I didn’t tell my husband…

Vyto and Maureen at CTC 2011b

What’s it like being in 5D?

I was in a wonderful event this past weekend in Las Vegas, Co-Creating a New Humanity put on by IN5D Events. It was a trade show with booths and speakers.

Sunday morning I’d risen early to catch one of the speakers at 8 am on the main stage. I went to hear another speaker at 9 am in a different location and returned to the main stage for my presentation at 10 am.

The speaker between the 8 am presentation and me was still on the stage and showed no signs of breaking. The filming team signaled her – and she politely declined their advances.

Shortly a member of my team also went up to the stage – with signage – to show her the time, that clearly indicated she had gone over. This also scored no impact.

Then the film crew verbally asked her to finish, as she had already gone over by14 minutes. She verbally responded, ” Since I started 20 minutes late I am going to go over 20 minutes.”

Stayin 5D

I sat down. No point in standing on the sideline – if she was going to go for another 10 minutes.  I quietly wondered – why was she not ready on time?

The AV team was in place at 8 AM lecture for the first speaker in that room – so I didn’t think the recording and logistics team had held her up. She was a decent speaker – certainly – but it did seem very odd to keep repeating her message – just to prove she had “her time coming.”

When we “transferred the torch” and I plugged my laptop into the AV system projector – all went well. She was cooperative – at that point – even tho – she was still talking with her audience. Politely I said, “Sweetheart, you will need to hand off the mic to me.” Once reminded she did so graciously.

My need – is your need

So when I started at about 25 minutes into my hour – I announced that I would end on time. I explained to the audience that I had a lot of respect for their time, and they may want to see other speakers – at 11 AM, and besides I was pretty sure there would be another speaker after me – and I wanted to honor that speaker as well.

What was my talk about?

Mind Melds, Dimensional Shifts, and Corey Goode.

It was a fun talk about the dimensional shifts that are occurring for everyone with practical examples around my clients, myself and of course the famous Corey Goode! I skipped some sections – so that I could end on time – which I did.

My project manager mentioned to a few people working our booth with us, about what happened but I only joined in – after she brought it up. I noticed the speaker walking by our table – but she only looked away when passing.

The other side of opportunity

Later, that same day, my good friend, Danion Brinkly (Three-time International best selling author. Struck twice by lightning. He’s shared the most complete Near Death Experience NDE, on record. http://Dannion.com)  showed up.

He came right up to me, in front of my booth and gave me a huge hug. Then he said, Maureen, come with me, we’re going to teach a workshop. I had no idea what he was talking about – but my trust is high – my booth was covered, and I was up for an adventure.

It turns out – that a speaker failed to show up and the classroom had attendees but no speaker!  I didn’t know that. Another man, also a friend of Danion’s I had met briefly – was there. Danion started. He spoke for about 20 minutes. Then he handed the program off to me. I spoke on the relationship of the teacher to the student, and you cannot trust anyone, including me, Danion or anyone else.

Who can you trust?

You trust your connection to your Higher Self. Then I shared how to manifest that. I then handed the program to the other man. It wasn’t until later that I realized he WASN’T the speaker! It turns out the other person was asked by the room monitor to do something!

And Danion, who lives in Las Vegas showed up – just to say hi to folks. He wasn’t on the program either! I told the audience how fortunate they were because people pay a lot of money to hear Danion – and they just “happened” to get him as a substitute!

Why is this 5D?

When you are in 5D, you truly don’t care what others do. I certainly didn’t care what the other speaker did at my morning lecture. When you are in 5D, you care about others that might be affected by your actions. I wanted to make sure I ended on time – so everyone could get to their next event easily. And of course – the speaker after me needed to get set up for his event!

My husband had been with me for most of the show – but had to leave on the day of my presentations – for a work-related event. On my way home, contemplating my day and thinking about everything I reflected on my conversation with him on FaceTime.

I realized, I had told my husband about speaking and shared with him all the interesting things I had learned. Yet I hadn’t told my him about the morning “drama.” This is because there was no drama for me.

Why didn’t I tell him?

I forgot – which means I wasn’t holding any energy on it. I wasn’t upset or angry. I was surprised but the speaker’s behavior but it was ok with me. I remember thinking – women are always sharing (including me) the craziness they encounter with their significant other.Vyto and Maureen at CTC 2011bI know for sure I was in 5D in those moments – because I had no drama to report to my beloved!

Your Fear and Worry Create Negative Loosh

woman dove water

Loosh is a fuel source for the energies that would have you fail. Loosh, being life force energy (chi, imbued with a purpose), can be either uplifting or down lowering. Loosh was the word devised by Robert Monroe (founder of The Monroe Institute), referring to the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans in dire circumstances that entail intense, severe pain and suffering in body and psyche. And so, “loosh,” in this usage, describes a negative experiential spectrum.

Loosh from painful and difficult circumstances is a desired fuel (for not-God energies) since it contains both the God Spark and the human creative spark. It’s a picnic near an anthill. Wonder who are you feeding? Some call these ones “the powers that were” emphasis – on the past and now on the decline.

