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Gold, Daffodils and the Golden Bowl

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Spring is the time of year that we are looking to see new things grow. We watch crocuses push up through the grass. It’s exciting to see the daffodils and tulips emerge, giving us that first rush of spring. Springtime is the time flowers bloom and pollen emerges!

Pollen affects many individuals, both in spring and fall. Some sensitive individuals are very affected by pollen; others seem to be immune to it. Many of those same sensitive individuals are affected by other kinds of inhaled pollution, mold, chemicals in the air and more. I have been affected by all of it. Being sensitive to this may actually be a remnant of an earlier (in consciousness) skill, where you used your sinus as your “sixth sense.”

Over the years, as a mystic, I discovered that while doing spiritual work my sinuses would “open up,” even when my sinuses didn’t need to open. Feeling my sinuses open up for “no reason” was profound. I liked that expansive feeling in my sinuses during meditation, and knew it was related to my connecting to my spiritual gifts.

I began to track this and noticed that higher states of consciousness produced this effect more and more often. In fact, when I was channeling in the Akashic Records, it happened almost all the time! I knew for certain that the meditations producing that effect were showing me, in physical terms, that I was more and more connected, but this was just the tip of the iceberg.

I discovered that ancient spiritual teachers taught that there was a connection between the sinuses and connection with the divine. They refer to the breath of life first entering the nose, and then later, impacting the rest of the body. The two main cavities of the sinuses, the maxillary pyramid sinus and the ethmoidal sinus, are made up of many small cavities and mysterious glands. These were believed to be especially spiritual organs – the Golden Bowl of the sinuses. What if the sinus is the spiritual center of the physical body? Could you proactively access this spiritual center and gain wisdom not available before?

Then I remembered reading an article by Homeopathist, Ingrid Naiman, who shared about the use of homeopathic remedy Aurum Metallicum to achieve states of bliss. It is also used for sinus conditions and much, much more! I knew there was a connection.

I researched Aurum Metallicum and had a huge aha. Aurum Metallicum is pure gold, diluted to its potency. Its 3D purpose is treating sinus issues. It helps with releasing congestion and therefore helps to open the sinus cavities!

Throughout history gold has been mined for its special properties and healing qualities. All forms of gold that are used for ingestion are highly diluted, molecular remnants of gold. You won’t necessarily use Aurum Metallicum to achieve bliss, but it will assist you once you have been there.

When you go deeper into the emotional issues and healing properties there is much more. The medical data refers to Aurum Metallicum being used by and aiding the person who suffers from depression most of his life, becoming highly responsible and tending to be a workaholic. The Aurum Metallicum type of personality blames himself when things go wrong in life. I began teaching about the use of Aurum Metallicum in my meditation classes and encouraged students to discover it for themselves.

Now to get back to the Golden Bowl of the sinuses; since I was personally experiencing the profound sensation of my sinuses opening up while meditating, I had a knowing that this was some sort of key to connecting to inner gifts or psychic talents — a gateway to higher realms. I wanted to help other people experience this awakening, so I created a guided meditation called “The Golden Bowl Meditation.” The students in my year-long training, the Ascension Institute, started using the meditation on a regular basis. One person in this group, who has had almost non-stop sinus infections for years started using it and achieved such spectacular results that she began using it three times a day!

When you learn a new language, you start with simple words and phrases and then build up. You practice with other speakers of the desired language. In accessing and turning on your special skill set you can access the “Golden Bowl” of the sinuses and proactively access these hidden powers. Little by little, with using the guided meditation you can increase your capacity and use of these latent skills. Once you learn the meditation, you can do it on your own, without guidance. However, I always prefer the benefit of being led through a meditation, so that I can relax into the experience, and allow information to flow through me.

It is important to understand and respect this information. Casual use will not produce the results desired, so be patient and persistent with yourself and very quickly you will become aware that you know and notice far more than you used to!

Also, contained within the air and gases we breathe are the messages that a highly cleansed body has the ability to interpret. Do your part and eat healthy, keeping your mind and body clean.

What some refer to as psychic talents I refer to as the “new normal” where you can intuit easily, see, hear and feel experiences that used to be called psychic. The new normal is that everyone is psychic, it is just a matter of when they access and turn on this capacity. What are these gifts? You see things that others miss. You “know” what’s going on in situations without anyone telling you. In fact, people notice that you have this ability and without even realizing it they come to you for answers because they can tell you “know.”

The Gold Bowl of the sinuses may have been used on higher planes of existence. However, it is now more readily available as humans evolve and become more spiritual. This work is not tied to any religion or spiritual practice. It is simply a tool to allow you to gain a greater insight into the workings of your life and the lives of individuals around you.

More From Maureen About the Golden Bowl Meditation

Maureen St. GermainDear friends, Activating your sixth sense is important to all of us! It’s easy to do, and related directly to your sinuses! This meditation is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever created. I’ve been getting downloads about the “Golden Bowl” located in the sinus cavities some mysterious, that surround the entire skull for about 7 years but was never given the green light to release it. Please pay careful attention to the Intro – that explains why this is so very important. Initially, you may want to play it each time you do the meditation. AND, it can be done multiple times a day, as many of our early testers suggested to us! And get it now – while it is free for just the month of May. After that, it’s going for sale worldwide. My request to you – is to send me your feedback for the world to know just how special it is – from my special audience, you. Sending you lots of love and gratitude, Maureen

What People Are Saying about the Golden Bowl Meditation

Peg Donahue

I love the Golden Bowl meditation. I’ve done it several times since receiving it. Each time I begin the meditation my sinuses automatically expand and stay that way! It’s quite amazing. The opening continues for days. I’m planning to do this meditation regularly for a bit of time. It’s easy and so beautiful. It’s also quick, so it’s easy to make room for it in a busy day. I’ve noticed that I’ve been accomplishing more each day since I did the first meditation. This could be part of the effect of it as well. Thank you for the Golden Bowl Meditation!

Peg Donahue / Feng Shui Connections

Peg Donahue

Three days before my monthly radio show, I came down with a terrible cold. While I usually can prevent getting them, this one really got me. Nevertheless, I persisted in believing I could do the show, taking every supplement you could imagine and seeing myself get through it. An hour before the show, I started coughing and nothing I did helped. I just kept coughing and sneezing. Ten minutes before the show, I decided to do the Golden Bowl meditation that Maureen had sent me to help. I knew I didn’t have time to do the entire meditation. I just trusted it would be enough.

Sure enough, after several minutes of the meditation, my sinuses cleared up and I could breathe again. It was just in the nick of time. Amazingly, I made it all the way through the radio show without coughing even one time. It was miraculous! About 10-15 minutes after the show, I began coughing again and I coughed on and off for the next three hours. I finally decided to go to bed and do the meditation again. That worked! I slept peacefully for 6 hours without coughing. Another miracle! So appreciated!

Madeline Gerwick / Polaris Business Guides

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