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Dragons according to the Chinese astrology

At a sacred temple in Japan, Kyoto, halfway up the mountain, is this sacred well, where the dragon fount is.

At a sacred temple in Japan, Kyoto, halfway up the mountain, is this sacred well, where the dragon fount is.

The Dragon is considered the mightiest and most auspicious of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The dragon’s number, five is the luckiest of all the sacred numbers, so it fits that the dragon is the fifth animal of the series Dragon years. People born in the Dragon years are said to be creative, expansive, strong and lucky, so the babies born in a Dragon year are believed to be the most favored, likely to enjoy long life prosperity good health smooth birth and happy offspring, friendship and, honor – – all the blessings of a life lived well in accord with the will of heaven and the respect of men.

Befitting as an Emperor who would be responsible for maintaining all of these happy conditions within his realm;  the Dragon became the symbol that was reserved for the Emperor especially the five clawed dragon.

The fire Dragon, is a friend of the wind horse, of 2014. The fire Dragon uses the colors of bright red which go very well with the Imperial yellow silk and gold. In the words of the Chinese Unlimited potential or unlimited possibilities would be represented by the Dragon. This is why in the Chinese tradition speaking of a newborn son you might hear them say, “May he be a dragon.”

So what is the Dragon known for. Aside from the things I’ve already taught you about in this blog, the Dragon is a shape shifter and he can change his size from the size of a small worm to being as big as the sky. This is why we see so many Dragon shapes in the clouds, because the clouds or the sylphs are replicating or showing us what is there in the reality. It can camouflage itself too. Think of the many colors of fluorite, because we many of us see our dragons in iridescent colors. It can hide within the clouds and lakes and rivers and then can also turn into water.

No matter what elements that your Dragon may call home it has validity mutability and the all embracing qualities of water. All dragons are Yang but carry the full potential of being yin – in various expressions (like the water dragon in this picture.)

Much of the research for this blog – came from astrologer, Dan Furst.

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