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Liberty Wednesday

The Goddess of Liberty has approached us asking us to do “The Golden Time” meditation every Wednesday at 7 PM, local time through January 13th. She mentioned this time period is very critical and encourages everyone to join at the time. She will be there to support the White House.
If you want to join Maureen, she will be leading the meditation every Wednesday on Facebook Live at 7pm EST through January 13th.  Join her on her Facebook here:

We all need an escape now and then….

In these uncertain and chaotic times many will turn to drinking or drugs excesses; TV binging or video games. Escapism is a good thing that helps us by giving ourselves a break from the stresses that we may be feeling. But what form of escapism is helpful or ideal?

Ram Dass, the late Harvard college professor and cohort of Timothy Leary, gave his teacher some illicit drugs. His teacher got no reaction, reporting to him instead, “Actually I prefer meditation.” Although I am not experienced in the way of inappropriate substances, I prefer meditation too. It’s been my lifework. This is why I am so excited to introduce you to the guided meditation The Golden Time and offer it again for free this month.

It is related to all the other golden meditations, and I been given so much information over the years I’d like to share some of it with you. When I was originally given the information about Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity guided meditation, it was back in the 90s when I was just getting started, and could barely make my house payment, and college tuition payments for my youngest son. I no longer had my high-paying corporate job, and I had no money in the bank. Some days I was terrified at how I would make ends meet when the first the month came around.

I opened my Akashic Records and asked my guides what to do. They gave me some instructions about imagining a golden river flowing into my home that wasn’t wet, and would leave gold dust on everything. Everything this dry river touched would be filled with this golden dust… a little like confetti, a little like glitter. At first, I thought it was a sweet image, never really giving much credence to the idea of seeing such a scene as a “normal” way to manifest. I knew it worked, for sure, but it still seemed “imaginary.”

With the fourth golden meditation coming to me through one of my students in the Ascension Institute program, I began to realize that this golden dust and golden particles are real and tangible!  I know and understand this gold dust that sticks to everything is a real and tangible energy that converts to the highest expression possible. Adding to this discovery, another student of mine shared with me that the golden particles that we are seeing as our manifestation forms, are transforming into golden cubes! She was seeing the gold dust turning to gold cubes, as they moved from un-manifest to manifest.

After doing the Golden Time meditation every day for several weeks, and then going back and re-doing all of the “golden” meditations, I now understand that they are all related. This is why we are giving them to you on New Year’s Day, as a gift, so that you will be inspired to do all of them in some kind of cyclical fashion that works for you. Some of these are 30 minutes and some of them are very short, so you can manage to fit them into your schedule. The crowning piece is Golden Time. By doing the Golden Time regularly, it will actually make all the other golden meditations quite powerful. Try it for yourself.

Next, I’d like to share with you about another member of the same Ascension Institute group, who founded a program with two other women called I have recorded a video interview with Jane, so she can tell you their story. You’ll find it here. It’s a remarkable story of a movement! It started around the idea of loving kindness. She and her two partners are working together to create art and themes of inspiration to help people move into their most evolved state. This place of kindness and love is our ideal state of mind. When we are faced with all the limitations of the year 2020, anger and frustration sometimes can bring this to our lowest emotion, representing fear, anxiety and frustration. Their movement is to inspire others, and to help individuals who are artistically inspired, to assist and inspire people to step into a place of kindness and love.

These forms of escape are truly useful and uplifting. I hope you will find them useful and helpful to you!


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It is my deep pleasure to introduce these products of two of my Ascension Institute members. They are on their second year, and halfway into year two. Each of them, independently, has come up with products that are exciting and inspiring. The first one, you may have experienced as the Golden Time meditation that she was told to tell me to do. She received this information during meditation. She was to tell Maureen to “teach people to create inside the golden timeline.” She collaborated with me as I put it together. As many of you know, the fastest way I do this – to get information to the masses – is to create a guided meditation, and then offer it for free for the first month.
The Golden Time is one such meditation. In addition, in her meditation she saw the Goddess of Liberty handing her torch to each of us, destroying the old timelines, and the expectations and projections that have been projected on us! This is an amazing opportunity for you to create the reality you want. We are masters, you and I.
The next person in the Ascension Institute, a professional artist, teamed up with two other artists, creating an opportunity to use art to help people remember kindness and love. At first, they talked about how they might create and share their art, and all of a sudden, Jane said, “Let’s make it a movement!” They are using the golden color as their theme. They have been written up in magazines, and their art has been in outdoor spaces, art places and fast-food restaurants! They intend to support and empower communities nationwide to create, express their unique version of kindness-love! I’m so proud of these women who have stepped up into fullness, and expanded who they are – and they now know what they are capable of!
Our mission is to empower every community in the world to create, and express their unique version of kindness-love!
Jane’s suggestion:
Send a piece of art or a card to someone you love. And then check back on them. It’s the follow up that really sends the strong message of love!
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The Ascension Institute is a full year immersion with Maureen St. Germain. It is exclusively for serious students of spiritual growth, and only a small group is accepted. The personal and spiritual growth the participants experience is exponential.If you are ready to step into who you really are, to enhance your divine gifts, and to amplify your influence on the planet, then I urge you to apply.Ascension Institute VI starting in Fall of 2021.

Endorsement: I would never have been able to do this work or create this movement without my work in the Ascension Institute! Jane M.

Golden Time Meditation

The Golden time will help humanity co-create with Source to produce the great golden age. We know that the only time is the one we can experience, so this meditation will take you through an experience where you will connect viscerally with the Golden Age of humanity, and plug into the timeline there. You then create from that place, an incredibly powerful timeline of peace, joy, humanity and love.
This 20 minute meditation will guide you through the process, and allow you to invite family and friends into the golden age timeline!