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Signs You Are Merging with Your Higher Self

Modern society applauds the idea of being proactive. We hear it in business, health and fitness…even in relationships. Instead of waiting for problems, we are encouraged by experts to think ahead and plan or envision our future—from financial planning to preventative medicine. On a spiritual level, aligning with your higher self is a lot like becoming proactive instead of being reactive.

Consider this scenario. You are driving and another car approaches from the opposite direction. You manage to stay out of its way, even though the driver has crossed over the center line right in front of you. You end up swerving to your side of the road, but still safe. ‘Good thing my reactions were so quick,’ you think. This is your lower self, or your reactionary side at work. Now consider the scenario from a totally different perspective. Your Higher Self would be aware of the oncoming car long before you are and would send you a message such as, ‘Why don’t you take a break? You’ve been driving for a while and need to rest. There’s a scenic overlook ahead; pull over and enjoy the view.’ When the car from the other direction comes down that road toward you, you are out of harm’s way. You might not even know a reckless driver is approaching. In fact, you’ll never notice because your Higher Self directed you to get off the road.

Of course, becoming your Higher Self does not happen instantaneously. The Higher Self connection is something you build gradually with a specific practice that will not fail you in your time of need. After opening your heart, this is more important than programming your MerKaBa. Whether you choose to learn the MerKaBa meditation or not, your ability to find your Higher Self is the most important, inner GPS you could ever achieve. It completely eliminates the need or usage of any other form of divination.

Remember, the Higher Self is a version of you that is fully connected to God. Your first goal is to communicate with this version of yourself, and the next goal is to move this presence into your physical body. Then you will be an ascended being. What are signs your Higher Self is talking to you? You will begin to receive unsolicited information. For example, shopkeepers at a local store you frequent or waiters at a favorite restaurant can anticipate your tastes and interests and offer you things you might like. Similarly, your Higher Self will begin to offer you the information you did not even know you needed. This is just wonderful. You may remember switching from regular television to HDTV. You’re still receiving the same show, only now it’s in high definition. The input hasn’t changed, but your ability to perceive the information has changed.

Higher Self signs can be both subtle and powerful. How will you know you are on target? Don’t worry. Your Higher Self will know. You will use your connection to validate what you’ve been given. Don’t be afraid to ask your Higher Self anything you need validated. Doing the MerKaba and using other tools in Maureen St. Germain’s helpful books and videos can help you achieve this. Learn more about the wonderful benefits of integrating this wonderful proactive presence to express the Divine Being you already are. Contact the professional spiritual consultants at the St. Germain Mystery School today.

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