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What You’ll Learn this Week

  • You will learn the next steps about talking and listening to your Higher Self
  • You will learn to practice your Higher Self connection that allows you to go about your day-to-day activities fearlessly and with confidence
  • You will be asked to practice techniques that will assist with accurate Higher Self connection and make your commitment to your Higher Self
  • Finally, you will learn that once your reach a certain level of mastery there is only one question to ever ask your Higher Self

Commitment Time!

You decide, here and now, that you will keep a practice period, like a trial period. Your trial period is a segment of time that you choose for yourself. It can be any length of time. It should be at least six weeks to seven weeks. It could be longer. It should be at least 45 days.* Make sure you make this decision at the ego level. This is to ensure that the decision is being made in a way that you are completely happy with your choice. I will refer to the practice period as being six weeks for the sake of discussion. Your practice period is 45 days or more, the exact length of time is for you to decide.

Once you have established or received your signals or symbols from the Higher Self, it is time to make a commitment to continue to work with your Higher Self for a period of time. You are learning the language of the Higher Self and you need to get really good at it. If you were learning a foreign language the first thing you might learn is yes and no, but you don’t stop there.

Communication with your Higher Self needs practice and commitment. I am asking you to make a commitment of time, no less than 45 days, to work with your Higher Self and practice. I want you to perfect your practice. Your Higher Self connection will be with you for the rest of your life. In the overall scheme of things, six weeks is a small investment! Invest in yourself.

Choose your practice because it pleases you, and you are willing to commit to the effort. After you select a timeframe, please assign a future date to it. This means that if today is the 15th of the month, and your practice period is for 6 weeks, you will name the 1st of the month two months hence. Specifically if today is July 15th, your practice period will end on September 1st.

*”It takes 45 days to process a decision before new genetics kick in.” – Donald Epstein, DC, founder of Network® Chiropractic System

What Kinds Of Questions Will You Ask During Your Practice Period?

This is perhaps one of the most critical sections on how to work with your Higher Self. You will choose questions that have no value to you, and are of no consequence to you. These questions will be about things that you really don’t care which way you do it.

The reason you ask about insignificant things is because you do not want your ego to participate. Your ego has done a terrific job of getting you where you are today and it won’t be able to resist participating on issues you care about. So give yourself a break from the ego, and select questions that the ego doesn’t care about.

For example, you might ask, “Higher Self, is it in my Highest and Best Good that I wear the red shirt? If the answer is no, move on to the blue shirt?” If you are meeting your best friend who always compliments how you look when wearing red, then you probably would want to wear the red shirt, and so it is not a good practice question.

Ask Questions You Are Willing To Follow Through On, Regardless

Make sure that your practice period is loaded with questions that you are willing to ask, and follow through with, no matter what your Higher Self tells you! If you are unwilling to follow through with the Higher Self answer, then don’t ask it!

If you love chocolate chip cookies, then don’t ask your Higher Self, “Is it in my Highest and Best Good to have one?” because the temptation to eat one would be too great. You might decide to eat one, and then later tell yourself, “Well, the ‘no’ really wasn’t a clear signal, and I really couldn’t tell.” You don’t want to sabotage yourself; so don’t ask Higher Self questions if you already prefer the outcome a certain way.

If you ask your Higher Self a question, and then decide not to follow it, you will be sabotaging your practice. During the practice period, please remember, if you ask your Higher Self, you must follow through. If you don’t, then you will interfere with your communication and defeat the purpose of your practice period, which is to develop this spectacular connection.

Why Is My Ego Eliminated In This Equation?

Your ego has done a great job of getting you this far. Your ego won’t easily relinquish the job of running your life. Your ego doesn’t need you asking your Higher Self for things that it used to handle for you. This is why there is so much hesitation and uncertainty among so many people about messages that come in. You are very likely getting great information from your guides and Higher Self, but then your ego, who has managed all of this input for you in the past, gets in the middle and you begin to doubt and re-think!

In fact, your ego may have been instrumental in influencing you to this point. Your ego wants you to be happy. Your ego wants you to get what you have determined is important (i.e. information, knowledge, understanding and more). Your ego collects its information from the lower self and the world around you.

