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The MerKaBa Classic: Condensed Digital Workshop


With all that is going on around the planet right now, it’s more important than ever to stand solid within your Higher Self. Not only will practicing the MerKaBa help keep you in an energy field of healing and love, but its effects will ripple out and positively affect others around you to heal as well.

By learning to activate and operate your MerKaBa, you will achieve unparalleled awakening – and become fifth dimensional in your third dimensional body!

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In this course you will learn

  • How to activate your MerKaBa safely
  • The Higher Self Connection
  • Programming your MerKaBa
  • Additional esoteric knowledge

Maureen J. St. Germain has been teaching the MerKaBa since 1995, and has facilitated thousands of people in activating their own MerKaBa.

Spending more and more time in the energy of the MerKaBa allowed Maureen to develop her own personal relationship to the flow of the material. This combination of staying true to the original Classic 17-Breath meditation technique, while expressing the information given to her by Spirit in an inspiring way, is part of what makes this program so special.

Even though you can find the meditation on the internet and in books, learning to activate your MerKaBa correctly on your own is nearly impossible – and teachers for this program are becoming rare! in fact, the only place you can currently learn it is through video.

This workshop was filmed in a beautiful and sacred setting, and Maureen’s presentation style harmonizes with the overall sensibility of, “just relax, enjoy, pay attention and learn.” Her delivery is conversational, which creates a comfortable quality. Participants often comment that they find her teaching to be spontaneous, friendly, warm and open.

Aside from learning how to activate your MerKaBa, this workshop includes advanced topics, and instruction on how to effectively connect with your Higher Self.

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