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AroMandalas-Orion Series® Convergenz Blend


Convergenz is created to touch the deep secrets of your soul and remind you that you are not alone in the Universe. This unique blend of chapparel, chaste tree, butterfly ginger lily, St. John’s wort, rose, gardenia, dragon’s blood, vetiver and yuzu brings forth the spiritual awareness needed to move forward with courage and fortitude.

Full description below.


Convergenz is an incredibly important Essential Oil Blend – part of the AroMandalas set of 24 blends channeled by Mary Magdalene to assist you in your spiritual path. Remember its action is completely pro-active, assisting you with moving into your 5th Dimension space, and part of four blends that were labeled Ascension Blends.

If you have felt alone, or thought that you are “all alone” and that there is no one like you, it is probably because you are part of the wayshowers and are here to help the planet, yet haven’t found your voice, or haven’t learned enough to show the way. Your presence on the planet probably isn’t to learn lessons, but to set the example for others. Even if you KNOW you are supposed to be in service, you may feel lost and alone in this project. Thousands of souls are discovering this about themselves.

Special circumstances World Service

I’m quite certain most of you have no desire to harm yourself, yet in spite of this, some of you have found yourself entertaining dark thoughts, going thru exhaustion and feeling sad and tired. Believe me when I tell you are not the only one feeling this and that you may be transmuting for the planet.

There is so much darkness being released, that for one light bearer to carry a dark thought, and then move past it – clears eons of misuse of energy, and clears humanity for future generations, thus making the way for the ascension!

Get Convergenz AroMandalas® and use it often. It will REALLY help!

Recognizing and Transmuting Emotions

You are invited to look at your experiences like you look at colors. Is one color better than another? We think not. Do you have preferences for certain colors? Of course you do. Does that make them better? No! Having a preference for something is simply that, a preference.

On this planet, emotions are a significant part of the experience of life. Emotions are chi (energy) that has been imbued with a purpose. This purpose can be passionate or determined. The purpose can be to express joy or pain, happiness or sorrow and more. All of this is possible at 5D.

The difference is that now you no longer need to dwell on any painful emotions, any longer than to notice them. You no longer need to continue to suffer for failures, pain or loss.

Instead you notice your emotions, and if it doesn’t please you, you decide to abandon them. As you learn to observe and let go of painful emotions, you actually slip into joy, and are able to stay there for longer and longer periods of time. Joy comes from the complete dispersal of resistance, and the mind being present in the moment (instead of out-of-time).

Convergenz helps you move into joy. Even if you don’t get this AroMandalas® oil, you can follow these practical steps.

Joy based practical steps

  • Choose self-love – clear old outdated beliefs, practice the mantra:
    “Dear God, please show me how much I am loved.”
  • Understand that everything is a choice. Claim your choice.
  • Replace darkness, anger and frustration with validation of: “I claim a day heaven on earth for myself and everyone I come in contact with.”
  • Decide that everything is ok, even when you don’t like it.
  • Decide that it’s all good!
  • No making excuses.
  • Remembering it’s all a choice.
  • Offer your opinion this way, “This is my experience.”

Remember: The rules haven’t changed… the entire GAME changed!

Based on a true story, the movie Money Ball showed how one man and one mathematician changed the game of baseball by changing how players are selected using statistics to plan and predict outcomes. Today there are more than just two people changing the reality to fifth dimension. Hundreds of teachers and millions of students are changing the reality and the way things are. You are not alone and all of the company of heaven supports you! Let’s do it!

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