On the other side of this, the planet is being bathed in uplifting loosh, coming from sources of love and light, helping us transform the planet. This positive loosh is irresistible and joyful!

Make no mistake, this hologram we call third dimension does have both positive and negative loosh. Our goal is to pay attention to our joyful happy moments, and laugh and optimize that, remaining balanced at every turn. As I say in my manifestation book, Be A Genie, you can recycle your sad unresolved emotions by practicing two-fers.

What Are Two-fer’s?

Every dark thought as it is recognized as dark (and we do this through training our self reflection to be instantaneous) is then followed by two or more positives – to transmute and transform that energy ourselves, rather than waiting for them to be harvested and used as fuel.

You’ve heard the phrase; Birds of a feather flock together. Well, your thoughts are like that too! Thoughts are little bits of energy or “chi-bits” that collect and merge into bigger “chi-bits” or thought-clouds. Like attracts like – so you are throwing breadcrumbs, just like in the tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Unresolved chi-bits will float away from you and find other chi-bits like themselves and merge with them, growing in size! They are loaded with your emotion. In fact, emotion is what colors chi – or gives it it’s purpose. When we imbue our thoughts with a purpose we are infusing emotion into the chi we have garnered. When we fail to express, resolve or recycle our emotion – eventually it floats away. This is where trouble can begin.

Why Is It Such a Good Fuel Source for Them?

Emotion is co-created, because you carry the Divine spark within you. This allows you to produce emotions that carry “God-energy.” It also means your discarded emotions, or loosh, can also be used as fuel for entities and energies that would hold you back. All the more reason to resolve or recycle your negative emotions. Make it a habit.

Follow the Flow

When humanity was created, humans were given the ability to co-create with God by infusing chi with a purpose; creating what is now known as emotion. Chi, or raw energy, exists everywhere in unlimited supply and is readily available for you to garner and imbue with your beliefs and desires. You do this almost constantly.

By filling chi with a purpose (e-motion), you create energy that is distinctly different from free-flowing energy or chi. Creating emotion moves chi from being 2-dimensional and flat into 3-dimensional consciousness and alive in the 3rd Dimensional reality.

Creating e-motion (energy in motion) is what humans do best. This “giving energy a purpose” is one of the privileges and distinctions of being in a 3-D body, and saturating chi with beliefs and desires that contain the God spark adds intensity and direction to all your events or relationships.

Surprise of the System

It was anticipated by God that emotion could cause pain and suffering so it was instilled with a certain limitation: it must be expressed. Initially this was meant to insure there wasn’t an overflow from one event to the next. In other words, emotion was meant to be used up in each moment of the creation of it.

All emotion must be expressed.

This means that once you create emotion from your own beliefs and desires the next step is to allow its expression. Understanding this flow will help you begin to grasp how important it is to not only express but to resolve your emotions as well. At some point, instead of resolving our unexpressed emotions we developed all kinds of other ways of dealing with it. We pushed it into the body; we buried it in the emotional body, or the mental body or worse.

All these made humanity sick. Humans are still discovering thousands of ways we have done this – and now are undoing it. We pushed it in memory – and started to use replay to create MORE hurts and wounds.

Playing with fire

When you are finished with it you put it away. If you don’t it will grow while you are not looking. Everything in the universe is moving and shifting. Everything in the universe wants to evolve, including emotion. It’s alive with your loosh!

Your emotion is like fire. Fire is very useful. We use it for so many things in our modern life. But if we start a fire, and fail to put it out it will grow. Very few fires die out on their own especially when they have a ready supply of fuel. Since you know there is plenty of chi to supply your emotional trauma and drama – you can see how you could be feeding alligators unwittingly.

What if you don’t let it go? What if you cannot let it go?

This is where the trouble begins. The action of resolution validates you. It completes the circuit of creation/resolution. If you are not accustomed to self-validation this will not feel like “enough.” This is when you begin to replay your wounds creating a downward spiral that is harder and harder to extricate yourself from.

Additionally you attract entities and energies that “feed” off your unresolved emotions, your loosh. (Remember, it is chi imbued with your “God-Spark” purpose!) This can pull you into the fourth-dimensional vortex-type energy, dragging you down, creating an energetic cyclone, sucking the loosh that literally feeds the fire of hurt emotion.

Resolve or Recycle your emotions

You honor your experience of an event and let it go. It means you express your anger, disappointment, rage or whatever and then let it go. If you cannot, then move to recycle! If you must repeat it, limit your expression to only three times. Keep track. If you keep reviewing your emotion – you are simply replaying it, and refueling – not resolving it. If you do manage to suppress it – it will come out in illness and hopefully you’ll deal with it then!

The water cooler effect

Humans gather in the office around the water cooler, the coffee shop or the bar to share their experiences. Somewhere the habit of comparing “bad” experiences started. “You think that’s bad, you should hear my story!” But it’s time to walk away. Step away from those situations and groups—no words are necessary. Choose, in each moment of discovering your unresolved emotions– to recycle or resolve them.

For further information read: Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality