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Aromandalas-Orion Series® Angelic Blend


In all religions by some reference, angels are considered messengers between the divine/heaven and human/earth. Combining angelica root, helichrysum, silver fir needle, rosemary verbenone, roman chamomile, blue malee eucalyptus, wintergreen, rose and elemi, a drop of this blend will assist in creating a deeper personal connection with God’s loving energy.



Meditation to the Archangels – Rainbow Angel Meditation.

This powerful meditation will appeal to individuals from all arenas of spirituality – devout Catholics, students of the Kabbalah and new age believers. Everyone who has used this meditation is claiming that miracles are happening everyday! We know you will enjoy it. You might want to buy several as gifts for family and friends. Rainbow Angel Meditation takes the listener on a thirty-minute journey to the realm of angelic possibilities. It will delight the spirit and elevate one’s consciousness.

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