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Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity MP3


Channeled directly from the Akashic Records, this meditation is a ‘must have’ for anyone! Tap into the river of unlimited opportunity to manifest all you desire. Learn to create, not from want but joy, not demand but desire, bringing forth new ideas, opportunities and solutions. The River of Golden Opportunity is a tangible, fluid, refreshing and reviving energy from outside our three dimensional reality. We receive it when we call it in.



One day, Maureen’s guides from the Akashic Records told her to continue to “Dance in the River of Golden Opportunity.” She performed what she humorously refers to as the “Happy Dance.” It is similar to the “touchdown dance” and the “I got the job” dance. You know the one. Her guides then gave her further information about it, including the above annotations regarding its function and form. After working with this energy for several months with a number of clients, it occurred to Maureen that she could make it available to individuals everywhere through this guided meditation.

The Akashic Records are not located in our three-dimensional system yet they are completely accessible to us. Because the River of Golden Opportunity has its source outside our system, it is not governed by our tangible rules and comes from a place where there is NO limitation. This is what makes it so incredible. You cannot destroy it once you bring it in. You can imagine that it is filling up your reservoir, your glass, even you.

The River of Golden Opportunity replaces the energy of limitation with unlimited awareness, unlimited abundance, unlimited love. Dance in the River and fill your heart every day with wealth from beyond our universe. It is always available to you.

Using The River of Golden Opportunity

Before you begin your actual meditation you might want to bring into focus all of the things that you are dealing with in life. Perhaps it is an unpaid bill, or a professional problem. Maybe it is a relationship issue, or maybe you need a creative idea. Whatever it is, the River of Golden Opportunity can support and assist in bringing abundance, opulence and opportunity to you.

The River of Golden Opportunity, when called into your energy, is available to you to support everything you do. It provides answers to questions, clears family issues and petty feuds; it brings an abundance of security, safety and solutions to everything you can think of. You can let it magically fulfill your wishes and dreams. See it mend broken hearts. See it turn you into a money magnet. See it bless and guide you in important decisions. See it mend the ills of shame, sorrow and regret. Let it fill you with a deep love for all of life, a deep love for those around you and a deep love for YOU.

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