MerKaBa Mysticism

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The past few years have been filled with unprecedented anxiety and uncertainty. It’s not surprising, then, that so many individuals began a quest for more peace, harmony and spiritual truth in their lives. One wonderful way to achieve this state of enlightenment, or mysticism, is through the MerKaBa.

Many different meditations exist, but if you are looking to create energetic fields, then this guided process is highly recommended. In its original format, the 17-breath MerKaBa meditation (the classic version) takes you through a series of steps that allow you to activate an energy field around the body, which then allows you to access your fifth-dimensional self. It is an incredible practice that makes it easy to become fifth dimensional and stay there. This is because it gives you access to energy fields that contain this vibration.

This is not just an idle promise. One of the best ways to get clear, and keep clear, is to learn the MerKaBa meditation. Once you have done your clearing work, having your energy field in place insures you will stay clear. Humanity is now starting to bring the ascended self into Fifth Dimension. Three D is where most of us start. Heaven is what the Fifth Dimension is like and is the first realm where there is no polarity. Think of what the traditional religions have taught you about heaven. When you are fully plugged into God, your ability to conceptualize a choice that is out of alignment with God doesn’t occur to you. Being fully ascended means you have connected fully to your 5th Dimensional self. This is the essence of the MerKaBa.

If you are still wondering, ‘what is the MerKaBa,’ then it may help you to experience its power firsthand. It can make a huge difference because it seals the heart in the fifth-dimensional field and prevents it from being wounded again. It allows you to be vulnerable without being exposed because it gives you access to energy fields that contain this vibration. It will repair your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies.

As you learn more, you will be better able to define MerKaBa for yourself. In time, you may even be able to practice a more advanced 5D version. This can connect you to an expanded energy field, grow your pranic tube, and then center your energy field in such a way that you are reaching higher fields of consciousness as well as connecting to Mother Earth. This expansion aids Mother Earth in a way that allows you to tune into her, and she into you. It means you become part of the solution. It means you learn to “think like Mother Earth” in a way that serves both you and the Earth. It also helps you tune in to your most evolved self.

As you continue to explore this practice, you will discover that directly related to MerKaBa is sacred geometry—one of the incredibly powerful tools that help humanity to unlock the codes of the universe. Specifically, MerKaBa geometry has become the subject of hundreds of books because it represents so many different kinds of information from nature to art to physics. Accessing this information will aid your progress in becoming fifth dimensional. Looking at mandala art, learning about sacred geometry, or using it in meditation are just a few of the powerful uses of this magical study. It is an essential aspect of this classic practice. The Merkaba symbol can be seen in the well-known flower of life image, or Metatron’s star.

Let your heart lead your mind. Maintaining your 100% God-self energy by practicing the ancient MerKaBa meditation. Contact the St. Germain Mystery School today to learn how you can get started.

Written by Karen Smith

The Etheric Body

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Third of a four-part series.

Each and every one of us can receive help from the Universe to cleanse, clarify and magnify our four lower bodies. You might call to the Great Divine Director to align your four lower bodies. Your etheric body is the source of your beautiful threefold flame of the heart (of love, wisdom and power). Even the Earth has an etheric body, that protects and supports life on this planet.

The etheric body holds the memories and experiences throughout all your lifetime. Initially, it is meant to protect the physical body, and is full of love and light along with a beautiful blueprint for your lifetimes. It encases your soul when you die. Your etheric body is identified with who you think you are, based on your history and experiences. It colors your self-perception.

Yet, over time, it can become tainted with your pain and trauma that you haven’t healed. You may wish to use any practice of forgiveness. One practice is to write a list of people you need to forgive every day for 45 Days. You start with a clean piece of paper each day (having shredded or burned the prior one). As you progress, day by day, some names will fall off your list. New ones will appear. This is you clearing out the etheric body! You keep doing this every day for 45 days. Or you may forget, and if you do, just pick up where you left off. Finally, if you forget that you forgot, you are done!

Another lovely practice is the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness which is simple and easy. Known as Ho’oponopono exercise (I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you). This practice is repeated over and over, when you are ready to unhook from your own pain and suffering. There are also many books and resources to help you with forgiveness.

In addition, your negative thoughts, or negative view of life, also wear down your etheric body, which is the closest to your physical body. This may lead to poor energy or fatigue or worse, illness. Many of us have carried multiple behaviors from one lifetime to another. We are meant to change the behaviors and learn quickly to disengage from familiar but detrimental patterns to produce a healthy experience, by choosing differently.

How can you fix it? A healthy diet, good exercise, both outside in nature, as well as an energy balancing exercise like Qi Gong, and of course the forgiveness exercises provided above.

The white fire core of the heart of Source can help you cleanse and clear your body. Can you imagine your threefold flame to fill you with wisdom and compassion? Can you let your newfound awareness of the etheric body as a source of perfected memory, and reclaim your original blueprint of your threefold flame? Yes. You can do this today, right NOW. Ask the master of the Ascension Ray, Serapis Bey, for the ability to do this, and ask for his assistance to ensure your success.

Another powerful way to heal the flaws of the etheric body is to repeat a popular violet flame decree substituting purple (for violet) thus, “I am a being of purple fire, I am the purity God desires.” Repeat this 36 times, daily if you can.

Each and every one of you have a home in the etheric plane, your mansion in the sky! You can ask to journey to this special place in your meditations and dream time. Consciously ask to be taken to this wonderful place, your very own mansion in the sky, where you can be refreshed and renewed. Especially when you are depressed, or suffering disappointment or despair.

Spend 15 minutes before bed, calling to your Holy Higher Self and the Higher Self of your Twin Flame to reunite on the etheric plane in your mansion in the sky. Prepare to be amazed.

Our free download is Mantras for Ascension which contains an extremely powerful mantra, as well as a chant you can use to clear your field of excess emotion and keep your heart open to God. The Hathor Chant will clear the auric field through the four lower elements all the way down to the earth. It allows you to clear and expand your pranic tube while connecting to Mother Earth. The Kabbalistic Chant will clear the field through all the dimensions, all realities, all the way back to God. Both are great for clearing emotions.

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