Getting in Sync with Your Akashic Soul Just Made Life Easier

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Getting in sync is usually a good feeling. Finding a rhythm that works typically is beneficial. You may be more efficient at work if you and a co-worker are ‘in sync’ with the same ideas and objectives on a project. Or you may perform better as a dancer if your choreography is in sync with the music. In Pilates—which strengthens both the mind and the body—exercises are most beneficial when movement and breathing are in sync.

On a spiritual level, how can you know you are in sync? A reputable Akashic soul reading from practical mystic and bestselling author Maureen St. Germain is one way to find your rhythm in life. Her team of expertly trained Certified Guides can help you. Think of your soul’s journey through the past, present and future as being intertwined. All your feelings, thoughts and emotions from these experiences are stored in your Records. Tuning to these Records is a vibrational shift, so the vibration of your seeking wisdom matches the vibration of the Records. When you read the Records, you may find yourself going into this liquid field of energy. The Guide you choose will help you deeply navigate that field to discover what it means for you.

At this point, the journey of your Akashic soul can be accessed because a vibrational match occurs. The Guides can tap into the information they hold in their consciousness and share it with you lovingly, gently and without judgement. At this point, you can begin to change the present and the future. Everything is in sync!

The wisdom that is held in the Akashic register is unending. Several different ways exist to access this information. For more than 25 years, The Ascension Institute (founded by Maureen St. Germain) has taught specific methods for both inner work (accessing for oneself) or service work (accessing for others). Through ancient 17-breath rhythmic breathing meditations that are easy to learn, you can experience the outstanding and unparalleled harmony and tranquility that exists in the fifth dimension. Why? In 5-D, there is no polarity; only love exists there. It is a God choice. Yes, you still have choice, but the non-God choice is no longer an option. In fact, it’s no longer attractive to you there.

Why not discover firsthand what it feels like to be in tune with your Higher Self? Experience a deeper connection to yourself and humanity. Get in sync today with the trusted guidance of Maureen St. Germain’s numerous meditations, virtual sessions and workshops.