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Akashic Records Reading with ARI Guide: 50-minute session Brenda Luz


ARI Guide Reading: The loving, healing energy of these records is a profound tool of self-exploration and empowerment.  Access the wisdom of your own Record Keepers who can guide you and provide you with insights, direction and more.

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Brenda Luz began her spiritual awakening awareness when she was in elementary school. Instead of playing with dolls or other kids, she would spend her free time starring at the sky, speaking to all beings above, knowing she was not alone. As a child, she came to the conclusion that multiple religions existed so that everyone could learn about God in a way that made sense to their understanding and cultural ways – no one could be left behind!

Throughout the years, Brenda went through multiple soul searching efforts. As a response, the Universe gifted her with friends that shared similar interests, books that kept her quest alive and personal experiences that made her faith in God strong. But Brenda knew there was so much more to comprehend that books and local courses were not quite enough. So, she asked the Universe for a Teacher, a true Light Teacher. She asked for this knowing this could only manifest the way she wanted once she achieved certain level of light. How she knew? She just did! So, she kept working on herself, with highs and lows, day in and day out.  

Years later, now as a professional adult, Brenda traveled to Spain on a business trip and while resting at night she received a message.  A being named Metatron came through and asked her to learn the MerKaBa. Intrigued,  she went online to search for those words; Metatron and MerKaBa; and found a book! She could not believe it!  A book download followed immediately and Brenda started reading… but the book explanation was not clear enough, so she kept searching.  She later found the MerKaba Classic DVD by Maureen Saint Germain, and true study time began! Shortly after, Maureen Saint Germain launched her very first Ascension Institute program. It was right there when Brenda knew her prayer has been answered – big time!  This was no coincidence.

Nervously, Brenda filled out the Ascension Institute application, hoping the teacher would see through beyond words, even when she had no mystical background to report. And of course, Maureen (and her Higher Self) did! Brenda is a 2-year Ascension Institute graduate. She brings all of her mystic learnings into action on the every day life as part of her mission of leading by example and finds joy in providing others with tools that will propel their light expansion for their best and highest good and that of humanity.

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