Imagine for a moment that your ego is a really good Administrative Assistant (AA). Your AA does a wonderful job of making appointments, purchasing, organizing, setting up your business meetings and managing your day. Your ego is like that. Next imagine the reaction you would get if you told your AA that you were going to handle all the appointments, purchasing, business meetings and organizing. She wouldn’t like it and might ask, “Is there a problem with my performance? I’ve done a great job for you so far. Are you trying to eliminate me?”

If however you told your AA you would start taking out the trash, she would reply, “Great! Take the one under my desk first since it gets filled the fastest.” If you tell her you will start washing the windows, she will tell you that the ones in reception need it the most and to do those first. Why? She doesn’t want those jobs anyway. Your ego will not resist your Higher Self communication by selecting things that you (or your ego) don’t care about! This is an easy way to learn the language of the Higher Self. If you are a control freak and need to decide everything then you will have to pay extra attention to this.

For example, some people know exactly what they want to wear, exactly what they are going to eat and manage even the most mundane details of their life with great precision. If this is you, decide now what you are willing to “negotiate.” Find out what you are willing to ask your Higher Self and then use that short list every day. “Which route do I take to work?” “Should I use the Stairmaster or the running machine?” “Should I fix green beans or spinach for dinner?” Then sit back and watch the magic.

Maybe you prefer to run in the morning but you get a “yes” for “Stairmaster.” You get on the Stairmaster machine and watch someone else get on the treadmill. Your envy turns into appreciation when you see that the treadmill isn’t working. It was the same one you would have used! Little by little the seeds of faith and knowing get planted. Within the practice period of 45 days you will have enough synchronicity to know with great certainty the very real tangible benefit of your Higher Self communication.

At some point your ego is looking at all of these wonderful synchronicities and starts to see that you will get everything (happiness, knowledge, understanding, etc.) if you ask your Higher Self to decide!

Full Integration Of The Higher Self

In reality, you are integrating the Ego into your Higher Self so that your Higher Self is God’s Will. It is a powerful place to be – to be so fully connected to your Higher Self that you are always operating from your Fifth Dimensional Self (5-D). We will explain 5-D in Chapter 12 of this book. Ultimately what you are doing is weaving the Higher Self and the ego together, so that your ego wants what your Higher Self offers you, because the benefit is clear. Your practice period gives your ego the proof!

I am not one of the teachers who believes the ego must be subdued. Instead I believe the ego can be integrated into the Higher Self and vice versa, creating “one will,” God’s Will.

Later, after your practice period is complete and your Higher Self connection is crystal clear – it is ok to not “do what your Higher Self” tells you. I’m laughing as I write this, because when you test this out a few months from now, you will realize once your Higher Self tells you any answer you will regret not following it. Furthermore, in all cases that I know of, the Higher Self connection will always insist and persist if it is critical, so no worries there. I only did this once and will write about what happened later in the lesson. I was sorry too.

Remember, if you don’t think you can go either way regarding something your Higher Self tells you to do, then don’t ask. This is a perfect indication that you have an attachment to the outcome and that it is not a good Higher Self question for you during your practice time.

This Is Not About Belief

Asking “Why?” serves the ego. Belief involves understanding, which still relies on the ego. Being-ness relies on knowingness. So it’s not important to believe in your Higher Self. Trust will follow after you have blindly followed your Higher Self signals for six weeks. Your practice will develop confidence and that will lead to trust. It is about knowing that your Higher Self makes it possible for you to be in the MOMENT.

In the case of Higher Self questions, you choose to rely on the feedback that comes in. This means that you do not worry about whether you get immediate feedback about the choice and whether it was the perfect one or not. You will wait for some lovely synchronicity to show you feedback that expresses the accuracy of your Higher Self communication.

For example, when you call a friend for lunch and he agrees to meet, you might ask where he wants to go. He doesn’t care and offers, “You pick, I chose last time.” So you ask your Higher Self because you don’t care either. You ask, Chinese or Pizza? You ask your Higher Self each one, yes or no. Both answers should validate each other. Your Higher Self picks pizza, and while you’re there you run into someone you had been trying to connect with for months. Here the Universe is giving you the synchronicity and reinforcement that lets you know you are getting accurate information from your Higher Self.

