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Sound Energy Healing


Sound is a powerful tool that has the power to transform, create and heal. Science now tells us that everything is energy. In this class, taught by Elizabeth Tomboulian, you will learn about the history of sound, Elizabeth’s journey of healing, and how you can use your own voice to heal.

Elizabeth is an expert in vibrational healing. She employs a technique called Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (a bit like Reiki combined with science) and Quantum Sound Healing, where her voice and overtones are the healing instrument. It’s a bridge between Eastern Medicine, which has acknowledged human energy systems for thousands of years, and Western Medicine, which focuses on anatomy and physiology. She’s also a certified Akashic Records Guide with the St. Germain Mystery School.

Sound as a catalyst for creation and healing dates back to the ancient mystery schools thousands of years ago in Rome, Athens, Egypt, India, China and Tibet. Wise elders knew of the power of sound to heal. In those schools, the use of sound as a therapeutic tool was the spiritual science of the day, arising from the wisdom that vibration is the fundamental creative force of the universe, bringing energies into form.

The power of sound to create form and shape matter has been scientifically proven from many perspectives. Here’s a quote from the NY Times Science Section: “Sound shaped into dazzling new tool — can make, break or rearrange molecular structure and levitate objects.”


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