Akashic Records Fast Track Workshops Taught by Maureen St. Germain (Zoom)

December Level 1 Dec 6 & 7  |  Level 2 Dec 8 & 9 All classes will be held Noon to 4pm Eastern This is a series of (4) four-hour live interactive online video classes with Maureen St. Germain – that will fast-track you through Akashic Records level 1 and level 2 in 4 days! In [...]

Bring in Your Beloved Class (Zoom)

1/11/23, 7:00 - 8:30 pm Eastern, $22 early bird pricing - sign up before Christmas! $33 regular pricing - after 12/25/23. Have you been longing for a true love match, someone to share your life with joyously? A 5D partner who grows with you spiritually? Would you like some help calling them into your life? [...]

Akashic Records FAST TRACK

February Level 1 Feb 4 & 5 | Level 2 Feb 11 & 12 This is a series of (4) four-hour live interactive online video classes with Elizabeth Tomboulian and Cynthia Wilson – that will fast-track you through Akashic Records level 1 and level 2 in 4 days! In Level 1 you will learn to [...]

Conscious Life Expo

February 10-13, 2023 We live in an evolving universe, in an orgasmic nuclear dance of consciousness. Everything is changing, evolving, transforming. Wise men and women throughout history have tried to define the nature of the reality in which they found themselves. Myriad models have existed- most have fallen into the historical garbage heap, others cling [...]

Sedona Ascension Retreat

Sedona is a powerful vortex on the planet in which the veils are thin due to the high frequency of the spiraling energy. Accessing higher dimensions is easier within this high frequency immersion and why Sedona and other sacred temple sites are so conducive to ascension. Join us for a powerful immersion experience into the [...]

Hidden Secrets Cruise

- Meet and learn from legendary luminaries, investigators, experts, researchers, authors, explorers, innovators, teachers, and healers. - Indulge in 7 days of bliss, as we sail into harmony, relaxation, and illumination. - Enjoy veg, non-veg, or raw food, and participate in awesome inspiring workshops and activities. - View the starlit Caribbean sky with a nightly [...]