Remember, you must agree to follow whatever your Higher Self gives you during your practice period. If, during your practice period, you ask your Higher Self a question, and then you decide not to follow it, you will sabotage your language skills.

What You’ll Learn this Week

  • You will learn the next steps about talking and listening to your Higher Self
  • You will learn to practice your Higher Self connection that allows you to go about your day-to-day activities fearlessly and with confidence
  • You will be asked to practice techniques that will assist with accurate Higher Self connection and make your commitment to your Higher Self
  • Finally, you will learn that once your reach a certain level of mastery there is only one question to ever ask your Higher Self

What You’ll Learn this Week

  • You will learn the next steps about talking and listening to your Higher Self
  • You will learn to practice your Higher Self connection that allows you to go about your day-to-day activities fearlessly and with confidence
  • You will be asked to practice techniques that will assist with accurate Higher Self connection and make your commitment to your Higher Self
  • Finally, you will learn that once your reach a certain level of mastery there is only one question to ever ask your Higher Self

Be Aware Of The Types Of Questions You Are Asking

One man I worked with told me that he was still having trouble with the Higher Self answers. I asked what kind of questions he was asking, and he said that he would ask his Higher Self if the traffic light in front of him would turn green before he got to it. I remember laughing and stating, “You still care about the answer!” and he replied, “No, I really don’t care if the light is red or green.” And I replied, “Yes, but you are looking for immediate feedback that proves that you are right!” He said, “No, I really don’t care whether I get home 5 minutes later.” His email and my response are near the end of this lesson.

As an engineer he felt it was his responsibility to track his Higher Self’s accuracy. What he is doing is keeping score. He thinks it is necessary in order to make sure the Higher Self is coming through. He is an engineer and of course, believes that he has to collect this data. While it is true you are to collect data, you must not seek immediate feedback. Instead, wait for synchronicity to provide the data to prove your Higher Self connection.

If you practice basketball, you might stand in front of the basketball hoop, aiming and shooting dozens of times. At each opportunity you aim for the basket. You focus on getting the ball into the basket. You keep adjusting your aim based upon the feedback of where the ball went, compared to what you did before. If you were shooting hoops you would use the feedback to improve your aim, each time you missed. With the Higher Self practice you do not look for immediate feedback. If you do, you are likely to dismiss the correct answers as lucky guesses, and the wrong ones with, “See, it doesn’t work.”

If you keep looking for feedback to get the evidence that your Higher Self was right, you have not totally detached from the practice questions. The purpose of this exercise is to learn to allow your Higher Self to communicate, so implicitly that your ego will observe and conclude that this is a good thing. Ultimately, your goal is to incorporate your ego with your Higher Self so perfectly that the two become integrated into one will, God’s Will.

Unifying With God’s Will

Asking unimportant questions means you are not tracking the results. It is the very “not tracking” that produces this “not caring” attitude so very necessary to your success. As you let go of the need to evaluate or be right, your Higher Self will be able to give you enough evidence, with the 50 or more daily questions, that the results will become irrefutable.

Remember, it’s important to choose questions that you have no attachment to the outcome. Any sort of predictive question meant that the engineer would know instantly if his Higher Self was right or wrong. When he was right he would compare it to all the wrong answers and conclude this whole Higher Self thing wasn’t working. Scorekeeping isn’t allowed during your practice period. Instead let the synchronicities produce the score!

Step 5: Agreements With Your Higher Self For Your 45-Day Practice Period

  1. Ask only Yes and No questions.
  2. Unimportant questions only! Select questions about insignificant actions that you really don’t care which way your Higher Self tells you to go. Ask daily, ask often. Thirty or forty questions daily are not too many, especially during your practice period.
  3. Once you ask, you must follow through. No deviating or making excuses. If you really want to do something, don’t ask your Higher Self, just do it. Once you ask, you are committed to follow through. No exceptions.
  4. If you have ambiguity and cannot tell the answer, abandon this question. Do not ask the same question more than two times.
  5. No “really important” questions should be asked during this practice time.
  6. No “predictive” questions. If you can learn the results of your question, the very act of knowing these results will compel you into score-keeping, which is not allowed during your practice period.
  7. No other forms of Divination during your practice period. This means no muscle testing, no pendulums, etc.

                ↓ Download the 7 rules PDF.


