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It’s True: Akashic Meditation Can Help You Cope with Stress

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If you’ve felt like you have been overwhelmed by stress during the past year, you’re not alone. About 8 out of 10 adults are feeling the effects of the pandemic: fearful, anxious, jumpy, nervous. It’s a real and present problem. Fortunately, there are ways to cope. One possibility is the ‘Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity Meditation,’ an Akashic meditation from Maureen St. Germain. In addition, you can experience a peaceful, gentle, easy-to-learn process for learning to open your own Akashic Records. These could be the stressbusters you’ve been searching for this year. Practical mystic and international lecturer on the subject, Maureen St. Germain is ready to help by teaching you the basics and beyond.

Another way to ‘empty your mind’ and open your heart to new possibilities of peace and inner harmony is ‘The Golden Time Meditation,’ which also came through Akashic meditation. It is a beautiful option. Doing this meditation allows you to create, and eventually use, new energy fields. You’ll feel more ‘centered,’ and you’ll gain a deeper connection to Mother Earth. Suddenly, you’re not merely surrounded by problems—you are part of the solution and can evolve.

By understanding yourself better, you will be able to cope and handle life’s stresses better. With guided sessions, available on audio, DVD and online, you will learn the transforming benefits of a 17-breath ancient technique once used by monks. The tranquility is unparalleled as you eventually remember the MerKaba—the crystalline orb surrounding your body—and enter a new dimension called 5-D. Here you can access a liquid field of light that contains all the thoughts, emotions and actions of your soul—past, present and future. You will no longer need to rely on memories. You can retrieve your past memories. You can analyze your present. You can control your future. Access to our free downloads just made going deep easier.

Be assured that our Certified Guides are trained and ready to help you open your Akashic Records book, once called the Book of Life by American prophet Edgar Cayce. Additionally, we can train you to develop your own abilities to meditate independently with a variety of available strategies, including: the empowering ‘Crystal Elohim,’ the lovely transformative ‘Wheel within the Wheel Angel’ with background music, the affirming ‘Make Your Year a Good One’ and the ‘Triple Mantra’ which offers eight minutes of attitude game-changers.

Ultimately, you will want to meditate daily. This transformation will become routine, to the point where you crave more if you miss a day. Contact Maureen St. Germain to help you get started on your journey to a newfound inner peace.

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