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You’ve been hacked!

Don’t you just cringe… when you discover this about your banking activity, or your email on your computer? It’s happening all around us, and magazines and the web are full of these heart stopping stories! It’s not just in the physical sense, but also in the non-physical sense!

What do I mean? Well, spiritually, we are discovering that many people who have been channeling higher beings, or their higher self – have discovered, quite innocently, that they have been channeling dark energies inadvertently.

In one case, a woman I met on the cruise I was on recently, told me she was a big fan of my work, and didn’t need to participate in my Ascension Institute, as she had a big connection (with her Higher Self) and that she’d read all my books and put them to work for herself. I asked her if she had her Higher Self connection going. She said yes, so I congratulated her, and wished her well. She didn’t seem to be seeking my advice at that time, even though she was thrilled to meet me.

Later that same week, she came back to me very upset. She had had a reading with someone who had informed her that she was channeling a dark energy! (Now you know why I asked her about her Higher Self connection!)  I don’t know if she was looking to me to repudiate the other channeler or not… but I said to her that I had thought that when I met her.

Since she hadn’t asked my opinion in that first conversation – I didn’t feel it was my place to share my suspicions! This keeps happening, over and over, in the recent six months. It may be in the excitement to be a conveyor of otherworldly messages that individuals are inadvertently allowing “frauds” to take the place of their Higher Self. We keep getting calls from people who don’t understand what’s going on for them until they speak with us and it comes out!

Now it’s time for your own safety check. If you think you are bringing in really good information, it still could be an entity that is setting you up to follow or believe everything else it may tell you. Your Higher Self will never tell you to break the law, or do anything untoward towards anyone! Your Higher Self can and will advise you “counter-intuitively” to take action when your ego doesn’t want to do this!

For example, when I was still working in my corporate job, my Higher Self told me to call the reporter that covered my subject area when I was trying to get a story about my non-profit in the news! I responded back to my Higher Self, “No, it’s 4:55 PM, I want to go home and eat dinner, I’m hungry.” Again, my Higher Self directed me to make the call. I was thinking, “I’ve called this guy a half dozen times all day with no results; besides, my kids are waiting for me to fix dinner!” A third time, “Call the reporter.” came the response from my Higher Self.  I’ve learned over the years, that it’s ok to argue with your Higher Self, but if the instruction arrives three times, I am going to take the action instructed.

I called the reporter. Amazingly, he answered the phone! “Maureen, how could you possibly know I would be here at this time, I’m never here at this time!” All I could do was laugh, since I wasn’t about to tell him my Higher Self insisted! The best part of this example is that my story made the front page of the largest newspaper in the state the following morning!

How can you know for sure if it’s your Higher Self giving you the guidance you receive? You can ask. You can go through the protocol, for six weeks, and then every time information comes in you can ask your Higher Self, “Higher Self, is this my Higher Self telling me to…” (fill in the blank with the action step that you were given.)

Your Higher Self is YOU. Your Higher Self is plugged into the cosmos, and you, and knows what you care about as well as what’s going on around you. The earlier times in my day when I called the reporter with no result, I hadn’t thought about checking in with my Higher Self, yet my Higher Self was tuned into my need to get in touch with him, and gave me the precise time to call to make that happen!

Do you always follow through with what your Higher Self tells you? If not, you truly do not trust your Higher Self, you are just following it when it is convenient! If you cannot answer, 100%, then you really don’t trust your Higher Self, and you truly don’t believe your Higher Self is your Higher Self! How else can you know if you have a good connection with your Higher Self?

The only way to prove to yourself that you have a good connection – and that you haven’t been hacked – is to do the Higher Self protocol. Six easy, fun weeks of practice, asking only about unimportant steps to take. Always asking in the following way, “Higher Self is it in my highest and best good to take this action? (filling in the action step you are considering.) You always ask about things you are willing to do. Don’t “test” your Higher Self by asking predictive questions, or things you are not willing to do. Don’t ask about eating meat if you are a committed vegan! Don’t ask about quitting smoking during your six weeks of practice.

Once you have your Higher Self signals, and you do this by going into meditation and asking your Higher Self for your “yes”, “no”, and neutral, then play with your Higher Self for the next six weeks with unimportant, insignificant actions. (i.e. clothes, routes to take, food to eat, etc.) Be playful, don’t make it about anything important, and set aside your pendulum and other divination tools. Always follow through. If you ask your Higher Self about a yummy looking dessert and your Higher Self says “no.” you tell the waitress, “No, thank you!”

After six weeks new DNA kicks in, and you’ll have a good pattern put into place. Then you won’t have to trust your Higher Self, you’ll know that your Higher Self always has your back. Your Higher Self always will give you the ideal answer even when your personality thinks otherwise. So, what are you waiting for? If you already know this and do this, then tell your friends!

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