Your job during the practice period is to keep your ego out of the action. Taking your ego out of the action means that you decide to have no interest in whether your Higher Self is accurate initially, and use the passive positive feedback to reinforce your signals.

I Often Hear the Complaint, “I Ask My Higher Self a Question But I Never Get An Answer.”

If you don’t get an answer to the question, “Is this my Higher Self telling me something?” Consider the possibility that your Higher Self did not advise you like you think it did. Perhaps it is other forces within you. “Hmm, yes, well, I’m an external entity that you picked up in a bar the other day, and I told you to sleep with that person.” Be specific and confirm that it was your Higher Self giving you the answer. How are you to be specific? Higher Self, is it in my Highest and Best Good blah blah blah.

Have you ever heard the answer to, “Who ate the last cookie in the cookie jar?” Of course not, no one will answer that question! Who or what inside of you is going to volunteer that?

Folks, it’s not going to happen! The point is, if there is an entity in you urging you to take some action, or your lower self is wishing for some preferred outcome, you may think it is your Higher Self when it isn’t. When you ask the question, “Is this my Higher Self telling me to (fill in the blank)?” and you do not get your well-practiced “Yes” signal, that is the answer. This lack of a “Yes” signal is proof it is NOT your Higher Self leading you into this action. This is important to remember. The absence of a clear signal means it is NOT your Higher Self that was advising you in that moment.

The only way to know for sure, especially when you are in a dilemma and you are really wondering, is to ask, “Is this my Higher Self telling me to do this?” This bears repeating. Only your Higher Self is permitted to answer, “Yes.”

Cosmic Law: Only Your Higher Self Is Permitted To Answer “Yes” To The Question, “Is This My Higher Self Telling Me (This – or fill in the blank)?”

When you are in a place where you are filled with doubt, or emotional questioning or emotional suffering, ask your Higher Self to validate your information. Only your Higher Self will be able to answer “Yes” to the question, “Is this my Higher Self telling me (fill in the blank)?” This is Cosmic Law. If you are having trouble with this, try rebalancing your energy by asking your Higher Self to show you your “Yes” signal and your “No” signal and your “Neutral” signal. This will neutralize the field. Then ask the question again.

Please be very careful. Your Higher Self will never tell you to do something that is dishonest or immoral. Your Higher Self will never justify any action that would hurt another. If you are suspicious of an answer that you get from your Higher Self you can ask again. When in doubt, do without.

How Do You Achieve Proficiency?

Promise yourself that you will keep this commitment to ask your Higher Self as many mundane, ordinary, unimportant or insignificant questions you can think of each day during your six-week trial. I suggest you ask practice questions 50 times or more each day. Your Higher Self won’t mind. It is an investment in your future!

What kinds of questions are considered mundane? Anything you don’t have an attachment to. If you love a particular candy like bon-bons, even though it is not a major question of life, then it probably isn’t a good question to ask your Higher Self about eating them!

What kind of questions will you ask?

Is It In My Highest And Best Good To:

  • Wear the red shirt? No? The blue one?
  • Follow this route or that one to work?
  • Skip dinner?
  • Call someone now?
  • Go to the gym today? Now?
  • Fix the carrots or the cucumbers for dinner?

If your dinner guest loves carrots, then you may already have decided on cooking carrots to please your guest. Just cook the carrots and don’t ask during your six-week trial. On the other hand, if you don’t have a plan for dinner guests, and you ask this question, and the response is to cook carrots, then do it. Then when the doorbell rings and the surprise visitor who ends up staying for dinner happens to love carrots, you can thank your Higher Self for knowing this before you started cooking!

No Exceptions

During this practice period please refrain from asking your Higher Self questions that are exceptionally important. This is to make sure that you are not jeopardizing your practice period with issues you are attached to! If you need to make an important decision that is time sensitive and you need to use your Higher Self, please do. But this should be a rare exception. Kindly postpone every significant question you possibly can until your practice period has been completed.

When your practice period is completed, you will start asking open-ended questions. We suggest you review this again, once your practice period is completed.

To recap, there are seven basic rules for your Higher Self practice period.

↓ Download the 7 rules PDF – click here.

