respect yourself and all your decisions.

Our Institute offers two levels of workshops to help you jumpstart your spiritual work and make optimal choices. Our Level 1 Workshop teaches you how to open the Records and heightens your self-awareness. At Level 2, you can discover how to access this information for others and ensure that the messages from Source are accurately interpreted. Throughout all sessions, you can rest assured that our Certified Guides come to each encounter with expert training from Maureen herself and are specialists in their fields of spiritual development.

Choosing is part of your expression of free will. Even choosing not to decide is still an exercise of your free will. Explore all the best options for yourself and others. Evolve into your Higher Self. Contact Maureen St. Germain, with 25 years’ experience as a master teacher, and take the first step today.

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