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How Energy Space Clearing Can Help You Cope with Stress

Have you ever lost your temper uncontrollably and felt guilty afterward? Or have you reacted irrationally during an emergency situation and wondered why you panicked? Don’t worry. There are reasonable explanations for these stress bombs. There are also some amazing deep, soul-cleansing energy space clearing techniques that can help you. The professional Clearing Guides led by leading mystic Maureen St. Germain have the answers. Some of these unwanted behaviors are default coping mechanisms caused by an emotional ‘satellite’ that you have created in your field to give you a ‘default pattern’ that you developed as a child without even realizing it.

You may be surprised that some of your behaviors may be triggered by an entity that has a distinct existence and energy. This could be an internal entity (energy that you created when you were young as described above) or an external entity (which can come from somewhere else, even a deceased person who simply wants some more earthly experiences).

If this happens to be your experience, then you need energy space clearing. This can be part of a beautiful experience, either through our Clearing Team or our Certified Quantum Matrix Healing Guide—all done remotely. They can call on Angels to help you rid yourself once and for all of unwanted entities, or dark forces, that are weighing you down and holding you back from dealing with issues in a positive way. After all, you want to make room for the positivity in the 3-D world around you by opening yourself up to the possibilities that exist in the 5-D world with the help of fifth-dimensional problem-solvers. Achieving this is remarkably instantaneous and revitalizing. Our personal sessions, workshops, books and DVDs can help you cleanse yourself.

Where does this knowledge come from? It’s all about the akashic energy field that surrounds each one of us. Picture it. You’re brain and soul are like computers recording all of your experiences and emotions. You have the information inside you. But how do you mine the data? We can help you access all of this incredible intel. We can give you the tools—such as mediative breathing—to channel the currents that surround you. Our readings will help you determine your purpose in life, give you gentle advice to choose the right direction (perhaps a shift in gears you never expected) and give you the ability to make a decision if you’re torn between two ideas. Now more than ever before, with our world in such upheaval and with worry from sheltering in place, it’s vital to have Certified Guides and our Clearing Team help you access this information to give you the confidence to get through this difficult time. Don’t waste any more time spinning your wheels. Contact one of the world’s most respected authorities on these topics, international lecturer, practical mystic and award-winning author, Maureen St. Germain, today.

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