The Seven Rules For Higher Self Connection

  1. Select a timeframe. This is called your practice period. It should be no less than 45 days. It could be longer. Decide what your practice period future end date is. If today is July 1, then August 15 is the end of your practice period.
  2. Ask ONLY yes or no questions. No open-ended questions.
  3. Ask unimportant, insignificant questions that you do not care what the outcome will be, such as “Should I take this route to get to work?” or “Should I wear the red shirt?” Keep asking new questions (about what to wear) until you get a “Yes.” Ask unimportant questions throughout the day as often as 30-50 times.
  4. Always follow through on your answer. No exceptions. This is to keep the practice period clear. After your practice period, if you decide not to follow your Higher Self it is ok – but you will probably regret it.
  5. Do not ask important questions. If you absolutely cannot defer asking this question until after your 45 days, then make an exception. Make exceptions rare.
  6. Do not ask predictive questions such as, “Will the traffic light change before I get there?” or “Will the phone ring in the next few minutes?” These type questions are inviting your ego to track your progress. If you are tracking your progress then you still care about the outcome. (See Rule #3.)
  7. Do not use any forms of divination during your practice period. Do not use kinesiology, muscle testing, finger testing, cards or pendulums. Divination has its place and can be useful but not during your practice period. If you are a therapist and use these methods with your patients, limit their use to that practice. As far as YOU are concerned, you are only asking your Higher Self during this practice period.

Learning The Language Of “Non-Judgment”

How do you learn this language? Ask your Higher Self to work with you in achieving this awareness. Although it isn’t natural by normal standards of Mass Consciousness, you can acquire it with practice. Approach it like any change of habits. Perhaps, when you were younger you used to use slang words and now you don’t because they don’t give you the results they used to. It is a bit like that.

If you have been in a class with me you know we practice re-framing judgmental statements. For example, if you ask your daughter to stop being cruel to your house guests, you are actually locking her into that behavior by asking her to NOT do that. Instead you might say ask her to be kind to everyone who lives here because, “that is how we do things in our house.” Notice that this statement doesn’t state your daughter’s behavior is good or bad, yet clearly conveys a different behavior is required.

Neutral Response

In the beginning of this Higher Self connection, I asked you to also ask your Higher Self for a signal for neutral. What does neutral mean? How can you use neutral?

One of the easiest ways to reframe your judgmental statements is to begin to recognize polarity words that everyone uses and decide to stop using them in this way. I’ll show you what I mean with the following discussion on Neutral. It is easy to see polarity in the five reasons for neutral.

Five Reasons For Neutral

When your Higher Self gives you the neutral response you can use it to get more information. Neutral can mean one of five possibilities. You have asked a yes or no question and your neutral response comes in. They are:

  1. There is no difference. Either answer will produce the same result. For example, you are at a fork in the road and your Higher Self can see that the fork merges before your destination. Therefore there truly is no difference.
  2. Ambiguous question. Perhaps you’ve asked something like, “Will I get married to Henry in September?” What if you will get married in September but not to Henry? Or which September are you asking about and so on?
  3. It doesn’t serve you to know. Sometimes you and your Higher Self know that you will act inappropriately if you know the answer. For example if you ask if you will make your Ascension in this lifetime, perhaps you will become overconfident and miss opportunities. This is called Divine Timing.
  4. It doesn’t serve you to know now. This is also about Divine Timing. Similar to number three above; sometimes it just doesn’t need to be known NOW. For example, when you ask, “Will I pass the test tomorrow?” and you might use that information to go out and party instead of studying, your Higher Self will give you the Neutral response. Perhaps after you have studied and are ready for bed, the answer, when the question is asked again, will be yes!
  5. It is not in your stewardship. This means you do not have the right to know this information. You don’t have the password! If you ask, “Is the neighbor girl pregnant?” and get neutral it’s really not your affair. In polarity based 3-D we would say, “It’s none of your business.” There is a very strong charge on this statement and it should help you begin to see the difference between polarity-based thinking and word choices versus unity-thinking and non-polarity word choices.

Knowing the five reasons for neutral will accelerate your understanding of the neutral response and your ability to discern your Higher Self information.

What’s Next After A “Neutral Response?”

You can follow your “neutral” Higher Self response with a second question. “Is it useful to pursue this any further?” If yes, then you can begin to see that it means one of two possibilities. Either there is no difference or your question is ambiguous and needs clarity. You may now proceed to know more. If your answer to the question, “Is it useful to pursue this?” is “no,” then you should drop the whole line of questioning.

