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Golden Bowl Meditation – Activating Your Sixth Sense


Winner of the Gold Medal COVR Visionary Award for Guided Meditation!

If you haven’t yet tried this amazing meditation – we recommend you do so!

Activating your sixth sense is important to all of us! It’s easy to do, and related directly to your sinuses!

This meditation is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever created. I’ve been getting downloads about the “Golden Bowl” located in the sinus cavities that surround the entire skull for about 7 years but was never given the green light to release it.  Until now.

Over the years, as a mystic, I discovered that while doing spiritual work my sinuses would “open up,” even when my sinuses didn’t need to open. Feeling my sinuses open up for “no reason” was profound. I liked that expansive feeling in my sinuses during meditation, and knew it was related to my connecting to my spiritual gifts.

Please pay careful attention to the Intro – that explains why this is so very important. Initially, you may want to play it each time you do the meditation. AND, it can be done multiple times a day, as many of our early testers suggested to us!

You can read the entire Golden Bowl story here: READ MORE ABOUT GOLDEN BOWL


What People Are Saying about the Golden Bowl Meditation

Many of our early testers have been giving us wonderful feedback on how it is affecting them, their experiences and their work with it. One thing I’ve noticed is more laughter and a more heart centered reaction to everything.

peg donahue 2 sm

I love the Golden Bowl meditation. I’ve done it several times since receiving it. Each time I begin the meditation my sinuses automatically expand and stay that way! It’s quite amazing. The opening continues for days. I’m planning to do this meditation regularly for a bit of time. It’s easy and so beautiful. It’s also quick, so it’s easy to make room for it in a busy day. I’ve noticed that I’ve been accomplishing more each day since I did the first meditation. This could be part of the effect of it as well. Thank you for the Golden Bowl Meditation!

Peg Donahue Feng Shui Connections
madeline gerwick 150

Three days before my monthly radio show, I came down with a terrible cold. While I usually can prevent getting them, this one really got me. Nevertheless, I persisted in believing I could do the show, taking every supplement you could imagine and seeing myself get through it. An hour before the show, I started coughing and nothing I did helped. I just kept coughing and sneezing. Ten minutes before the show, I decided to do the Golden Bowl meditation that Maureen had sent me to help. I knew I didn’t have time to do the entire meditation. I just trusted it would be enough.

Sure enough, after several minutes of the meditation, my sinuses cleared up and I could breathe again. It was just in the nick of time. Amazingly, I made it all the way through the radio show without coughing even one time. It was miraculous! About 10-15 minutes after the show, I began coughing again and I coughed on and off for the next three hours. I finally decided to go to bed and do the meditation again. That worked! I slept peacefully for 6 hours without coughing. Another miracle! So appreciated!

Madeline Gerwick Polaris Business Guides

I have been having issues with my throat chakra for years now, and there was a sharp pull from the right side of my throat up to my right ear. My head felt really wide and open. The next day, the spot at my thyroid was swollen, so I went to see a doctor (who instructed me to get further examination). After that, a sharp, burning feeling started and lastet for about two days. It wasn’t swollen anymore.

Yesterday I listend again, and the energy felt so strong and substantial. This morning the place behind my right ear felt like thick and swollen and my ear was like closed of most of the day. A few hours ago I listened again, and since I feel the same sharp pain from the right side of my throat into my right ear.

The energy that comes through feels mighty powerful, and I experience it as a kind of scanning. Hoops forming around my body from the heart chakra all the way up and all the way down, and a pulsing and scanning moving up and down, up and down, all around my body.

I don’t know what is happening, but it is so real and I trust it.

I had forgotten how powerful your guided meditations were until I tried Golden Bowl and Wow. This opens up the Cave of Brahma to a maximum affect (my sinus headache also went away) I could feel the toroidal field as it moved within my energy relaxing into my heart and moving through my entire being. I was so in tune I lost a minute or two after the meditation ended and was just part of the all. Profound experience.
– MB in Boone
I did the Golden Bowl Meditation, and I plan to do it many more times! I think I will be able to “hear” more of the instructions each time, although it didn’t feel as if I was missing anything while I was doing it. What was truly amazing was that when it was over, I sat motionless for 45 minutes in deep meditation, not realizing of the time passing, until my husband came in to check on me. It was the deepest most blissful meditation I have had in a long time. Thank you so very much for this Golden Bowl Meditation! I love it!
– Blessings, Heide
I love the Golden Bowl meditation! In one of the times I have listened to this beautiful, healing experience it felt as if I was inside the torus. It was surprising and really lovely. Thank you for bringing through and sharing this amazing meditation!
– Kind Regards, NG
When listening to the Golden Bowl Meditation, I was able to feel my sinuses open. I felt a tingling in my nasal cavity. I also felt an expansion during and after the meditation. I found myself more alert and focused after the meditation. I enjoyed my meditation experience.
– Natalie
Very powerful and healing for me.
– Kathy
It’s a really awesome meditation, and I need to make time to listen to it more often! Thank you so much, really appreciate the help. The energy has been unsettling and busy so this is great!
– Namaste, Judy
I find the Golden Bowl meditation very powerful and cleansing; the torus field cleansing the impurities within all our energy fields is brilliant!
– Love & Light, Ruzenka
I am very grateful to Maureen St Germain for sharing her new Golden Bowl Meditation. I love it for its simplicity and the fact that you can relax into the meditation and not feel stressed at trying to ‘get it right’. It is a natural flow and I appreciate that. Thank you Maureen.
– Kate
I love that this meditation does not take up too much time so it’s easier to turn to on a daily basis. My sinuses definitely feel expanded and clearer. I feel it’s helping me steer clear of the stuffy head/blocked nose that I usually end up with when the colds I am prone to catch in this climate hit me. I also know that the rest of the impact is being felt at a deeper and more subtle level as I find myself turning and tuning into this meditation as it simply helps me feel more centered, clear and calm after working with it. Thank you.
Love, Kavita
“The Golden Bowl” is a marvelous meditation. I have completed it several times. I found it very soothing. While my sinuses feel generally clear, I felt a clearing with each time I meditated. I haven’t yet identified any 6th-sense awakenings but I am watchful. (I keep a journal). Thank you for providing this meditation.
– P
I enjoyed the meditation as it was quite different than others as you moved into the meditation quite quickly. I think a couple of deep breaths to begin with would also have worked. I liked that it was repeated and I could feel a change of energy. I think the spoken words at the end completed it well and the addition of sound gave it a richer feel. I felt pressure in my sinuses at the end. I will definitely do the meditation again. I have had a number of sinus infections over the last 9 months so it will be interesting to see if this helps to clear the sinuses. Thank you for the information about the sinuses to start with and the meditation.
– Angie Lucey
I have had a wonderful experience listening to the Golden Bowl Mediation. It brought peace to me that lasted for over a day. A positive side effect was my sinus headache vanished. It is my intention to listed to the meditation every day alternating between mornings and evenings to see if there are different results.
– Michelle

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