Letting Go in Order to Grow

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Relationships are the most powerful way we can evolve. They give us opportunity to interact with one another and to contribute to the experiences of life. They allow us to be creative, to learn how to be joyful, to problem solve, to enjoy companionship and to share.

Often during the month of February, which seems to be devoted to sharing and growing friendships, we think about romantic love as well as love towards our birth family and friends. Over the years I have encouraged people to create awareness of their spiritual family in comparison to their biological family. This allows you to evolve at the rate you desire because sometimes our biological families will stimulate while our spiritual family will support us. I hear women say that they have set aside their spiritual growth to take care of their family, but every experience contributes to your spiritual progress!

There are many ways for you to grow and transformation in relationships. Many of us have expectations about what the idea of marriage is, what the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend is, what the relationship between men and women should be. We often even have unreasonable expectations about how our adult offspring should be. We may still be trying to parent them. I recommend if you have an adult offspring change your roll from parent to cheerleader. Give them what they don’t have, self-confidence.

Sometimes a relationship is over and we wish to move on. Sometimes our friendships end due to death or separation, or it is a decision made on the part of our friend. Sometimes the other person couldn’t step up to what we needed or wanted, and we are the one deciding to leave.

It is helpful to have a ceremony when we come together, it’s also helpful to have a ceremony when we move apart. Marianne Williamson’s book called Illuminata: A Return to Prayer contains these kinds of specialized prayers and ceremonies.

One of the things that I discovered when working with couples or individuals seeking to be with a beloved was that they were actually still carrying a torch for their former beloved. Their hearts and minds are filled with sadness, grief, regret, and mental do-overs to re-create a perfect version of the last love or the lost love.

As I created a powerful tool for individuals to bring in their beloved, I recognized the importance of creating a clean slate by clearing the emotional wreckage, or the emotional trauma or drama that may have filled your consciousness. We don’t always realize that we are carrying these energies from the past relationships, yet they are there.

Remember, any sad emotion, fear, regret, sorrow all lowers your immune system significantly. Being in positive energy (no emotional pain) raises your immune system by 3000 times higher than suffering. This has been proven with lab tests. Do your best to stay in unconditional love towards all living beings.

So, as my Valentine gift to you this year, instead of helping you to attract a beloved in a proactive way, I am helping you with clean slate energy. This month’s free meditation download is Letting Go of a Beloved. It is part of a Letting Go series that I was guided by Spirit to create a few years ago.

Letting Go of a Beloved is now Included in my program Bring in Your Beloved Now! – which is on sale for a limited time. However, I am offering this important meditation to you for free for the entire month of February. This meditation will release you from your attachments to any former beloveds that may be in your field, and that may be blocking your new love experiences.

This Month’s Featured Meditation is

Open Doors III – Letting Go of a Beloved

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Excerpted from the Bring in Your Beloved package, this meditation and introduction will help you in a time of transition and change of a relationship.

Sometimes letting go of one thing is needed in order to bring in the next thing.

It’s easy to KNOW you want a happy relationship. But the HOW? Well, that’s what we are here for! In fact, you have come to know us for our ability to help you achieve your heart’s desire! Together, we can achieve it.

Bring In Your Beloved NOW!


For a long time I have wanted to share my secrets with you on attracting the Beloved. I’ve spent years perfecting this and have figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Our team has helped me put together all the elements that I have recommended to my clients and that I have used myself. I released part of this – to a few students who begged me to share how to do this – and their feedback (and success) was enough to convince me it would work for you too!

The Bring in Your Beloved Now! package includes:

  • 26-Page Book of Instructions (PDF)
  • 3 Meditations (MP3 Downloads)
  • Letting Go Introduction
  • Letting Go of a Relationship Meditation
  • Bring in Your Beloved Ceremony