It is very important to understand that your Higher Self is not like a parent who is giving you permission. When you ask your Higher Self a question – you are developing a relationship with the version of YOU that is fully connected to God. This is akin to asking about what will put you in alignment with who you are at your highest level of evolution. Your Higher Self knows this and will always answer with this in mind. Your Higher Self never corrects you or tells you that you are wrong. Being wrong is completely impossible at Fifth Dimension.

As you become more and more your Fifth Dimensional Self, this type of polarity thinking does not occur to you. You have full awareness of your God connection, which makes choices that align with that God connection.

Open-Ended Questions Are For AFTER Your Practice Period

Open-ended questions are questions that could have any answer. Typically they are the opposite of yes/no questions. You can ask your Higher Self any open-ended question. Who did that? When will my son understand? Why is such and such happening? One time I asked my Higher Self why my van was making a certain noise, and surprised even myself with the precise answer that I had no reason to know or understand!

Developing Mastery With Certain Kinds Of Questions

I discourage you from asking your Higher Self questions so you can make a decision about something. It is more appropriate to ask your Higher Self what you should do in a situation. For example, instead of asking your Higher Self if someone you do not care to see is going to be at a party so you can decide whether or not to attend, could be replaced by asking if it’s in your highest and best good to be at that party this night. It is never advisable to ask your Higher Self about a situation and then make a decision. That action is ego driven.

At a certain level your Higher Self will start giving you unsolicited information. This is the ultimate. If you develop a rapport with an expert who lives near you; at some point in the friendship he will offer information you have not requested. Why? Because the friendship and connection implies your interest in his advice. Actively soliciting your Higher Self many times during your practice period will open the gate and keep it wide open for information to flow in both directions freely!

The Logical Reason For Following Your Higher Self

I always followed my Higher Self knowing it is worthwhile, however I desired to provide proof for those who were new to this arena. Knowing vs. trusting the Higher Self could make a huge difference in deciding to always follow your Higher Self.

For months I meditated on this question. I was obsessed with finding a logical reason to follow your Higher Self unwaveringly. I understood this question would be useful to logical, type A personalities. I knew many individuals would benefit from a logical reason for always following your Higher Self.

One morning the answer came as I was coming out of the Dream Time. I was seeing a local weather report as it interrupted a movie on TV. Why do we listen to this interrupt? The weather is about to change dramatically. Logic tells us that when a weather report interrupts local programming there is an impending change in the weather. It tells us this situation that appears normal is about to change drastically. If hail is suddenly expected, you may want to put your car in the garage. It’s a warning to “take action now.”

Once your Higher Self communication is strong and flowing easily in both directions, the logical reason to always follow your Higher Self is that your Higher Self will communicate with you in advance of when you need to know something or do something. Having this “advance notice system” that is always turned on and communicating with you allows you to quell the voice of logic that may be telling you something different. This is because your Higher Self is providing you with an interruption of “local normal” with an update to inform you that things are not “normal” as they appear! Once you commit to always follow your Higher Self it will be second nature for you to follow through.

Learning The Difference Between Third Dimension And Fifth Dimension Through Who, Where, When And Why Questions

Certain kinds of open-ended questions elicit more information than others. Open-ended questions may still hold expectations that would translate to them into being Third Dimensional questions. These questions ultimately are still polarity based. Why? This is because they are based on limited thinking instead of possibility thinking. They are looking for an answer so you can take an action or understand something. Third Dimension thinking seeks understanding so that that ego can act. Fifth Dimensional isn’t thinking, it is knowing.

“Where did my stuff go?” is looking for a location that you can go to retrieve it. “When will my husband understand me?” asks, “How long do I have to wait?” “Who is responsible?” helps me know who to blame. “Why did that happen?” helps me to understand or change the situation so it won’t happen again. In all cases these questions use the Higher Self in a limited way because we THEN take an ego-based action after we get the polarity-based information!

Knowledge Is Power

Save yourself hundreds of hours of effort by understanding this simple principle. Over the years I asked more and more questions of my Higher Self. I paid close attention to things that happened that defied the rules that we believe are supposed to govern our every-day activities. I began to notice that objects would disappear. Occasionally they would reappear.

