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Open Doors Meditation Vol. II – Letting Go of Anything


The second in a series of Open Door Meditations. This audio consists of a guided meditation to release anything. It guides you through releasing any type of property or possession, whether it is something tangible like a business, or something intangible, such as a job… anything you are having difficulty releasing. It is written in a way that allows you to insert the name of the thing you are releasing. It is followed by a mantra that relies on YOU to create a clear intention of what you are letting go. Name this after each pause as you fill in the blank. Let your mind fill-in that space with the name of what you are releasing.


One of our early testers of the Vol. II – Letting Go CD tells us it created a minor miracle for her. She had a long time friend express a romantic interest in her. Although she was flattered, she was not available and had to reject her friend, in order to draw boundaries. Within an hour of using the Letting Go, Vol. II, she received a phone call, and the man was in a completely different state and they were able to renew the friendship on terms that were acceptable.

As a deeply experienced “hanger-oner” I am facing my sixth decade aware that I must begin to reduce my belongings. Maureen St. Germain’s CD “Open Doors II – Letting Go of Anything” is a most gentle nudge to ‘consider opening to the possibility of letting go.’ She softens the anxiety around loss, by filling the event with gratitude and respect and appreciation of what has gone before. She makes the thought of ‘opening to letting go’ seem a safe first step toward the next inevitable step of moving forward. Deepest Thanks! – Therese M., Iowa

This audio contains subliminal messages to help you release and let go of any possession or circumstance. All messages are clearly audible once and then gradually fade into the background.

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