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Meditation to the Crystal Elohim


The Crystal Elohim Meditation will take you to many realms, both past and present, and even to the beginnings of creation. Using this CD will enable you to connect with the source codes of creation and create new matrixes for yourself. The Crystal Elohim came to Maureen and asked her to “drop everything” to make this CD. Now you can experience this crystalline energy for yourself.

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What People Are Saying about Meditation to the Crystal Elohim

“I played the Crystal Elohim CD for my monthly Sacred Circle group. Everyone was blown away by the powerful energy that is coded into this meditation. Even though no one had even heard of the Elohim before, everyone could feel their presence and power. They all asked, ‘Where can I get a copy of this?'” Dan Trollinger, Managing Editor, Sartori Publishing Group, Durham, North Carolina

“I immediately began to feel my body vibrate to a higher frequency at the molecular level. As a result, I became lighter and experienced an incredible expansiveness.” Karen Muller, Nurse Practitioner, Seminole, FL

“I did a Google search for Elohim which brought your website site to my attention, what a gift to have found your CD on the Elohim frequencies.” Love the World and Beyond, RaQuael Langford

“Hello Maureen! I just received the Elohim CD in the mail today. After a long and hard day of work, I lay down and listened to this wonderful mediation. From the beginning, I felt a tickle going through my body and the mediation left me refreshed and joyful. It’s really wonderful and the background music is fantastic. So far your Rainbow Angel Mediation CD has been my favorite, but I think this new Crystal Elohim Mediation CD will be my new favorite. Thank you for a masterpiece of work!” Elkie Rotig

“I have been listening to the Elohim and I think it is a marvelous CD. The content and the quality are superb.” Josie Collins

“It may sound crazy, but we have had numerous reports from individuals using the Elohim CD for bringing on a good night’s rest. These are persons who cannot sleep – either because they are working a weird schedule and get out of rhythm or for other reasons that cannot seem to be identified.”

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