In my frustration, I would complain, “Where did my stuff go?” The answer was always the same, “It is in the Fourth Dimension.” Later I will tell the story about what else I discovered that was landing in Fourth Dimension.

Finding And Retrieving Missing Things

This happened frequently enough to make me begin teaching participants in my Workshops how to handle this if it was happening to them. They all reported it works! I taught them what I had learned. I discovered I could ask for my object to return from the Fourth Dimension. I would state, “If my object is in the Fourth or any other Dimension, I would like it back, thank you very much.” You can too.

One day, in Asheville, NC, I had a class where a builder who owned his own contracting business complained his wife lost her cell phone. He said she lost it 4 months ago and that she was sure she lost it in his truck! They took everything out, seats, carpet and tools, looking for that missing phone.

In the end he had to give her his cell phone and he got a new one. He said to me, “What do you say?” I repeated, “If my wife’s cell phone is in the Fourth Dimension I’d like it back. Thank you.” He repeated after me and added, “I’m driving for lunch today!” At the lunch break he opened the front door of his cab. I was on the passenger side just as quickly. We both wanted to see what would happen. He reached in under the seat and pulled out his wife’s missing cell phone! He looked at me as said, “If this had not happened to me personally, I would not have believed you!”

What’s Going On?

You can learn more about the Fourth Dimension in the upcoming book, Waking up in 5D. Ultimately I concluded that there is only one question to ask your Higher Self. That question is non-pejorative, non-judgmental and very open ended. It is, “Higher Self, what is going on?

Now, the opening of your heart is the key to understanding the information you are getting. Think of your heart opening as if it were a translator. The more open and receptive to giving and receiving unconditional love the more you will be able to translate the data that is coming in. The more experienced your heart is in practicing unconditional love, the more incoming information will be meaningful to you. There is a direct relationship between your heart and your understanding.

If it is knowledge you seek, then open your heart to get the answer. To learn the maximum amount of understandable information one simply asks the question with no bias. The question that reflects no bias is, “HIGHER SELF, what’s going on?” I suggest you use this formula every time something happens that defies the rules of reality.

Start Asking The Higher Self How Much You Are Loved

Step 6: Feel Higher Self Love For You!

At each subsequent meditation, ask your Higher Self to show you how much you are loved.[/alert]Ask your Higher Self, “Higher Self, show me how much I am loved!” This is so powerful, and so significant, that I recommend that you ask your Higher Self this question every single day. It is especially important when you are working at the pioneering level, clearing out painful emotional issues no matter what the subject or venue. By now, if you listened to the meditations from the first lesson, you are already doing this!

After teaching this for a number of years, I started getting feedback from individuals asking me to put these “heart instructions” on my MerKaBa CD.* This along with the Hathor Toning gives you a leg up on doing the meditation by yourself. Add this to your daily practice and watch your heart heal in ways you didn’t even know were needed. Following is some personal stories of asking the I love you question of your Higher Self.

One doctor said when she asked her Higher Self to tell her how much she was loved she saw first one beautiful rose, in pink, then several roses, and then hundreds of roses, and the colors kept increasing, finally representing the entire spectrum of the rainbow. In the space between the roses the light began to glow gradually. This glow began to get brighter and brighter. The whole thing gave her this feeling of soft, nurturing support.

*The MerKaBa II CD is available on this website under Guided Meditation Audio

More Higher Self Experiences (or what NOT to do!)

One person, an engineer, wrote me, “I think I have my Higher Self answers for yes, no and maybe, but I don’t know what good it does me since the responses are unpredictable and unreliable – at least with the testing I am doing. That is why I haven’t done more along these lines, unpredictability and unreliability forces me to put it on a shelf to troubleshoot some time when life allows.”

(With a lack of guidance or motivation it can sit on a shelf for quite a while! Remember, “neutral” and “maybe” are NOT the same. Neutral is the absence of “yes or no.” The five reasons for neutral were covered earlier in this lesson.)

