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Reality Remix Meditation


The basis for this Reality Remix meditation is to use the quantum field to help you release regret, and balance out an old experience that were less than satisfactory.

Essentially you are clearing old experiences, old creations, old patterns, and old intentions. These are versions of the past that no longer serve us. At the end, you will create a program for abundance, prosperity, love, and light. This will produce a sensation that is pure bliss. Then I will guide you to create your own programs. We will be mindful to ensure that the new versions we are creating are from a 5D plane, where no polarity exists.

Just like a movie re-make that has better graphics and better effects, you can do the same with your own history. This simple technique I share with you in the Reality Remix Meditation is extremely powerful. Do it once, and experience the results. Then do it every time an “old issue” surfaces and watch the magic.


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