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Why Accessing the Akashic Records Makes It Easier to Love Others

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love…” This Grammy award-winning song from 1965 is still played today. Messages regarding love never go out of style. So, this month, why not embrace inclusiveness instead of polarity? Why not strive for forgiveness instead of resentment? Why not cultivate kindness instead of selfishness? The possibilities are endless when you let your heart lead the way. You can do this and move ahead with love by accessing the Akashic Records. Let Maureen St. Germain, one of the world’s most respected mystics and master teachers, show you how to make this life-changing choice to gracefully shift and change with the energies made available for you each day.

Getting started is like being bombarded by waves of love. Think about it this way: You’re living in the third dimension, but slowly and steadily, energy gently affects you, like waves of water. You’re either ahead of the force, in the middle or behind it. You can choose to let the wave push you to the shore, or you can ride its current. Achieve the tools necessary to elevate to a better, higher version of yourself. This can happen as a result of an Akashic Records readings done by one of our expert, Certified Guides. They can help you unveil the vast library of emotions and feelings that comprise your soul’s past, present and future. They can even train you to do this yourself. Ultimately, you can transcend the 3-D and be fifth dimensional, as long as you engage your heart.

With a series of steps known as MerKaBa meditation, our Guides will help you activate an energy field around your body, which will allow you to have entry to your 5-D self. Here you can contain the vibrations that will help you choose love over anger. The Akashic Records opening remarks are ceremonial: beautiful, gentle and always done with respect and kindness. Once in the fifth dimension, your heart will be expected to lead your mind, like two dancers moving as one. In time, you will find it easier to deal with hostile individuals or people who have hurt you. Imagine being able to view your opponent as your friend!

Do you agree that the world needs a little more love? Our guided audio meditation, ‘Open Your Heart to Love,’ is a perfect place to start. Contact the respected and trusted Guides led by Maureen St. Germain today to begin.

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