“The testing I’m doing is picking questions which are not consequential and which I don’t know the answer but I can verify. The only type I can think of now are of a predictive nature. For example, ‘Will that street light be green when I arrive?’ or ‘Will I have a message on my phone when I get back to it?’ The problem with other types of questions like, ‘Should I have chocolate or vanilla?’ – are verification. For example, how would anyone check if one is the ‘right’ answer? Do you have suggestions on the testing and development of a Higher Self dialogue like we discussed?

“My answer signals were ideas that came to me during some afternoon pondering rather than in the moment of meditation. Of course I checked out the answers in meditation and they seemed to be confirmed but I always have so much uncertainty about these kinds of things. That is why my attitude about such spiritual matters has developed to where I say let it make itself known unmistakably. If it takes a burning bush then that is the way it is and I make no apologies or excuses for that, I’ve made approaches the best way that I know. Then with a definite, obvious answer I don’t always have to drift with all this constant uncertainty. I’m sorry about the tone of this note and if I missed some advice you may have given me. If you have any suggestions I’ll be very grateful to hear them.”

Please note that his answer signals were ideas that came to him after the afternoon of pondering and NOT during his meditation. It can often happen that way when you are trying too hard. When you are determined to make your Higher Self connection clear, the answers will find their way into your awareness, but not necessarily during the actual meditation. This same person goes on to say that he checked out the answers in meditation and they seemed to be confirmed. The important thing is to not TRY to make these concepts work. Be gentle with yourself and find your way.

My answer: “Your questions are insightful. Your experience of ‘yes and no’ signals is also clear. It is always perfectly ok to ‘assign values’ for the yes and no signals. The Higher Self will work with whatever you wish as long as you are consistent.

“Your ‘patent intent’ to GET communication from the Higher Self must be built on your intention to practice without polarity-judgment or keeping score. If you only ask questions that are verifiable you are still attached to the outcome and ultimately not being playful!

“What is happening is the ego is still attached to ‘how things work out’ instead of unquestioningly accepting the incoming information. By forcing yourself to only ask ‘questions that you can verify later,’ you still have ‘judgment and attachment’ and are seriously limiting your practice. You are also being “the adult” when you can choose questions you really don’t care about – and be playful.

“Some information will be verifiable, like what restaurant do we go to tonight? While in the restaurant you discover they have your favorite food that you didn’t know was on the menu. Other kinds of verification will pleasantly surprise you after the fact. Some won’t show up at all, they will just be practice and ‘blind faith,’ not caring, just practicing.

“If you ask what shirt to wear, and you really don’t care, but you could have worn a favorite white shirt that might have gotten ketchup all over it that day, you may see in hindsight the merit of asking your Higher Self. And you saved your favorite white shirt by asking your Higher Self.

“Your Higher Self is Fifth Dimensional where there is no polarity. Your Higher Self is non-judgmental. Therefore, when you ‘judge’ the answers you are placing a Third Dimensional interpretation on your Higher Self by placing limitation on information that is coming from your Higher Self! Stop seeing it through the ‘lens of judgment’ or the ‘lens of the ego’ and instead allow your experiences to teach you or show you during your practice period all the way through to non-judgment.

“You must begin to ask question that are truly non-judgmental. You do not care if you can verify at the ego level or any other level. The verification will percolate up from within the environment – from sources inside and outside you. I call them synchronicities.

“Just like the marksman continues to increase the range of difficulty, you can now increase the ‘level of difficulty’ in your non-attached questions to include non-attachment as to ‘how’ they are verified!”

Notice that when he was trying to get Higher Self signals it didn’t work for him, yet later when he wasn’t working on it so intensely they came in. His clear intent allowed that to occur. If you are like this engineer, and have a very logical way of thinking and adapting to change, you will need to allow yourself the space and let go of data collection first!

This means you must allow your Higher Self to communicate with you – without your usual record keeping. You must lighten up your scientific thinking into a more playful approach. This is one of the reasons it has been said you must be like an innocent child. This will give you the breathing room necessary for your Higher Self to shine through. As your practice develops, you will notice the value of the Higher Self connection. Challenge your desire to evaluate this before your 45 days of practice! Let the evidence weigh in at the end of the experiment.

Conclusion and Bonus

If you have completed this set of lessons and want to know more I have a bonus section for you. Watch your email for the link to the bonus material.  I want you to keep learning! You are a prized student. This is my thank you for your persistence. I’m proud of you.

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