Multi-Dimensional 5D MerKaBa MP3


The 5D MerKaBa is an extension of the original MerKaBa
If you have been doing the Original 17-Breath MerKaBa, this is a real extension of that activity. If you haven’t done that – and want to do this one – be forewarned that it may cause you to go into a healing crisis of a spiritual nature. Please do get help, or guidance if you encounter any difficulties. For sure, consider moving slowly!

You can learn about and purchase the Original 17-Breath MerKaBa here: The Original MerKaBa

What’s in the 5D MerKaBa recording?
The actual meditation consists of a brief introduction and then guided instructional meditation by me, (Maureen) and then a voice activation by Janiece. Each of those parts are about 15 minutes each. Many of our early testers have been giving us wonderful feedback on how it is affecting them, their experiences and their work with it.

This meditation CD is now available as a download from our website, along with a link to a private page with additional information for you. You will be able to learn it just from listening to it. The private page will give you the ability to see the beautiful art of Endre Balogh who created these renditions to our specifications. Make a note of the page – and you can refer to it often.

The physical version of the CD contains the drawings and limited information. It is a very experiential activation. Some of our early testers have seen incredible visuals of sacred geometry, DNA spirals, incredible colors and more. Many of the persons who attended the two live classes that Janiece and I held found that they needed time to integrate this new interdimensional  MerKaBa. What does that mean? It means they fell asleep for 4 hours every time they did it – for the first few times, whether they intended it or not! One of our testers said, I finally realized I’d be better doing this at night!

Some of the reports included the increased ablility to see, know and hear what they needed to hear. In all cases, the “gifts of spirit” are activated and flowing. You may want to turn off your wireless router at home – if you’ve got one – because for some it became painful while it was on. At our house – we put our router on a timer – so it’s not even on – during our sleep time! That helped a lot.

You’ll also be able to see the thinning of the veils of manifestation – and laugh more. Remember, this is one of the many tools brought forward by spirit.


5D MerKaBa Meditation
Multi-Dimensional 5D MerKaBa MP3


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